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009: Your Endocannabinoid System: Roles of CBD and BCP (Copaiba)

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009: Your Endocannabinoid System: Roles of CBD and BCP (Copaiba)

Hey guys!  Today we talk about the endocannabinoid system and the role that THC, CBD, and beta carophyllene can play in the system! On today's show we discuss:

  • The endocannabinoid system
  • THC
  • CBD
  • BCP
  • Copaiba
  • Copaiba softgels
  • Unconventional Wellness
If you are interested in getting Copaiba - click here! Here are the show notes for today: Frank:                           00:10                What's going on everybody? It's frank from the Paleo Mama. Jackie is needy and taking pictures and getting this really amazing book that she has coming out very soon all completed. So she's super excited about that. But she does miss you guys and she does say hello. I'm here today to talk to you before the weekend on the endocannabinoid system and the role of thc and cbd and beta carophyllene within it. And so without further ado, this is essential oil healthcare radio and I am frank and I am so excited to talk to Frank:                           00:50                ceo about the endocannabinoid system today. So let's go ahead and start off with understanding what the endocannabinoid system even is. The endocannabinoid system has been studied since say the mid 15 or 2019 hundreds and the cloning of the different receptors, cb one and cb two has now been known for multiple decades now. And so the endocannabinoid system is when I was, you know, running when I was in the eighties and nineties. And then even when I joined the military and the two thousands, I was always wondering like, you know, what causes that runner's high? If you're a runner of any sort or if you workout frequently, you know you love to try to hit that point where you have that high feeling. You know what I mean? Like your joints are soothed, discomfort goes away, the breathing becomes easier and so I want to offer to you that that is actually an activation of your endocannabinoid system. Frank:                           01:54                And so when we look at the endocannabinoid system, we want to look at two specific receptors and how do the different Fido cannabinoids play in the inside of that system? Okay? CB One or bait are, excuse me, cannabinoid one receptors are the ones that are mainly found in the brain and now, yes, they are in the other, you know, peripheral tissues if you will, but they're mainly going to be inside of the brain. CB Two receptors are the ones that are going to be in the peripheral system. So those are the vital vital organs and the skin. And so when you get this runner's high, it's an activation of that endocannabinoid system. And I would offer to you that, you know, the cannabinoid, the end of the cannabinoid two receptor is the one that's going to give you all of those wonderful physical effects of that runner's high. And so now it comes to where do we look at the cannabinoid system in reference to the different beta carophyllene, and then how do they play into that? Frank:                           03:03                Well, we want to first look at how we can look, uh, with, with uh, adamanda, which is a endo cannabinoid, a trip neuro transmitter, if you will, that actually has the cannabinoid receptor response. Okay. So we want to look specifically though at how do we get away from the CB one receptors and actually look at more of the CB two receptor, uh, you know, ways of being able to have those expression. So when we look at cb one, the main phytocannabinoid is something called Tetra Hydro, Cannibal, cannabinol or t HCI. Now with Tetrahydrocannabinol, that is the illegal version of marijuana. That's the psychoactive version of marijuana or the psychoactive component found in marijuana. And so that's, of course we're talking to legal here, right? But when we look at the CB two receptors, we have a couple of different Fido cannabinoids that can actually activate those, the primary one being a cannabidiol or cbd. Frank:                           04:20                And then we can also look at Beta Rovelyn, which according to Doterra is classified as a cannabinoid a, it actually looks at, uh, you know, being able to really harness the power of the expression of something called cytokines. Cytokines are these, uh, you know, their, their responses to a, when the cell gets some sort of damage, it may release cytokines which signals the white blood cells inside of our immune system to respond and then come to that area. So cytokines are released. There's so many different types of cytokines that are released. If you know, if there's a break in the skin or if somebody has longstanding issues with their need, cytokines are going to be present. And then that activates the immune system. When the immune system gets activated, it will in turn end up with having a type of inflammation. And so therefore I would offer to you that if you had the more cytokines, then you're going to have more inflammation. Frank:                           05:29                And so, uh, you know, being able to look at, excuse me, tetrahydrocannabinol, that actually will activate both cb one and CB two receptors, but once again, we want to ensure that we stay away from thc, do the legality of it. So what do we need to do to be able to get the benefit of a phyto cannabinoids or cannabinoid endocannabinoid and actually be able to do something that is of course legal. Well, you want to now look at the CB two receptor activation only because we don't mind to have cb one activation. We don't care for it, uh, because you know, when we, when we look at something like that, we're mainly looking at thc and we're going to get that psychoactive high. So instead, let's look at the CB two. Well, the good news about CB two is that there is a way that we can activate the CB two receptors, get the healthy inflammatory response that we're looking for and be able to actually reap the benefit of the endocannabinoid system. Frank:                           06:33                And so there's two different things that we need to look at. Two different compounds. We have CBD or Cannabidiol. And then we also have BCP or Beta carophyllene. All right. So the good news about CB2 reception with CBD CBD is being synthesized in a way to where it should have low levels of thc right now. Uh, this is the, you know, the agricultural, a brain of me talking, uh, as of right now, there were supposed to be a change to the farm bill. The farm bill is a bill that is a signed and passed by Congress and then the president every four years. The last one that we had was in 2014. Well, we were due again this year at the end of September to have another farm bill passed. And so unfortunately that time has came and it's gone. And now congress, both the Senate and the House of Representatives have not actually passed a farm bill. Frank:                           07:37                So right now there is this a kind of gray area, if you will, with the market for hemp. Hemp is the CBD market. And so right now you'll see that cbd is growing in popularity. More and more people are considering the use of CBD. But the downside is, is that we don't quite know the legality of it because it is an unregulated market and somebody could be making a cbd oil or cbd product that may in fact have too much thc. And so therefore, if you have to take a drug test or something like that, you may in fact have the, uh, the, the, the metabolic breakdown portion of thc inside of your cbd oil and therefore you would fail your drug test. So what can we do to have cb two receptors, the endocannabinoid activation that we want, but be able to use a product confidently that we know is now going to contain any levels of thc. Frank:                           08:42                Well, that's where we come into talking about beta carophyllene. Okay. It is actually a SS quitter pain. It is found in many different essential oils that you will find out. They're, uh, especially even in Doterra, but you will definitely find it in Copa Iba. Essential oil go by Iba, spelled CEO Pai be a. and it actually has the highest level of Beta Rovelyn have any oil. It clocks in at about 55 percent up to 60 percent when you use gas chromatography, mass spectrometry analysis of Doterra's, Copa Iba, essential oil. So when we look at the, or excuse me, let me back up one step and talk about gcms or what I just said. The gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, what that pretty much is the way that I like to look at it is that is a fingerprint like it's a fingerprint machine. It is going to analyze the sample of oil to determine what are all the constituents inside of it based on what we know to be true, pure, actual cope. Frank:                           09:52                I Iba oil, we can. We can then take that and match it against the Copa Iba oil that doterra makes and we can actually analyze that and determine is it in fact a very similar fingerprint and so being able to actually do that, it will in fact be able to let us know that we're dealing with the pure oil. So there is plenty of evidence that is actually pointing to the therapeutic benefit of Beta [inaudible], you know, but like cbd and hemp oil there is little when it comes to human clinical trials. So, you know, there's a lot of empirical data out there, a lot of folks had been starting to use cope by Iba, uh, both topically in a diffuser and even actually oral use as well. And there has been really good results and a lot of anecdotal data from a lot of folks who have been using it that the Beta carophyllene in the Copaiba in fact actually really helps them. Frank:                           10:49                And so, um, I would offer to you that, you know, less is more when it comes to essential oil. So you know, if you want to utilize Beta raffle and for yourself, I mean I do, I like to use one to two drops of the Copa Iba every single day and it actually can provide a noticeable result. Now I've actually started taking it one step further and I have a really wonderful compliment oil that I've started to use which is pink pepper. Pink pepper is actually this essential oil that really complements the abilities of Copa Iba and then another essential oil frankincense, which of course you may know of, and the three of those I use absolutely daily. Okay. I think that is actually very, very useful when I want to stimulate the CB two receptors because I'm a person that I've got some military things going on that I had my little bag of tricks that the military gave me when I was leaving. Frank:                           11:52                And I love do. I'd love to know that I'm using plant based therapy in order to be able to take care of these, you know, issues if you will, that I have in order to be able to actually, um, keep myself knowing that I am staying as healthy as I possibly can utilizing plant based therapy. And so we really want to urge you on doing the research and looking at the Endo cannabinoid system. Okay? I tell you what, there is actually so many folks right now. We know we have $600, or excuse me, $6 million, almost 7 million wellness advocates and a lot of folks have actually utilized a Copa Iba and so it is actually really, really fantastic to consider. Okay. And so that's sort of the down and dirty guys about the endocannabinoid system. And then the different effects of thc cbd, excuse me, and Beta corral Falun, uh, if, if you don't have coped by Eva Right now, you can actually get it as well from different types of essential oils that, uh, that Doterra does. Frank:                           12:59                In fact offer is black pepper, clove, Melissa, and even a rosemary. Okay. It is actually really, really a great way of having good physical health, uh, in even good mental health, uh, is to consider actually utilizing one of these CB two receptor antagonists are, excuse me, agonist is really what it's called without having the potential psychoactive side effects. And you really want to look into utilizing a Copa Iba as well. It also is really great at supporting osteoblast function, which that actually at the osteoblasts are responsible. The little cells that are responsible for going around and with the creation of bone. And so I urge you to look into a Beta Evelyn, and I urge you to consider adding Copa Iba to your regiment, uh, in order to be able to have the best health possible. Here's something that's actually really cool that doterra just came out with a doterra now in fact has by Iba soft gels. Frank:                           14:09                So these make it even easier to take the Copa, Eba it as one or two drops of the coat by a bar already in it. And the cool thing about it is that unlike some of the other supplements that currently has, which they are moving toward getting this, getting this compound removed, but the Copa Iba soft gels are actually Carrageenan free. Um, although the carriage gene and that the terror in fact uses is a very, uh, it's a plant based carriage gene. And so, um, you know, there's a lot of data out there suggesting that Carrageenan can be very bad for your health. But, uh, you know, the gentleman who is the chief medical officer of Doterra said, I am not going to fight the battle. And so he started with Copa, be encouraging and free, and now Copa Eva soft gels, or excuse me, other soft gels that are offered by Doterra will in fact be of Jean and free in the future. So I urge you, do your research, look at it. Consider Beta Karratha in as a part of your repertoire, a for your wonderful health, uh, the let us know by going to If you have any questions, our emails are on that website and let us know what your successes are, what your questions are. And we, we just guarantee, all right, I don't normally make a guarantee, but I guarantee your happiness, uh, if you actually consider using a copa, Iba or other Beta Karratha link containing essential oils, uh, in, into, into your health. Frank:                           15:47                Alright guys, I wanted to just go ahead and close this podcast out really quick with letting you know some exciting updates. I have been working very diligently on another podcast called unconventional wellness radio, so I would hope that you guys can go check that out please. I am coming up with a program that I think is going to be a just game changing and it's going to be in the first quarter of 2019. We're going to look at all aspects of health and how you can become the person that you've always wanted to be because education is key and the key is to your success and so I urge you, please go check us out. We're bringing on some really great speakers. We've got Dr Eric Zielinski, who is the author of a, you know, the, the is huge, like wildly popular essential oil book that I want. I'm going to love to talk to him are actually love to talk to him on my podcast with a and so I please urge you to check that out as well. So. All right, well I love you guys and I cannot wait to continue to bring this wonderful material and thank you so much for joining us on essential oil healthcare radio. Thanks so much. Have a great weekend everybody.  
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