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013: The Home Apothecary with Jackie Ritz

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013: The Home Apothecary with Jackie Ritz

We are so excited to bring this hot and fresh newest podcast in which Frank interviews Jackie Ritz, the CEO and founder of The Paleo Mama website, author of Everyday Natural and The Home Apothecary, and trained herbalist.  The Home Apothecary is NOW AVAILABLE: TOPICS:

  • The humble beginnings of The Paleo Mama website
  • Jackie's journey to start being more healthy
  • Her passion toward getting certified in herbalism
  • The Home Apothecary book and recipes!
  • Jackie's Top 10 recipes from her new book
  • How to get her book and HOW TO GET A FREE COPY
We are doing a giveaway on the next podcast.  How you can enter - either (1) give us a review on this podcast, or (2) share the podcast with your friends and tag us on Social Media! Here is the notes from today's show: Frank:                           00:11                Oh, hey everybody. Frank Ritz here and I have the distinct pleasure to introduce someone to you that needs no introduction. She is the CEO and founder of the Paleo Mama and as literally reached thousands of people in health and wellness and it is my distinct pleasure to bring to you today to talk about a new book that she is releasing on December third. It is called the home apothecary and it's filled with over 70 recipes of essential oils and herbs and we want to be able to tell you all about it throughout this podcast, but of course we need to start by talking to you and interviewing my lovely wife here, Jackie, and oops, I gave it away. She's my lovely wife too, and so I wanted to be able to interview her to figure out where she is coming from and why she decided to be inspired to bring this book to all of you guys. So thank you so much for joining me, Jackie. Jackie:                          01:12                Oh, it's my pleasure. I, I believe you are a little bit biased though, but buyers that secret away very, very, very fast. That's okay. I'm extremely excited about screaming from the mountain tops or talk about it on a podcast to be able to say yes, she is my wife and so I, and as always, I mean like, you know, it's kind of silly that I say we're bringing you on the show because we actually do live in the same house, so it is just fitting of course that we are able to say thanks for joining me on my show. No problem. And we fully dressed up for this occasion, so I'm wearing combat pajamas. They're a very cool kind of camouflage, very urban like and I, and I'm definitely hip hop. Well it's freezing here so we were dressed down just a little bit. Plus you don't have to look at us. So there was also a big homesteading day. We had a cows and goats and some other things I had to take care of. But anyways, enough about all that. Let's jump into this book. Okay. So I wanted to first ask you Jackie, like where did you get the aspiring like that way our listeners now, where did you get inspired to even start the Paleo Mama Dot com website? Well, Jackie:                          02:22                I actually started, it's now been about seven years and it started because somebody gave me a paleo meal after my sister died seven years ago. Um, it was one of those like, here you go, you know, I don't know what else to do for you so I'm just going to feed you. And it actually was one of the most delicious meals that I had ever had. And so of course that led me into, okay, what is Paleo? What do we know, what is it is just a new fad diet. And of course seven years later it's definitely not a fad. Diet has stuck around and is still of the most popular diets. I don't even like calling it diet, but one of the most popular ways of eating. So that kind of got me started in eating Paleo and at that point I was also making swaps around our home and in our health. Jackie:                          03:19                And we started trading some conventional products that we were using for herbs and essential oils and we started throwing out some of those toxic cleansers that are underneath our sink, you know, that are filled with carcinogens and God knows what else threw those out. So it was a little baby step by baby step that we just started transitioning our life into, I believe, how God wants us to live healthy full of nature with plant based medicine. And I just decided to start a blog. It was kind of one of those things back seven years ago where, you know, not many people were starting a blog, but I figured my mom would probably be the only one reading it. And over the course of a few years it really gained in popularity and I realized I had something on my hands here that I was extremely blessed with. So I shared just what I was doing to live, be a mom with two kids and how to take care of them naturally and how to choose more safer health care alternatives. And so that's how the Paleo Mama came along. And, and that's actually what's inspired so much of what I've done in the last seven years, including writing this book. Frank:                           04:42                Yeah. I, uh, I still remember actually if I could give it to you from the other side of the story, is that, uh, I don't remember all of these really odd swabs that were happening. I remember that I was very conventional in my own ways. I had a particular type of deodorant that that's the only one that I wanted to use. And I had a particular type of toothpaste and that was the only one that I like ideas. And then I see this woman over here, like doing things like making your own toothpaste. She started with a dry toothpaste, you know, it had some very humble beginnings. I remember being very dry. Toothpaste is actually in this book and it's one of the best recipe. It is because it's definitely like the four point. Oh, version. So I remember the one point, oh, version, which is the one that I felt like I actually put my hands my mouth into a pile of sand at the beach. Jackie:                          05:28                But that was before I found essential oils and how I could add flavoring. Speaking of essential oils, I remember now that you also had the oil, now it's known as the oil pulling method and I still remember just saying, you literally Swish this oil concoction that you wouldn't let me talk to you for like 15 minutes in the morning in my recipe book. And so, uh, and I'm not just saying that guys to segway into that, but these are the recipes that I have come to actually over the last seven, eight years. And you know, speaking for other men folk that might be in your life. I know that we are, you know, pretty much slugs and it's very difficult to try to a, convince us to do something new. But I tell you what, if you stick with it, you'll end up really, really feeling great about yourself. And that's what a lot of these recipes that she devised over the last seven, eight, nine years have absolutely become a mainstay in our home. And so let's, let's start talking about Kinda like, you know, we got the idea of what happened with the website, but now like why did you really dive into essential oils but now wanted to talk to everybody about how you've decided to dive into some herbs as well. Jackie:                          06:39                So after I created my website, you know, a couple people started asking me, well, when are you going to write a book? And of course it was the last thing I was thinking of. Um, I come from a family of authors though. So I guess it's just in my blood and at some point I just started writing a book and that was my first book that was released back in September of 2017 called everyday natural living. A pure and simple life is not as complicated as you think. And that was my first gift of showing people how they can make a transition into a more natural diet, into a more natural lifestyle, into a more holistic self care. And so I just have to, I have to get it out and that that's Kinda, it's a burning inside me to really help other people like me, whether you're just a normal mom like me or your, um, uh, you know, a career woman or man just knowing that you can take these little baby steps to really transition your health and you will see amazing things happen from it. Jackie:                          07:46                You know, and I shared, I think it was on the last podcast that I actually went to schedule an appointment with my doctor and my doctor had dropped me because I haven't seen her in so long because I've just been healthy and I just, this is how your body is supposed to be and I just have to share these tools with other people. So I wrote my first book everyday natural. And then at that point I really have started growing my own garden. I've always loved herbs, I've loved essential oils and those come from herbs, plants, seeds, barks, and I just wanted to really understand the raw plant medicine. And so essential oils, you know, have a pretty much the same therapeutic qualities as the plants, but I wanted to understand the plants and the herbs in their raw state and I also wanted to know how to cultivate them, how to grow them, how to nurture them because that in itself is true sustainability. If you really want to know how to take care of your body naturally and live a long life than you save money while you're doing it than growing. Some of these amazing herbs are going to be an incredible part of that process. And it's even more empowering. Frank:                           09:04                Yeah. So to, to echo that, you know, we had a great podcast, I think it was episode 10 that we talked to Dr Zelinski and when we talked to Dr Eric, he said that the gateway of good health could actually be essential oils. That can be something that a lot of people, um, you know, ended up looking to that. And I think that that's what I saw. And you, Jackie, was that you started with essential oils while you started kinda more humbling before that you started using more natural products. Like, you know, making sure that the deodorants that we're using, even though of course that was a hard sell for me, but now I'm totally using natural deodorant, but you know all of the different things that you had created in the kitchen. I remember seeing we're more of the natural versions in order to have a handful of ingredients rather than an entire back of a package of ingredients. Frank:                           09:54                And so then you started working with the essential oils and we noticed that obviously the therapeutic value skyrocketed and now with that gateway that we have seen you walk through now knowing that you are creating this through some herbs and things like that, you started to really be able to create some pretty unique synergies of different therapeutic grades of things between the essential oils and herbs. Because you know, just speaking sort of a little bit scientifically if I May, is that usually when you look at the whole plant, there may be more therapeutic value in a particular way that you are using that urban because of the fact that it is the entire plant itself. I know that have one particular supplement that comes to mind is the zendocrine that always seems to kind of put people back and forth. But anyway, the long and short is that there's the zendocrine essential oil blend, which actually has the same exact, uh, fruits and herbs in it as a zendocrine complex which actually has the whole herbs. And so depending upon the type of, I guess, result that you're looking for, um, it is been seen through a lot of these recipes that you have created that the essential oils and the herbs can actually provide a large benefit. Jackie:                          11:15                And they work together. And that's the wonderful thing about herbs and essential oils is that because they are one really, you know, essential oils have just been steam distilled or cold pressed from the fruit or from the IRB or from the bark or the seeds, whatever it's coming from. And so they are the same thing. You know, essential oils are way more potent and they have a, a place as well as herbs. But you know, if you're, if you want a nice relaxing cup of some hot tea, you, you're going to grab the whole herb for that, you know, and, and there's some things like really on thousands and thousands of years ago that were done because there was no steam distillation process, you know, so, and when we read about people who, you know, used lavender on their body therapeutically and medicinally thousands of years ago, they were using the whole earth. They were using the whole plant. They were infusing that herb into the oil, which I actually talk about in my book how to do. But that process takes quite a while if you're, if you're doing the solar method, but it's a longer process and you're not getting the same potency. So they each have their own place, but in different places, if that makes any sense. Frank:                           12:33                No, it makes perfect sense. Um, I even remember talks that I've had and things that I've learned about even Frankincense, you know, Frankincense, thousands of years ago, used by the Egyptians, surprisingly enough physical store is that the, the dark, you know, what almost looks like makeup, if you will, that you used to see on pharaohs and I guess Queens of Egypt is that, that was burnt down frankincense. And so they used that because they even knew back then back in five and 6,000 BC that, uh, that frankincense had some really great anti aging capabilities. So anyway, uh, I wanted to kind of move from there if we could and really kind of talk about like, you know, if you can give us a quick little synopsis of what you had to go through in order to start obtaining this ability to, you know, understand and become a Jackie:                          13:25                herbalist. So I went through the school that's called the chestnut school of herbal medicine. It's actually a local school to me, but it's online. So, um, I knew that I could do it online and my free time, but of course, you know, it's time, right, exactly. Um, it took two years to do and you know, it was a pretty in depth process. You had all the experientials that you had to do with each of the lessons and I really grew to love herbs and essential oils and I, I just fell in love it. Of course we had, you know, a lot of it was on essential oils as well because that goes hand in hand. But um, but it was an incredible journey of just really learning more about how to, how to plant seeds and how to nurture it and you know, how to really take care of your herbs after you've ground them and how to use them medicinally. Jackie:                          14:23                So, um, it was a great process. We gained an herbal medicine garden while we were at it and I even did it while we were on the road for those 11, 12 months, you know, every now and then we would have a pot of herbs or some dried herbs hanging in the rv because it was a process that we went through. So anyone can go through it. And if you're interested, you know, send me an email because I do have a coupon code that you can get for a discount if that is something that you're interested in. And that is Frank:                           14:52                a. well, I'll just quickly say the email address, such Jackie j a, C K I e at Ritz I t z, remember it's like the cracker and then essentials e s s e n t I a l s dot comso Jackie at ritz essentials dot com. So Speaker 4:                    15:07                just go to the Paleo Mama Dot com and click on about and that has a contact form and I will definitely respond to you. Frank:                           15:14                And so with the herbalism, you know, studies that you did, I mean even just kind of peeking over your shoulder and stuff like that. Probably out of just sheer curiosity, uh, you know, it seemed like you actually were, there was a lot of almost cross pollination if you will. Uh, you know, not to use a cheesy pun, if you will, but between like some of the herbs that are essential oils are distilled from. And I think that it helped enhance your ability to understand those essential oils. Jackie:                          15:42                Absolutely. And that was why I actually chose herbalism school over aromatherapy school was because I wanted to know about the raw plant, the plant that the essential oils were coming from. Frank:                           15:53                Yeah. It's, uh, it's been really awesome to see, you know, how your abilities, you know, with the essential oils has just really been catapulted to a even higher degree. I like, I think it's been a force multiplier, if you will, uh, in reference to what you've been able to actually do with your therapeutic recipes that you come up with it. So I'm not going to keep it front of you guys anymore. I just wanted to give you a history about that. But let's dive a little bit into this book. Like I said, it's being released on December third. I promise we'll give you some details here toward the end of the podcast. So stay tuned for that. But let's dive into this book a little bit and sort of really begin a slightly unpackaged kinda where, where it came from and what you were thinking about. And then maybe even we can share a recipe from and if that sounds okay. Jackie:                          16:39                Absolutely. So, um, you know, my journey into using herbal recipes started when I was pregnant with my first child and I looked at some of the ingredients of, I think it was my sunscreen bottle and I was just like, what is this oxy Ben Zone? And I started googling it and the warnings that came up and what it could do to my unborn baby just scared me. And so knowledge is empowering, which you know, challenges you to take action. And so that's what I did. I threw out that stuff and I purged my drawers in my dresser tops of all of those dangerous products that I had, you know, a lot of people take baby steps. I'm the kind of person, I'm like all in when I'm all in and things are going to change right away so you know, and frank will come home some days and the whole houses reorganized. Jackie:                          17:31                That's just how I am. But I purged everything and I just started taking really massive action for our health. This passion led to me getting my hands dirty with coconut oil and cocoa butter and almond oil and baking soda. And I just started creating these beautiful gifts of the earth that, um, had I had grown from my garden or that I learned from attending mushroom walks or even just through my herbal medicine school. So, um, I created a 70 recipes that all use very common ingredients and one of the reasons why I first started actually making my own recipes was because me and frank were actually in about $50,000 worth of debt. And we were living very, very small. We were sleeping on a mattress on the floor. We had sold everything so that we could get out of debt. It was something that we really had a goal to do and we wanted to do it as fast as possible. Jackie:                          18:38                So we had like a zero budget. We had no room for anything and if, you know, I try to cut costs at every single corner. And so one of them, one of the ways I did that was for making our own stuff. I made deodorant, I made cleaning products. I made different things around the kitchen that I could buy a bottle of whiskey that's $10 or I could make it for two or $3. So that's why I really want to share this with you guys just because I know a lot of you are in the same place that I was, you know, you're, you're wanting to cut corners and costs at every point, but you don't want to sacrifice your quality of living in the process. And um, you know, once you gather in the common ingredients, you will see in the, in my recipe book that there's a very common theme. We use coconut oil, we use cocoa butter, we use shea butter, essential oils, almond butter, bentonite clay vinegar, and really there's a few other whole herbs and essential oils. But that's it. And you really can save a ton of money making your own products. Frank:                           19:48                So what you're describing, it sounds like a, almost like these are like your staples, like you should have these kind of in your pantry if you will, to chalk up or create some new recipe and be able to sort of take it from there. So you've created the foundation then have maybe a handful of products that people might be kind of hit the sticker price and go, oh wow, that may seem like a lot, but you know, if you think about it, I guess you're purchasing these things to use them for the long term. Because I think that we still have, you know, some of the golly, do we still have bentonite clay from like a couple of years ago or something like that. Right. So we've got a lot of bentonite. I, I rest assure that I was hit with that sticker shock. I was like, Oh wow, this is really kind of costly. But now that it's been spread over the last three years, I can speak to you very confidently and let you know that it absolutely is pennies on the dollar when it comes to some of these recipes that are inside of this book Jackie:                          20:45                and when you buy a, you know, a body cream from the store and maybe you are conscious of natural and organic and you buy a natural organic one. I mean I would assume to say that you're spending at least $8, but when you make your own, the cost of it is less than two or $1 and not only that, the ingredients that go into that body cream you can use in so many other ways. Coconut oil you can use in your food. You Cook how butter is one of my favorite things to put in our bulletproof coffee in the morning. So you can use these ingredients all throughout your lifestyle. Not just putting cream on your body like the $10 body cream you bought from the store. Frank:                           21:28                It's nice too because like I think I made mention of earlier, it's really great that you have taken the chance or the opportunity I should say, kind of like a person that makes home cooked meals, you know exactly what's going into it and there are no questions about like, you know, one of the big wonderful ones that loves to go around the DOTERRA circle is Kara gene and you know, like, um, there is no purpose to have Carrageenan in your product if you're making it at home. So therefore now you know that you're making something that is even more safe and effective because you see what is exactly going into it because you're putting it in there. Absolutely. So let's, let's sort of really, I don't know, I think maybe we should just wow them. I mean, I don't want this podcast to last forever, although I could talk to you, uh, as, as everybody knows for, for quite some time, but let's hit them with a recipe. What do you think? Do you think that we should go ahead and show them just how simple something could be? We'll give me one of your kind of top 10 recipes if you don't mind. Um, it could be something like a tea or it could be one of your body creams. Jackie:                          22:32                You guys what my favorite recipes from the book are. Like I said, there's 70, so it's really hard to list all those out for you, but I have a quickie fire cider recipe in there. Now, fire cider is a old tonic that was actually created by Rosemary Gladstar dicer name, right? Sorry. You're asking me if I said your last name wrong. Gold Star something. Gladstar gladstone. She's a beloved herbalist and she created this amazing fire cider recipe and it's wonderful, but it takes like four weeks to make. So I created a quickie firefighter and fire cider is just something that you take. I love to take it throughout the cold months, so it's amazing. It's super spicy and so you take it to actually help your respiratory system drain because it's so spicy and full of these. It's like guys, it's like depths of even know how to explain it. The flavor of it. It's really weirdly good. Frank:                           23:37                Yeah, it's very strangely good. So I know a lot of people will probably listen to the call, are very familiar with like elderberry syrup and taking that, taking that during the times, but uh, I didn't mean to steal from your thunder if I did, but needless to say is that my second favorite one? Okay, well then there you go. So now you got the fireside or an elderberry syrup that you can use throughout the winter season. Jackie:                          23:55                Actually in my book I included two different elderberry syrups for you ones, the traditional one that uses an alcohol base, so you know, you can give that to your kids and really small doses, but I also re creating an alcohol free version that's more of like a cough syrup and that's one that a lot of people feel a lot safer giving to their kids. So I'm also herbal bone broth and I actually did a video on that. So if you go to the Paleo Mama Dot com right at the front of the homepage, you will see more information on the home apothecary book and if you click on that, it shows all of my videos that I've done. I've done one on how to make herbal bone broth, how to make mint chocolate chip body cream that is actually so divine. You can eat it and you don't have to worry about ingredients and you might want to actually taste it because it does smell just like a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream. Jackie:                          24:53                It's got like three different diy recipes that we love. And if you don't know a ghee is, I swear to you, this book is actually convinced you to actually try Agi. It's a very amazing version of butter. So you take butter, you simmer it down and get rid of the milk solids. You Cook it a little bit and it creates a nutty deep, nourishing, clarified butter. And so I have like three different diy recipes in there. Stabs of all different kinds of sugar scrubs, probiotic deodorant, and a as well as a couple of other deodorant recipes. And of course a lot of things for your oral health and your teeth and cleaning recipes. So I don't know, do you want me to keep going? That's Frank:                           25:39                only like 10 recipes and like I said, this thing is chock full of over 70 of them and they go all the way from brothers. There's tea blends in here, there's body creams and different products that you can use for self care. There are some really amazing recipes that you can use for kind of nourishing your body throughout. You know, one of those that Jackie spoke about as a herbal bone broth. I mean we were making guys were making bone broth but for sure and you know, very happy with an unsatisfied with it. But now it's like Jackie started putting these herbs that we never even knew about in there. And I just, I can't, I can't describe how we went from feeling really great to actually feeling more hold. And I think that that's probably what, what has been really catapulted with Jackie's understanding now of herbs using these types of recipes. There are some other recipes in there. It looks like, you know, it's like what you're calling the home apothecary, so it's like, you know, different little first aid things and stuff like that. If you wouldn't mind talking about it. Jackie:                          26:46                Yeah. So I feel like there's so much that we can talk about, but I have a part in there that's herbal remedies for just staying healthy. And so this includes how to do a steam bath with eucalyptus essential oil, how to nasal cleanse. Nasal cleansing is actually something that a lot of people do every single day because we breathe all day long and who knows what we're breathing in. So nasal cleansing is extremely valuable, especially, you know, if you are feeling under the weather and you got a stuffy nose, so you sailing nasal flushes and calendula tea flushes that you can do regard goals season, right? To. Yeah. Oh excellent. Gargles, you know, if your mom ever made you gargle when your throat was hurting. I've got some gargle recipes and garlic ear oil, another one that we use for our kids when their ears aren't feeling so good. Hot onion packs, which is another ancient remedy that a lot of people still use, but yeah, it's got a lot of stuff for first aid detox bath, how to actually make a poultice so that you can apply that onto your skin if you're having different skin issues or if you get stung by a bee. So we have our famous baking soda poultice and there, um, which we use all the time during the summer and the spring. So yeah, Frank:                           28:09                so ridiculous how fast guys that, that one works. Matter of fact, let's make that our recipe that we talk about. So, so really what I will, I'll start if I may, because I've had to make it quite a bit of times, but it is really so unbelievably easy. It is actually a little bit of baking soda. So like if you have to measure things out, which I don't, but it's always nice to, to make sure that you actually get it right is a quarter of a cup of baking soda and then you do 10 drops of Melaleuca or tea tree, essential oil and then put a little bit of water in it. Usually distilled water or purified water would be really good. You just sort of like mix it up to where it's like a, like a pasty. Yeah, like peanut butter consistency. Right. And I actually will also add another really good essential oil blend to it, which is called purify. Purify has some lemon and some lime in it. And so this is a little bit outside the recipe that I just gave you, but I love adding that as well and we have put that right after we have Frank:                           29:05                got insulted by an insect and I tell you why. Frank:                           29:11                Oh Gosh. I don't even want to. I don't even want to talk about a boldfaced wanted it because honestly my arm and back or throbbing already thinking about them from the traumatic experience. That was in fact a bald faced Hornet guys. These things are like yellow jackets on steroids. They are so aggressive, territorial and man they, they don't sting you. They pretty much punch you is what they do. And so anyway, we've got tagged by some of those. Got a couple of things. We put this poultice on it and I tell what it was unbelievable guys within a matter of seconds that we were having relief and so anyway, I know I kind of stole your thunder on that honey, but it's because I had to live through that God awful experience makes you a believer face Hornets, guys look them up. Google baldfaced Hornets. They are ridiculous and they are real. The threat is real. Jackie:                          30:01                Yeah. So an awesome baking soda recipe to use. Um, you know, if you get stung by anything, that's a great recipe and so you want to actually put that directly onto any kind of insect bites or whatever you have just gotten stung by, cover it with a bandaid or a cloth and leave it on there for about 15 minutes. Frank:                           30:19                Awesome. All right, let's talk a little bit more about the book. The book is unbelievably beautiful. The photos are fantastic guys. And what's really amazing, and I just learned about this a couple of days ago, is that you can go to the table of contents and you can click on a recipe and it will automatically redirect you immediately to that page that you will find the recipe on it. Jackie:                          30:41                That's the beautiful thing about ebooks that you probably had no idea. So that was one of the things that I want to make sure that was in there because that's what I go to when I'm reading something and I like to click on it and go right to it. So no scrolling necessary. 80 two pages, beautiful pictures to show you how lovely they are. Really Clear Direction, super simple. Nothing is going to take you forever to make, um, you know, time is definitely valuable. And so you're going to be able to whip these up pretty quickly. Frank:                           31:12                Oh, it's absolutely awesome. I am so excited for you, honey, that you are going to be able to bring your diy Queendom to everybody because folks, this, she's the real deal. I mean like I know that I'm unbelievably bias, but uh, you know, if I could, if I could speak very plainly that I have not seen anyone be able to use the power of essential oils and herbs quite like this, this a wonderful woman standing right here next to me. Jackie, thank you so much for this. It's been absolutely a pleasure as always, like I want to make sure that I say one more time before we get off here, December third, Jackie will be releasing a promotion that you cannot miss, so please, if you're not on her email list and you're listening to this podcast, go to That's p a, l e o m, a m, and make sure that you get on her newsletter and you will receive this goody in your inbox over the course of the weekend because this is a deal that you do not want to mess. Jackie:                          32:20                Thank you so much. It's been, Frank:                           32:23                it's been an absolute pleasure, honey. Make sure, like I said, check that out. If you're not a subscriber of this podcast, by all means, please make sure that you hit that subscribe button. We're bringing as much content as we possibly can about the world of essential oils and quite honestly, word world of even herbal pet medicine and preparations and stuff like that as well. So please make sure that you show us the love. Uh, you know what, I might just actually do something crazy on the next podcast. If you subscribe to this podcast, I want to give away something. I want to give away something right now. Can I be so inspired? We're going to go away. Three copies. Let's do it. Alright, so here's what we're going to do. So here's where we're going to deal. You are going to leave us a review on itunes. When you leave us a review on Itunes, I want you to also share this podcast with someone. Okay? We will draw all three individuals at the end of next week. We do our podcast. Normally on Fridays, we will draw three individuals to receive a copy of Jackie's brand new ebook without cost. It'll be free to you. Jackie:                          33:32                That sounds wonderful. 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Please stay tuned for next week where we'll bring you even more contact content here on the essential oil healthcare radio station on you. Whatever you're listening to us through. Thank you so much for listening and we cannot wait to talk to you again in about a week's time. Take care now. Bye.  
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