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Essential Oil Healthcare is a podcast that is hosted by Frank and Jackie Ritz of The Paleo Mama website. Frank and Jackie share essential oil education and tips for creating a natural life utilizing plant-based medicine. Episodes are jam-packed with DIY remedies, how-to tips on incorporating essential oils into your healthcare routine, and in-depth chats on specific essential oils.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. 027: 4 Ways to UPLEVEL your HEALTH

    Hey everybody! We just flew back from doTERRA Leadership East in Atlanta, and boy are my arms tired! Sorry - had to! But, for real - what an experience! Additionally, I had the opportunity to speak at the event - here is ...


  2. 026: How to Safely Use Essential Oils

    Hey Everyone!! New podcast up for you all today! We always need to have the conversation about safely using essential oils. This serves as a great reminder that we have these powerful and therapeutic tools at our fingertips, so using them safely is key! ...


  3. 025: Risks of Using Essential Oils

    Hey y'all! Today we dive into why you should not understand the risks of using essential oils. Listen carefully, because we believe that you need to make sure that you understand these things COULD really happen to you if you use essential oils! ...


  4. 024: How to Declutter Your Life (not your oils)!

    Hey everyone, fun fresh podcast today! Jackie opens up about tidying up your life - so you can find joy! Want my free ebook on 100 Ways to Use Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint ...


  5. 023: Rev-up Your Sex Drive Naturally! Valentine's Day

    Hey everyone! This is a fun and hip podcast today about essential oils in the bedroom! Since you couples are about to share a holiday together - we figured we would bring some content to support! :) On today's podcast we discuss: ...