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010: The Gateway to Better Health: Essential Oils with Dr. Eric Zielinski

Essential Oil Healthcare Radio
010: The Gateway to Better Health: Essential Oils with Dr. Eric Zielinski

Hey all!  I am so excited to bring you this latest installment of Essential Oil Healthcare Radio!  On today's show, we have Dr. Eric Zielinski, author of The Healing Power of Essential Oils and creator of the popular blog:! On today's show we discuss:

  • Dr Z's story
  • Taking charge of your healthcare
  • How to find the knowledge to start your own journey with EOs
  • What high-quality Essential Oils are
  • The patient-provider role in wellness
  • Many others...
Here are the show notes from today' podcast: Frank:                           00:00                Frank:                           00:10                Hello and welcome to essential oil healthcare radio. I am Frank Ritz and I have the pleasure of bringing you a really fabulous interview that I've done with Dr Eric Zielinski, the author of the healing power of essential oils. So please stay tuned and enjoy this podcast. Frank:                           00:32                Good morning everybody. Good afternoon depending upon when you're watching it, but I am like unbelievably excited and I have the distinct pleasure of bringing you a really wonderful podcast with Dr Eric Zielinski. Uh, he is a, uh, is, uh, out there in the Internet sphere, if you will. He and I had the opportunity to meet through Jackie and all the way back in the middle of 2014. We got the opportunity to become acquainted with Dr z and a and he is the creator of the essential oil revolution. I remember that summit way back when it started off, I think it was like in the middle of 2000 and uh, and you brought together like easily and access, I think it was like 150,000 folks from around the world, uh, to talk about essential oil research. And, uh, we had folks on there from like Dr Papas talking about, um, how to identify, um, you know, adults that are inside of our, uh, you know, different oils to just folks that were just doing essential oils routinely throughout their entire home or farm like Jill Winger. Frank:                           01:41                So I wanted to let you know that he's actually a known as being a public health researcher. He's a certified aromatherapist and he, uh, he also has the essential oil for abundant living masterclass on his website, Dr Eric, and he can boast that he has helped over over a half a million people across the globe using, uh, the healing power of essential oils safely and effectively. And he has a very popular website, like I said, Dr Eric It's visited by an excess of about 6 million folks per year. And he has become a very large resource, a faith based and non branded essential oils education on the internet today. And he also is married. His wife here's a, a probably not as well known fact unless you follow him, which I recommend that you do, but his wife is actually a beauty pageant participant and not, and she's also known as Mama Z and they have four kids and they live in the Atlanta area. So Anyway, Dr Z, thank you so much for joining us on today's podcast, Dr. Eric:                        02:43                man. Frank. Really appreciate your brother. I mean man, when you were starting to tell that it's been, had been four and a half years since we first connected and um, you know, it's interesting, we've, we've connected just a handful of times but it's like every time we connect it was like we just picked off where we left off and it's just, we're kindred spirits. So I appreciate you. Appreciate your heart to help and serve. And I mean you've got a really good level head on your shoulders, my brother. I mean, you really do. And people who don't know you. I'm at the level that I've gotten the chance to know. You add. I mean, you are a man on a mission and you're smart and that's the thing. And that's, I hope it talk a little bit about that, how we have to be smart in this day and age of just fear and, and, and misrepresentation of all kinds of different things. So it's just, you guys are brilliant. Frank:                           03:30                Yeah. Well, so are you guys because it's really nice to see power couples doing, doing what they love that power couples. And so, uh, one thing that a doctor Z, uh, most recently within the past correct me if I'm wrong, about two years now since you published the healing power of essential oils. Is that correct? Dr. Eric:                        03:47                Oh actually I'm March, 2018. Just this year. It's just catapulted. Yeah. And um, it unbelievable. I mean oversee 60,000 copies sold in seven months and in this thing is just, it's taken over the, it's taken over Amazon and Barnes and nobles. It's everywhere and it's really just because it's not branded. And so we have folks from all the different companies all over the world that are reading it, you know, it's really cool, frank. I just found out five or no, four, four different publishers around the world. The book's gonna be available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Czech, and Slovakian out of all different languages. So it's getting international. Frank:                           04:29                Oh, that's so wonderful. That's such a huge accomplishment. A Dr. that's a really, really, really great for you guys. And uh, and I've, and I've read through it and I tell you what, it's a really great journey to be able to take somebody from not really understanding, you know, but knowing now, I mean honestly, essential oils have sort of become really mainstream in the last say five to six years and it's really awesome to know that they've been around for many, many years, but people are looking for natural forms on healthcare and, and your book does a really great job of sort of guiding folks through, well what first of all is even an essential oil and then how can we use it to support various body systems throughout our entire lives and how can we touch others with those as well. And so it's a three part book guys. Frank:                           05:13                Really a not a very difficult read whatsoever. Very research based and a very practical. And so I recommend that you guys get it. Please go get it on Amazon. I'll put up, I'll put a link to his book in the podcast, show notes for today so you can go pick up the healing power of essential oils, uh, once again by Dr Eric Z. All right, so let me do one quick shameless disclaimer while we continue on is that, you know, what Dr z and I are going to talk about, um, you know, we're in the world of a health and wellness and so by all means, we are not trying to tell you to not have a healthcare provider, um, that would be absolutely erroneous and also a little on the crazy side, uh, but always make sure that you do your best to determine what may or may not work for your family and also run it by your physician or your healthcare provider because we not intended to diagnose or treat or cure or even prevent any type of disease. But we do want you to understand that there is power in your fingertips and that, uh, you know, the information is out there and you can apply it and be able to use it for the health and welfare of your family. So let's go. So frank is, Dr. Eric:                        06:19                does that mean that that essential oils can cure death? Frank:                           06:22                Yeah. Unfortunately, not still know to be. Um, there are still, you know, the fact that it is voting day, there is two, there is death and taxes. Those are the ones that you, those are the two things that we can avoid. Dr. Eric:                        06:37                You know, my friend Sayer Ji who runs the unbelievably mega blog, the green med, and anyone who's listening needs to check The most visited natural health websites. He has. His most popular article is black seed oil. Not the essential oil but black seed oil. The title is the cure for everything but death and man say heads at heart because he's a, he's a researcher. And so anyway, it's funny that that's my little inside joke with Sarah. It's like essential oils and black seed oil can cure death. But um, yeah, so you have to pay taxes. Um, it is voting day and essential oils, some cure death, right? Frank:                           07:15                You and I are both men of faith, so we know that there is one thing that can actually overcome death. We do know. Amen. So, um, so let's go ahead and start off with your history. If you don't mind. Um, you do a, you know, I, I love the introduction of your buckets. Like I literally felt, you know, even if I didn't know you was like I could really become acquainted with who you are and where you come from and sort of your stance on the entire situation with what's going on out there to help discern through a lot of this myered way of people looking at essential oils these days. It's really mucky and you kind of, a lot of people don't know where to start. So why don't you, if you wouldn't mind, can you kinda tell us where you came from and that sort of like how did you really do become one of the most, if not one of the best pioneers on essential oil information and research out there today? Dr. Eric:                        08:03                You know, frank kind of fast forward to just a few years ago really, I wasn't introduced to essential oils at the level that I've been interacting with them and I say that like it's kind of like relationship with your therapies, with the things that you use in your medicine cabinet. What's in your cleaning products? I mean you have to really dive deep. You got to get to know these things. Same thing with supplements, same thing with your foods. So I really didn't develop a relationship with essential oils till about 2013, 2014 right before we met. And my wife's been using them forever. Sabrina has, I just thought they were smelly stuff. I really relate dead. Um, and I just. But seriously, I'm not going to go. Well, I used to not wanting to go play volleyball or basketball or football and my guy friends felling like, you're lying, I'm going to go take my guy card away. Dr. Eric:                        08:54                You know what I mean? You just don't do stuff. And so I know like what, like Arabic, here's some, here's some whatever. Old Spice, right? So I remember it was like 2008. Um, I developed a pimple in the same year. It was a pimple and it was athlete's foot and I was doing my thing and I had a pretty decent diet at the time and, and everything. Like I haven't taken drugs forever. None of our kids are vaccinated for natural home births. I mean, whereas Granola as you get in the suburbs, right? We are the modern day hippies. And um, so I went to Dr Google and I searched up natural remedies for pimples in the first couple hits on Google, which had to be good because Ryan and no one better at the time, but if it's got, if it's on top, it means it's got to be the best, right? Dr. Eric:                        09:46                The most popular. And I need to realize, and maybe we can talk about that and realize how algorithms are manipulated and can be manipulated by really the powers that be. So I went up and Oregano oil article on, on using Oregano oil and it actually said put a drop of Oregano oil neat on the pimple on twice a day. And I'm like, okay, I'll do it. So I went to the store, got whatever knockoff brand of essential oil was at I think at the natural health food store near my home. And it burned like really, really bad. Uh, I didn't dilute it. I just put it right on my skin and it really hurt myself where I ended up getting like this quarter size red area because that's where the Oregano oil went and it caused more eruptions out of my skin. It caused me to have more acne. Dr. Eric:                        10:30                And I was like, what is this stuff? This stuff hurts. I'm going to mess with this. And then same thing with athlete's foot. I didn't know what I was doing and I saw online again. Teacher is the one that that's a magic cure. Right? And so I went online and um, I got some knockoff version of teacher and I'm like, okay, what's up with this? Nothing worked, nothing changed. I didn't know how to use it properly. And I just really just said, okay, this is something that Sabrina just uses it. It's something that makes her smell good. I like how she smells and I just kind of marginalized it as that for a few years until one of my clients commissioned me to write a series of public health reports on the therapeutic therapeutic efficacy of essential oils. And then it was my job to literally read hundreds of articles, abstracts and we talked about everything from balancing all the different body systems from head to toe. Dr. Eric:                        11:18                And I was really forced to make a decision and about what are these things. I mean really I had to, you know, people again, I get this, especially in the Christian community, like do you believe in essential oils? Like they asked me that like I like I believe in God, I believe in a central, like I have to have faith. No, I mean they're plant based compounds that have healing components in them because that's basic plant chemistry and so I had to come. I had to like my crisis of faith, like Dwight believe what I'm seeing in the research and if so why didn't it work for me and that's really what started my journey and that's when I shortly thereafter met you and your wife and Jill Winger and and the folks that hosted the essential oil summit because the essential revolution summit really was designed just for me to interview other people to feature Dr Robert Pappas and we had everyone. Dr. Eric:                        12:10                I mean we had all the big names at the time and it was the first time anything like that has been done in a non branded event. We had people from variety of different companies, so it wasn't like a doterra sales pitch, which was huge because every summit up until that point was a young living sales pitch, a doterra sales pitch. Now this was like we're leaving aside. The brands were just talking oils and that was before any FDA crackdown. Two people had a very wide freedom of speech to talk about whatever they wanted to and it got global and so the thing about it, frank was at, out of all those folks at attended, like, you know, like you said, over 150,000, I received more than 4,500 comments and I'll never forget reading everyone's comments and emails from people took me weeks and the resounding requests from people as Dr Z, we will need to teach us like how to use these things better more effectively. Dr. Eric:                        13:01                And I'm like, look, I'm under an aroma therapist. I really don't know what I'm doing. So I actually went to a room of therapy school and I started learning just the techniques in addition to what the research shares. I'm like, okay, I think I got this thing. And so I started blogging and um, it just went viral, like my blogs, my videos. I'm masterclass and then penguin random house. And I think this is cool. I want to share this in. And this isn't braggadocious y'all like this is a win for all of us. And I hope you guys see this. I see us working as a community together. Penguin Random House is the largest publisher in the world and they picked up my book the first time a main publishers pickup an essential oil book and over a decade and become an instant best seller. What now has happened now, essential oils just got a huge feature on the 700 club. Dr. Eric:                        13:48                They're becoming more mainstream in organizations are starting to see them, and I'm not saying my book started as, but my book was a process, a part of this and for what that means to all of you listening right now, especially if you're a distributor, if you're a wellness advocate or if you're just someone who loves oils, there's a movement and peace is the are being played. That game is being played where more and more and more people are receiving this message because up until five, 10, 15 years ago, this was pretty fringe. It really was. And even now, some people don't know what the think about essential oils, like they don't believe in them. Right? Frank:                           14:27                Yeah. It's, uh, it's, it's, it's crazy to imagine that I, you know, I think it's because honestly, if you have your finger on the pulse, if you pay attention to health and well care or health and welfare or health and wellness, if you follow and you pay attention to that industry, people are looking for answers and they want something that can empower them. And so, uh, you know, for, to be out there when y'all were granted, we're going to be talking mainly about essential oils by just like Dr z said. It's like, you know, there's also supplements, you know, unless you are eating entirely throughout the day, making sure that you're maximizing not only your macro and micro nutrients, there are so many supplements out there that you don't even know what you need. And so it really does require a wealth of information. I mean, I have talked with other providers. Frank:                           15:17                Physicians are starting to wake up as well. They're wanting to really educate their patients on the importance of nutrition and they're trying to really help them understand, you really kind of are what you eat and you are what you do. It, you know, there's a statistic out there with the American college of preventative medicine is that over 80 percent of Americans have chronic illness, I mean, and the vast majority of them have to use a medicines and a bunch of expensive therapies in access of about one or $2,000,000,000,000 per year. So that means that out of the, let's just say 320 million Americans do the math, multiply it by 80 percent. That's a lot of Americans causing a lot of money to be spent. And so we want you to understand that you do have a power. You do have the ability to choose what you can actually do in order to improve your health care today. You can actually do something to improve your healthcare today. So, Dr. Eric:                        16:12                right, Where do you start? and, and that. That's the thing. We're frank that got me, that got me with essential oils and that's something that I'll give you. I'll give every sales person a nugget right now for selling oils on any level or if you're just trying to share, here's the golden nugget is that you get someone hooked on essential oils, you'll change their life because I am. Part of my story is is I was addicted to narcotics. I was an alcoholic. I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and and in my world, marijuana was known as the gateway drug and for me it was. It opened up the door to, to a, to ecstasy, to cocaine, to things that at this point I never would have even imagined if I wasn't smoking pot every day. I say that because what I equate essential oils too, it's the gateway remedy to a life of transformation. Dr. Eric:                        17:07                It's really easy, frank. It's really easy to tell someone to put five drops of lavender in the diffuser to help you sleep better, but it's really hard to say, okay, you got to follow these hundred 85 steps to lose weight, feel better and, and get your libido back. So you want to give someone a quick win. Again, for those wellness advocates out there, anyone who really is looking to make this a business, you get people quick wins, you encourage them, whatever it is, ask them like, what are you battling? What are your symptoms? What's the thing that's really akin? Don't, don't focus on these incurable diseases. I mean, focus on a quick win, aches, pains, headaches, whatever it might be. You get someone to quick when it gets them off of the drugs that they don't want to be taking and there are going be changed for life. Dr. Eric:                        17:50                Not only will they be customers for life, but they're going to buy into this idea that yes, they can do something for their body and next thing you know, they're going to be like, okay, what about this? What about that? And they're going to start diy and they're going to start putting air filters in their home. They're going to get reverse osmosis. They're going to change every aspect of life and that's what I want to encourage you all is I really don't know of anything that is as easy to use to give someone an immediate reaction, a positive reaction that could, that can create the cascade of life change. And, and I've seen it time and time and time again. Frank:                           18:24                Yup. So it's just a matter of just echo what he's saying and it's just a matter of like open the door for them, help them walk through, answer their questions, help them feel comfortable about it. Because honestly we want to treat people like treat, treat people like people and not treat them like numbers anymore. You know, I have a background as a physician assistant and quite honestly I, I made it my goal to make sure that all of my patients felt like they were actually appreciate it. And quite honestly, yes, I had a clinic schedule and I still saw those folks every 15, 20 minutes. But the thing was is that normally I would easily blow through that 20 minutes and seeing them for maybe 45 minutes at a time and then I would have to walk out and be like, I am so sorry, but this conversation had to happen, so come on in and then I would have the same conversation with the next patient. So quite honestly it has like a matter of like just really looking into health care the way that it needs to be. So I applaud you on that. Doctors. It's true. It's essential as can be the catalyst that actually really open up their minds to be able to really look at the healing ability of Frank:                           19:25                everything that is out there to start with essential oils. Frank:                           19:29                So moving onto, you know, let's, let's talk about your book a little bit. Let's dive into that. So I see, you know, of course me being the Geek, that I am the science geek, that I am self proclaimed science geek. I love to actually go to the references before I actually even really start reading the book. And so I dove into the references of your book and it looks like it guys, that's well versed. I mean he has, um, you know, it peppered throughout the entire reference line or excuse me, a reference guide in the back of his book is probably at least dozens of research articles that hundreds. That's where did you start with that? Where did, where did you know to like look for those research articles and things like that. So I gotta I gotta give you this secret. Dr. Eric:                        20:18                I got to share something and I try not to say say say this too much because people don't know how to understand this. But one of my research meant one of my research mentors and M chiropractic school, his father was like the grandfather of chiropractic research. Like he was the man. I mean my, my research mentor was third generation and he told me something. His Dad always told them like, look it, whenever you publish an article, have at least 50, 80 references. That way the peer reviewers won't be so hard on you and does, looks like it is, it is credible. So I, I am always, and again, everything is accurate, but I will always err on the side of, over referencing, um, just to make it super abundantly clear that we ain't making this stuff up. Y'All like this is very heavily evidence based fact checked and everything on my website or masterclass or books. Dr. Eric:                        21:15                Our next book even has more, I mean our books coming out next May, the essential oils diet because that is a very controversial topic of how to ingest essential oils and use them to reach an ideal weight and balance a lot of the biomarkers that caused people to be obese and all these things. And so we got to open up the floodgates. So I, again, I'm a trained public health researcher, so that's what I did at school. Like I did not go to school to become a clinician. I went to school, well initially I did until I fall in love with research and I took the research track and I actually studied at emery university, which is right across the street from the CDC for a season to really learn some fundamental public health. Um, you know, everything from biostats, epidemiology and all that stuff like you gotta learn, you gotta to learn the basics. Dr. Eric:                        22:01                And so what I took was I took my public health background and I just live and breathe in pub med like I know how to use pub med where a lot of folks don't and I just pulled my research directly from medical institutions, peer reviewed studies, journals. I'm not, you know, quoting your favorite mommy blogger or dr I'm just not because no offense to them but that doesn't ride and that also doesn't jive with the publisher, which is something I really appreciate about working with random house who's like, look, everything has to be evidenced based, especially about essential oils. We know we're going to get some flack for this book. We got to make sure it's solid. And so not only that Frankl, one thing people don't realize too unless they go to the, the acknowledgement section of the book, it's been peer reviewed and that's something that I don't know of anyone in. Dr. Eric:                        22:49                To me it was obvious. It's like everything I've ever done in the in the research space has been peer reviewed. It has to go through a two to three to four stage peer review process, so I gave my manuscript to not only my aroma therapy instructor, my mentor, but aromatic medicine practitioners, cosmetic formulators and other folks to get, make sure this is accurate and I got to say I had to change a lot of stuff in the book, which is good. I mean I'm not perfect. I don't know anyone that's perfect and so I submitted the manuscript to multiple professionals and it came out and I feel in A. I'm just. It came out in such a way where I don't want to say it's bulletproof, but at least we know it's the best information that we have available to us in 2018 and unless chemistry changes, I don't think, I don't think it's going to change much in the next five, 10, 15 years. Dr. Eric:                        23:39                So that really is the impetus behind the book is something that is not tied to any. So we can make. We can make comments and talk about things that maybe someone can't if I were tied to a brand and so that's opened up again on all other flood gates because there's a lot of research out there that talk about a lot of things that unfortunately people are censored and I'm like, look, I'm going to be that guy and you know, something that I think is interesting to note where there were several of us that used to do this back in 2014, 2015, 2016. And as far as I know, I don't hold literally have any researcher, even any chemist now that doesn't sell their own oil or promote another brand. And I kind of feel like I'm the last guy standing. And so, you know, I feel it's interesting because I'm a friend of mine, I call it, he sold out. He's not a medical advisory team for one of them big companies. I'm like, Oh, I'm the last one. So with that said, I just appreciate us working together as a community because we're in this for the good aroma therapists, bloggers, distributors, researchers, chemists, like myself. We really need to stick together and get this message out. That's important. It really is important. Well, one thing that Frank:                           25:00                a lot of folks may not know, but uh, you know, going through my even pharmacology coursework when I was becoming a PA is that, yep, you know, a lot of our modern medicines, I heard one statistic from a, from a fellow practitioner that 300 of our modern medications actually have a basis implant therapy. And then what happens is that they just add sub groups and add different things on it to get a desired effect in the body. And so a lot of our anesthetics these days with people who are doing various minor and major procedures, uh, still have Bella, Donna as it's as it's basis. And so I really want people to be aware that, you know, there is not something that you need to be super fearful lots because these have been used for literally hundreds to thousands of years. This is not something that is new. Frank:                           25:51                It might be new to you because we live in an information age. We live in an opportunity where at my fingertips I can pull up my phone and I can go itchy scalp, essential oils, itchy scalp, and I can get like a bunch of different recipes and some sciences if you will, that are peppered throughout there. But I really wanted to make sure that we spoke about that and I appreciate you talking about that factors about how we need to make sure that everything that we do is evidence based. We don't want to just, you know, believe um, you know, anything that we see out there and you got to make sure that these things are well researched. Anecdotal data does go a long way and I really do believe in the power of anecdotal data and ask them one. But the fact of the matter is, is that we want to make sure that there is sound research going on as well because we really have. I think, you know, you would know better than anybody, but I'd say that we have really. The industry has taken Dr. Eric:                        26:43                a huge step in starting to really scratch the surface on essential oil research. And, and the thing about it too, and this is something that I want to praise people for sharing their story, most people don't recognize the process of research, how it really works. You have to get a research proposal approved by an institutional review board, also known as an Irb. Basically whatever organization, whether it's a university, a nonprofit, or a legit research institution that's independent of any university or medical institution. Um, this irb is the only goal, the only goal of the irb. Well, not only, but the main goal, the primary purpose of the Irb to make sure that the study is valid and it will not cause harm. And they then pinpoint and they dissect every aspect of the study because there's no reason to put a person in danger at all. Dr. Eric:                        27:38                And it has to be. There has to be good reason to believe that the theory that is being proposed is actually going to be fulfilled. Right? So again, we were talking about essential oils curing death. Um, I will go through an IRB system. We're like, yeah, we believe that essential oils can cure death. And here's why. Well, no one is going to allow you to slather essential oils on a corpse. I mean, that's never going to be approved. I mean as the extreme, but here's the point without testimonials like, but then what if we do have a testimonial, right? What did we get? 5,000 documented testimonials? If someone pouring essential oils on people and like Jesus and Lazarus, Hallelujah. Well that will give that higher be reason to say, okay, um, there's something to this, right? Again, this is extreme, but that's exactly how this works. Dr. Eric:                        28:23                So we need, and I, I hate the word anecdotal because it's been bastardized as sub. It's been bastardized as subpar on it is. It is so critical to the evidence based pyramid where the Pinnacle, the Pinnacle of research is aren't random controlled trials. Y'all like, by the way, rcts are a waste, oftentimes a waste of time because no one lives in an antiseptic controlled environment. There's always things always factors the best, right? I'm the best research we have available are, are Meta analyses of someone you know, like myself, spending hours, hundreds and thousands of hours going through all the data and with peer reviewers and other collaborative coming to conclusion is based off of research including random controlled trials, case studies, anecdotal. Right. So anyway, I absolutely want to see more people share their story because it needs to because until we start getting these stories published, we're not going to have a basis for animal trials and then if we don't have a basis for animal trials, we're never going to have a basis for human trials. Dr. Eric:                        29:31                And that's the one thing that we don't have a lot of human trials and essential oil space. So we pull that weekend. And so one thing too, I think it's really important frankly, is what you said is not only are a lot of medicines still steeped in, in homeopathic and Fido chemical research, but it's like where do people think aspirin came from? I mean it's not like a chemist woke up one day having a vivid dream and a vision board saying, hey, let's. No, no. They took the chemical structure directly from willow and just created their own version and the shiny happy pill and that's what we got to realize like, I don't know of any drug, literally, I don't know of any drug that is independent of the chemical compounds that we have from plants. So essential oil chemistry is the basis for all pharmaceuticals than I know of. Dr. Eric:                        30:22                I could be wrong, correct me if I'm wrong, but I do not know of any pharmaceutical that was birthed in a vacuum without some sort of inspiration from what's out there in nature on, on any level. And of course the version, you know, the reason why synthetic stone work versus the natural. We can talk about that. But yeah, this ain't hocus pocus. I mean it really is. And once I started understanding this and to me, I didn't get a lot of this frankly until I studied aroma therapy. I mean really my, my research background, my background is a primary care physician. Didn't teach me this, you know, myself, myself, research background as a nutritionist and just somebody who wanted to follow a natural lifestyle. I didn't learn about this stuff until I really studied aroma therapy and I was challenged and folks don't realize what real aroma therapy as, um, a lot of stuff that you see online isn't real aroma therapy. I mean aroma therapy will shock you were talking suppositories, anal suppositories. You're talking doses in a way that are designed to literally trigger the body to do a variety of different mechanisms. It's like plant medicine in its highest concentrated form. Um, what we think of aroma therapy is just a watered down version of just using smelly stuff. And that's not what this is. It really isn't. I, uh, I love how you said that about how Frank:                           31:39                everything has to be inspired because like, honestly, I look out. I'm actually, if you guys don't see it, like it's a. we're getting some really great fall color change right now. Granted, we had some storms that came through. A blue law trees leaves off and they're on the ground now, but I'm looking at here and just going look at the world that we are blessed with. Look at the. Look at the Psalm 19 world that we are blessed with, absolutely inspires us to say, you know what, there are answers out there and that we can absolutely do things that are going to benefit one another. And so I, uh, I urge you to take a look at, uh, you know, the research and make sure that you also get your testimonials from friends because quite honestly, I mean you hit the nail on the head, it's easily the best data that we actually have or where people looked at cases, thousands upon thousands of cases and just drew conclusions from that. So metadata analysis is absolutely, probably our best way of actually receiving this form of data. And you also, if you don't Dr. Eric:                        32:40                know how to use, where do you start? Right? You know what to do, where do you start? You ask your friends and if you get 15 people saying the same thing about the same oil, that's a good indication of where to start. So people, there is no reason to be afraid and there is no reason to be unsure, right? I mean, that's the perfect place to start is asking somebody, someone that you trust. I mean really at the end of the day, someone that you know that's struggling with the same thing that you're struggling with, like what did you do? Right? I mean, that's the, that's your baseline. Frank:                           33:07                Yeah, we have, we have faith based learning. I mean that's how we are as human beings and so it requires that, you know, I mean, it's not like I was able to just jump on a bike and get it, you know, somebody had that show me how to actually work the pedals and keep my balance and realize how to do that before I could actually get it on my own. And so you know it, you're absolutely correct. I mean, we'll circle back around from where you started. This is a community effort here. You know, this is not something that requires you to think that you are alone in this journey. Uh, there is somebody who can absolutely show you a great place to start. For us. Yes, go to the goats are online. You know, it's a really wonderful place to start, but you'd be surprised at. Exactly. You know, my feeling today is that there are more people who are aware of essential oils actually even being out there that are about people who have never even actually heard of essential oils. It's not the same case as it was maybe five years ago. Can you highlight a little bit more about your experience on that? Dr. Eric:                        34:00                Oh yeah. Yeah. And, and the on the flip end and the awareness has caused a, an influx of adulteration and like Dr Papas has told me in the interviews or when I interviewed him from both my tele summits, like 75 plus, I don't even say now 80 percent of all the oils on the market are adulterated. So you go to these big box stores now I'm going to bed. I went to the call, I'm not bed bath and beyond. Bath and body works and there's a huge sign that says essential oil diffusers. They don't have a central oils in their little wall plugins. Y'All, I'm telling you, it is not what you think it is, but they're basing their basing their marketing off of the success and I'm telling you this is something that is absolutely true at the success at the hands of the distributor. Dr. Eric:                        34:47                The reason we are here today is because in network marketing, 100 percent, 20 years ago, aroma therapy was absolutely fringe. It was absolutely fringe. And, and my aroma therapy, um, instructor told me like it wasn't until the distributor got essential oils into the church. This is what she told me. It wasn't until essential oil has got accepted into the church as a whole. The Christian community that it didn't be. It then became acceptable to spread because, and I'll say we were recently featured on the 700 club two months ago and the comments that we received on facebook or quite shocking people saying, devil oil, snake oil you believe in is Voodoo medicine. Unlike this is on CBN, Christian broadcasting network, the largest Christian stage in the world. We're sharing our faith in Christ, sharing the evidence based research behind essential oils. And our brothers and sisters are still blinded by the enemy and I'll say this blinded by the enemy to believe this devil oil. Dr. Eric:                        35:50                And so once, especially in America, once something gets accepted in the, in the community, because again, most Americans identify themselves as Christian. Once something gets identified as accepted in the Christian community, it gets mainstream relatively quick. And so I thank every single person out there. And for those of you who are wellness advocates who sell essential oils, I feel you on the front lines. I, I'm telling you, I'm very blessed. Sometimes I look at what I do in my home office, all the videos and speak. I feel like I'm a general in a war and, and I'm out on the front lines and when I go speak and when I'm in, I'm signing books and it was just at the doterra convention. I'm speaking at a pre event conference and signing books and hundreds of people hugging me and crying on my shoulder. And I'm like, you know, thank you so much for what you're doing because you're spreading this message. Dr. Eric:                        36:39                So every one of you that do this, that, that have a team or or even if you don't have a team meeting, just share it with your pastor or someone that you love. Thank you. Because this really has been and will continue to only be a grassroots movement and we need to be careful. Need to be careful that the devil, the enemy of our soul masquerades as an angel of light. And we see that the essential oil space with fake synthetic essential oils that we know that had been linked to disease. Absolutely neurocognitive disorders. Why do we think so many children are battling learning disability right now? I mean, do we just think autism was just invented? Absolutely linked to synthetic fragrances. The research is clear with the other diseases linked to synthetic fragrances and that's what's happening is we could go into some of the, you know, the pharmacology behind it, but the bottom line is God has not given our body the ability to interact with these chemicals. Dr. Eric:                        37:37                He's given our body the receptors and this lock and key mechanism to interact with proper nutrition, with essential oils, with plant based compounds that we find in herbs and supplements, not fake stuff so our body doesn't know what to do. So when you put yourself in a situation where you're inhaling or using or applying on your skin or ingesting a fake essential oil, it's like a neurological insult. The body doesn't know what to do with it. It's like a virus. It's to get disease so it compromises your immune system. And so I cover a why people's metabolisms are absolutely upside down right now and they're gaining weight and they don't know why. Well, if you're like toxic overload, you don't even realize it. So to say this like my gratitude and thanks for everyone listening who really do this work and you frank and your wife. I mean you guys have been pioneering this for several years now and thank you because we literally are helping change the paradigm and it's exciting. Frank:                           38:38                It is. And we can't. And with that being said, you know, we have to remain courageous and we have to remain willing to accept, you know, a lot of discernment in terms of, or I should say a lot of criticisms because, you know, this is something that we're going against the grain. It's, it's almost wild that, you know, I have a friend who is a, uh, is a Gi doctor and uh, and he actually was seeing some patients and you know, they really just patients by and far people by and far our United States culture, mind just doesn't simply understand food and that is so foundational. But it leads to so many different things. Like we are dynamic creatures and like we absolutely require in a positive input in many different things for us to get the determining, you know, weight loss is, is, is one small aspect of overall fitness. Frank:                           39:32                I've seen people who have died of cancer who have never smoked a cigarette in their life, you know, and they've died and they died of lung cancer. So we need to be able to be willing to really look in a very natural way. This doesn't, this shouldn't seem like completely unbiased, right? Like think about in the 16 hundreds of somebody had a problem. What did they do? They had to support their body to actually get over the issue at hand. They didn't have the ability to go walk into an urgent care and go get a medication to help them feel better. You know, we, we badly. I mean I could easily talk about how we badly abused medications because we're looking for removing the symptomatology of things rather than actually looking for these root causes and the real world. Dr. Eric:                        40:15                Can I, can I comment on that? Absolutely. I want to hear you. Okay. I want to hear you. I want to hear your response, frank, as a PA, because this is I love, I love reading is part of my book. This is from page 11 in my book because you know why I read this because you'd think I'm making it up like this is why you have to quote sometimes because I couldn't make this up if I, if I wanted to. Like this is beyond my wildest dreams. Like here, here, they're here. I want your response to this report meds, again, this is the healing power of essential oils, right? A medscape report shares a shocking story of one physician who blames patients for the misuse of medical teams because of the sheer volume of people who quote flood urgent care centers seeking care for run of the mill ailments such as such as simple ankle sprains, source on sore throats or diarrhea for one day, sunburns. And the list goes on. This physician says, none of us would even consider seeing a doctor for such common in trivial matters. I see about 50 patients a day and easily 75 percent of them have no business seeing a physician in 80 percent of those are expecting antibiotics. Like, can you confirm that was your experience? What was your experience like? Frank:                           41:32                So it is very Frank:                           41:33                smart way of going to see a healthcare provider these days. I would offer to you that a lot of these things like we're okay, you know, like it's, it's okay for you to come and see us. I am not as maybe iron clad as this physician is. Um, I have no problem with you come in and see me because a lot of it ends up being patient education. A lot of it ends up being like, okay, so you sprained your ankle. Well how did we do it? Let's make sure that we didn't do anything more significant. And then how can I teach you how to be able to handle this? You know, in the past, this might be the first time this person's ever gotten an ankle sprain. And so I get benefit of the doubt as this might be the first time that something has actually happened to you. Frank:                           42:12                We can't assume that everybody has broken a bone. I'm 40 years old and I still have never broken a bone in my body and I was in the army for a, you know, over a decade and I never broke a bone in my body. So if I had that experience of the sudden onset of pain because I broke a bone, I'm going to tell you right now that I also would be one that would have to go to a orthopedic Doctor Likely and go, I've never done this before. You know, how do I, how do I even deal with anyway? I say all that. I'm right there with you. I say all that because you're right. We're spending a lot of money on all a cart and medicine for a lot of things that people could feel empowered with to be able to try to at least start addressing the first aid aspect of a lot of these concerns before they go see a primary care physician because of it. Frank:                           43:01                You know, it's like if these sorts of things. We used to use a lot of manuals when I was in the army. We used to say like, if these symptoms do not get better over the course of however long, depending upon whatever the ailment was, that's when you go seek, you know, a primary care physician to go dive into it a little bit deeper. And so I would offer to you that yes, it is important that we take power once again of understanding our own bodies and being able to know what do we need to do and then where does that red flag finally go up? And then we go see our healthcare provider for that reason, and to me that's where essential oils give people that initial first step. So whether it is an ankle sprain or a sore throat or diarrhea, you know what to do and you're not running for. Dr. Eric:                        43:48                He said the care, you know, the run of the mill. Things like again, when I had an argument with my car door and I had eight stitches on my forehead, I wasn't going to put lavender on that and pray over myself. I mean it was bad. It was a bad gash and I realized that I needed medical attention. But to me you said something that triggered me to want to read that because it's really all about us getting back into control where we know how to cook again. We know how to grow food if we wanted to. We know how to make our own products, we know how to take care of our children if they have a fever or if they're not feeling too well. There is a level where that has been stripped from us and I. The system has enabled us. It's a very codependent relationship that ultimately is, is, is sucking people dry of finances of empowerment and then they're like, well I can't do anything like I, I can't tell you what it meant to me to see my wife with our baby with a 104 temperature, know exactly what to do and have my baby be completely fine the next day where for me I would have freaked out. Dr. Eric:                        44:56                Took the kid to the urgent care and again on that dad when my daughter fell on her face for the first time when she was two and she had a little bit of blood, I like thought I was dead. I was like, oh my, I'm in my wife's like, suck it off. She'll be fine. You know, I, I didn't become a PA or a medical doctor for a reason. I'm just not that guy. And just to know to know what I could do. So when our friend's kid was battling, chronic constipation was colicky, we knew exactly what the recommend and the baby was like better in 20, 30 minutes. Like that kind of stuff is, is life changing saves you time? Who wants to sit around in the hospital for five, six, seven hours and they're going to say, okay, just take this and you're out the door. Like again, I, I don't want to see, to your point, I don't want to shame anyone for not knowing something, but I want to encourage you that literally, like this physician said maybe a lot of the things that you're going to the doctor for, you can take care of yourself. Maybe there's some learning to do and maybe you want to join our journey to regaining control not only of your health but your life with this. I call it this essential oil lifestyle. It really does. It gives you a lifestyle approach. Frank:                           46:08                Yeah, it absolutely does. And that's. And that's the mindset is that we need to have as a, you know, I think with that being said, I, I love and, and I, I absolutely, I'm totally appreciative of the fact that we live in the state of healthcare that we have. I mean like to know that doctors are out there saving lives. Literally interventional cardiologists are saving lives. Even as we speak right now. You know, for people who have died of heart attacks couple hundred years ago, they're saving people's lives right now and so I love the fact that we have that sort of medical capability in our, in our society, but yes, a lot of these regular, you know, almost like, I don't want to call them run of the mill, but like typical complaints are typical issues that people will come up with and their lives to know that you can actually do something right then and there to actually start helping your body heal itself and helping your body on its, on its path to its own wellness. Yes, absolutely. I mean like this is something that I as a healthcare provider had been opened up to and my mind has been expanded to know that we can take those choices to have a healthier lifestyle every single day. Dr. Eric:                        47:18                It's a paradigm shift and that's one of the things I fell in love with you about frank, was that like, like we talked before, what is a doctor? A doctor really is a teacher. A doctor is someone who teaches you not to need them essentially. Like, look, I'm going to walk you through what you need to do and, and that has to be shifted and it's that relationship and folks, I would encourage you to find a medical provider who will support that will support you on your mission to really regaining your control. So they take their proper role, which is not prevention by the way their proper role is treatment, their proper role is emergency, their proper role is to be there when you absolutely need them to be in the guide, if you need a little bit of guidance here or there, but not to enable you for every single thing that come in and, and it ends up being raw run of the mill scripts for all these different things. Dr. Eric:                        48:10                So there are, there are more and more physicians right now and PA's and RNs and people who get this and it telling you it's like an underground movement. What's that? That new show? Amsterdam or something. If there's a new show right now, um, you know what I'm talking about? I saw, yeah, it's about this rogue medical director from this hospital who's like, we're going to get people well, and I don't care what it's going to be. I don't care what the insurance says, like I actually haven't seen the episode yet. I saw a commercial of it. I'm like, oh, this is awesome. You know this, this, and he fired people. Like on the commercials. It was, it was brilliant and he goes, everyone as part of the cardiac whatever wing, raise your hand and like you're fired. Like immediately and he goes, anyone that prescribes and perform surgeries in aren't necessary here are no longer welcome and this whole lane right? Dr. Eric:                        49:04                Five, six people, doctor's gone. And of course this is a fake story, but it's based on something true. So that's where we're at now. I mean this is mainstream like NBC TV now prime time, like this is the message folks. That TV is starting to propagate because I'm telling you, Hollywood isn't stupid. Hollywood and the big companies out there in the media companies supply what is demanded. That's all that they do and there is a demand for this type of information. There is a demand for this hope. There is a demand for people to see a hospital that does what's right for the sake of doing right, not for the sake of money and that's exactly what this show is about. And I was like, how cool, and again, I can't speak to the show at all. All I know is a commercial really moved me and what really moved me was the fact that we're starting to see more movies. Dr. Eric:                        49:57                We're starting to see more documentaries. We're starting to see again this TV show, we're starting to see big box stores embrace this stuff. It's like this is where we are at and something you'll appreciate, you know, as a marketer, frank, is that marketing third party marketing agencies, research institutions have predicted growth of exponential growth of the essential oil consumption industry through the mid 20 twenties. What does that mean? They ain't going away. Y'all like it's gonna get fever pitch in the next five, 10 years to the point where is global and at a place where. I hope that the demand will be there, that only the companies that sell real pure essential oils are going to survive and all the other companies just fall because that's going to be the demand and the consumer is gonna. Be so savvy, they're gonna be able to sniff out the fakes really quick, literally pun intended. You're going to sniff out the fakes really easy and it's going to put a social demand and hopefully there will be some sort of intervention that the fake will not even be allowed to be marketed in anymore. That'd be great. And not that I want any more regulation from big Gov or big Pharma, but it would be nice to know that these are not allowed on there. Frank:                           51:09                No, no, I, I, you know, there's only one piece. If I could hit the rewind button about 45 seconds that I wanted to make sure that I say another quick sound bit for you guys is that I was, uh, I was at a really great conference, a here where we live in the Asheville, North Carolina area and uh, and there was a statistic showing that said the amount, there was a, I think it was either medscape or maybe a pub pub, med article that said from however many folks. Unfortunately that number escapes me, but it said on a, on a simple survey how many people in America and they got a sample population of Americans to say that their primary care physicians should be the one that speaks to them about diet. Right? And we can talk about this. We can make it anything. It can make a diet. Frank:                           51:54                You can make it out to get better sleep. How to, how to, how to work out the appropriate way. Whatever you want to say. Eighty five percent of people said that that doctor should be a teacher. Now, how funny is this? At the same physicians than that, they actually interviewed and said, how many of you feel that you are adequately trained on actually providing that information to your patients? And the number was 15 percent. Yup. So guys, we need to have this patient centered concept with our healthcare providers. You know, there is a two way lane highway going on right now that their information, because they're very well trained, have wonderful experience, but we also need to be able to bring to the table. I've looked at this in terms of nutrition. I've looked at this in terms of essential oils, you know, think about this because, you know, I don't even think as a, as a certified physician assistant, I was not trained on any type of integrative healthcare. Frank:                           52:54                I had to learn this stuff out of my practice, you know? Or if I had to go into a practice where I was actually learning and talk to a lot of people. So no seriously, thank you for that because it's really true. I mean like, you need to make sure that you are very well versed and get with those individuals who are going to help you in this journey. And it really is a community effort. You know, it takes a, it takes, it takes a small village and it always takes a village. So would that be and said, why don't we, you know, once again, we'll, we'll kind of finish off where we started. Dr Z to close this thing out is I really want you to know that his book is absolutely available. Um, his website once again is Dr Eric And please go on there. Dr. Eric:                        53:35                I love is, I love the way that your blog is laid out. It's got really great topics on there. It has this wonderful section for Mama Z as well, uh, that has some different types of ways to use essential oils in your kitchen. You know, a lot of people, we didn't talk about that, but you can use your essential oils in the kitchen to help flavor and spice things and, and cook and everything like that. And uh, you know, his website is Dr Eric There's a link on there to take you directly to go get his book, the healing power of essential oils. But if you, uh, if you want to just go one step further and just get that book, go to Amazon, type in healing power of essential oils and you will be brought right to where you can purchase this book. And now it's in paperback. Is it not right? It's not just print, it's now in paperback, audio, paperback, everything, whatever way. Cause I'm an audio learner. So maybe I'll, uh, I'll have to get the audible version of your book as well. Who reads it? Do you have an audible version? Frank:                           54:32                Does it, you know, Dr. Eric:                        54:33                I wish. No. And the next one, um, that's a daunting task by the way. And I look forward to it. It's, you have to fall in love with your microphone for a couple days I would agonize over each word, but the next book, the essential oils diet, my wife and I are committed to reading and we're just going to have to just do it. And I love that, but no, no, it's some guy did npr stuff and we interviewed, I forget his name, but I should know his name, meet them. But yeah, just some guy with this really cool voice. I'm like, okay, we'll take him. But yeah, I'll have to send you one. Frank. I got punch at my house. But um, thank you man. I really appreciate it. Thank you. So I mean really just so much for being true to who you are. Again, I've only known you for a few years but you've been consistent and I appreciate that because um, you know, we live in a world of inconsistency and we live in a world where a lot of people just chase after the next shiny object and changing their message based after what's after popular and something that you and I resonate with. Speaker 3:                    55:32                We haven't really changed. I mean it's just we are who we are and, and you know, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. And however, maybe our messages might be tweaked because we learn and we're educating ourselves, but our core, Speaker 4:                    55:45                who we are, our mission, our values, the main purpose of what we do is not gonna change. And so I just thank you for that and for your stability and you know, for, for, for being, just, just tallied up your household in such a way because you're, you know, the Ritz households, a powerhouse man. And you guys were just fantastic. So you guys are lovely. While we appreciate the same for you and I echo everything for you guys. It's wonderful to see you all, um, you know, with all the different talks that you do and all the different products that you've been creating and then really just loving on each other, you know, thank you. You as well to you for being such a, uh, just an inspiring and shining light, you know, to how a family in one of the suburbs of good old Atlanta, Georgia can actually be such a beacon to the rest of the world. Speaker 4:                    56:29                So we really appreciate you guys as well. And I can't thank you enough. This has been such a great talk and, and I look forward to being able to work with you in the future, to just continue to build this community of like minded folks who are just looking for, you know, to take charge of their health and their wellbeing. That's awesome, man, brother. You're the best. Thank you everyone for tuning in and make it a great day. All right, I'll take care now. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast. We'll have to see you guys in here. You guys again on our next one. Take care now. Bye.  
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