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S3E4: Why we NEED a tribe (the 4 Love Types)

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On today's podcast we discuss:

  • The 4 Love Types
  • Updates to Unconventional Wellness
  • Graduates of the 1st rotation of Unconventional Wellness
  • The BIG giveaway!


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Frank: (00:00)
Welcome to unconventional wellness. I am Frank, I am your host. On today's episode we are going to discuss why do we need love. Love conquers all. All you need is love, but really why do you actually need love? So stay tuned. We're going to talk about that. We have some updates to unconventional wellness and a really special giveaway that you want to make sure that you get the details for because of all of your love and support. I want to pay it back as well. So stay tuned. Episode four coming up. We'll talk to you guys very soon. 

Frank: (00:34)
what's up wellness warriors. You have found yourself on unconventional wellness radio and I am your host, Frank Ritz. I'm a physician assistant with 10 years of experience in both medicine as well as alternative therapies to help you get the holistic healthcare that you've always wanted. You know, over the past 10 years I've had the opportunity to learn what I now deem as the five pillars of unconventional wellness and they are nutrition movement, getting better sleep, reducing your stress and anxiety and being able to remove toxins from your living environment. And through these five pillars, I myself have been able to be a product of the product and I want to share with you both my personal testimony and the research that is starting to come out regarding a lot of these things that we look at in preventative medicine. So hear from experts and all the individuals that I've had the pleasure of working with throughout the years in unconventional wellness. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 

Frank: (01:48)
Hey, what's going on on conventional wellness? I am trying to do the live like I normally do on my page and I'm gonna tell you right now, I don't know what's going on with Facebook on my computer, but it is not going to hold me back and I am going to still talk to you guys here on live today. I know that it's been a little while since I've had an opportunity to, and I'm sorry for that. Um, but a couple of weeks ago on January 26th, I got the message that, uh, I had another buddy, another veteran buddy, become a part of the 22. So we've, uh, unfortunately suffered another casualty from the invisible wounds of war. And, and we'll talk a little bit more about my buddy and a couple of moments, but it brings me to the camp conversation of today. Um, so we'll talk about that a little bit more. 

Frank: (02:37)
But, uh, what I wanted to do was to come on here and give you guys some updates and uh, and talk to you about a couple of different things. And then of course, make good on a promise. Yes. And actually have my giveaway. So, uh, we have the hit, like, I mean, we, we've hit like 50 more likes since, but I said, once we get the 500 likes, I was going to do a giveaway. Well, here's, here's what we have to do. We're going to do a giveaway. Uh, we're now, uh, almost at like 550 likes or over 550 likes or something like that. And so first of all, thank you. Um, I'm also super excited before I tell you what the details of the giveaway are. I'm super excited because my first, uh, group of folks have gone through my unconventional wellness program. And actually my, uh, the results have been fantastic. 

Frank: (03:22)
Um, everybody is saying that you're doing really well. I'm so sorry that my little pug is barking his face off. Hey, Cedric, please. Um, I'm going to go ahead and simultaneously upload this by the way as a podcast. So if you're listening to us on a podcast, welcome. I'm sorry, it's been two weeks since we've last had an opportunity to bring you some content, but I am here and uh, and we're back. Okay. Um, but anyway, the details of the program are really great and I'm going to bring some updates and uh, and, and I have a bigger mission now. And so, um, it involves all of you and I want to make sure that we actually bring a fantastic pro, uh, product out and really help people feel, um, the, the wellness and the healing that they possibly can. And so anyway, um, graduated our first class. 

Frank: (04:13)
Congratulations to you guys. Um, thank you so much for joining me on this crazy journey. And, uh, what we're gonna do is we're going to talk about, uh, really the way ahead for unconventional Walnut. So I'm gonna just start off with that. So, and then we'll talk about how to enter the giveaway because I know that you're here for that too. Uh, but, uh, the details of the program are that, you know, it's based off of five pillars and I've had the special privilege to talk to the, to the U S veterans chamber of commerce and they are very interested in getting my program to veterans for free. And so over the course of the next five, I don't know, maybe 10 days, I'm going to be recording information and putting together a mini class. And so for those of you that have maybe checked out the program in the past, when I had the launch open, um, for just that short period of time, um, I am going to now be releasing a mini course in which if you are a veteran, I'm going to give you that mini course for free. 

Frank: (05:12)
It's going to talk about my same five pillars. It's going to talk about nutrition. Hey Angie, how are you? It's good to talk about nutrition. It's going to talk about movement, a, how to get better sleep, how to detoxify, and then also how to combat stress and anxiety, which is like a lot more important than we really give her credit to be because that could be the true thing that is holding a lot of us back from, uh, really wanting to do some positive change in our lives. And so anyway, I'm going to be releasing this, uh, in the next couple of weeks to, uh, especially veterans for furry. Um, I'll be releasing it shortly to everybody else too, of course. Um, but, uh, but I want to make sure that you tag your friends or share this with your, uh, veteran friends to let them know that I'm going to be offering this course to them for free. 

Frank: (05:58)
Um, so it'll be like, I don't know, probably Oh hour, hour and a half worth of content that they'll totally have for themselves. And so that's one of the first big updates and we're planning on rolling that out across the nation, um, to make that, uh, available to all of our, uh, veteran brothers and sisters. And I appreciate your service. I really truly do. Uh, the next thing is, is like, you know, let's talk about giveaways, right? So I did say a 500 likes that we would do a giveaway. Well, uh, some things have happened and I haven't been able to do that. And so, um, it's time for our giveaway. Now our giveaway is going to be this, I am going to give away a full version of the top tier of my program. It's like $2,500 in value. I'm also going to be giving you a couple of books and then I am writing a book on hemp and CBD and all the protocols and all the things that it can do for you. 

Frank: (06:53)
I'm going to be writing in that book and it's going to be published this year. And so I want to give you a copy in the rights to that book as well. And so, um, I will be giving all of that together and I will be doing my giveaway probably by the end of the month. So how do you enter, well, I need to know that you have watched this and I need to know that you have shared this particular video. I need to have a rating and review written by you either on our Facebook page or podcast or both because that'll get you a double entry and uh, make sure that you are sharing like I said and uh, an email me at Frank at Ritz essentials to let me know that you have entered. The reason why is because it is a massive giveaway, lots of value and a, and I'm super excited for whoever is able to win that. 

Frank: (07:38)
So make sure you like share whatever, send it to a friend, let them know about it as well because it's super important that we do that. Um, so that's the giveaway. And so I, I, I'm kind of stalling here cause I don't really want to get into our talk for today, but, um, let's just say that this one absolutely hits home and it really does physically hit home is that our twenties on the 26th of January I lost my friend. Um, I lost him to, to, to, to suicide. And um, this one was special. Um, he was becoming a really good friend of mine. He was becoming a very good, um, a very good brother. I, I've had the opportunity to meet him about three years ago. He moved into my local area, started this beautiful, what is now beautiful wellness center. Um, blood, sweat and tears. 

Frank: (08:27)
Fantastic with his hands, built cabins, built decks. I mean, just gorgeous and has been doing that now for the past couple of years. Uh, both he and his wife and, uh, all of a sudden just, I don't know, proud of the bullet of just like this sort of thing affects any one of us. Um, so it came to the invisible wounds of war and, uh, and unfortunately committed suicide. So, um, I want to urge you that it's extraordinarily important that especially this day and age, I want to hit you with the statistic. And this is a, this is a statistic that you know, is only here for America by the way, for those of you that are listening, uh, and the over 200 countries on this planet, I think like half of the countries, at least one person has listened to these podcasts that I've been doing, which is pretty incredible and pretty awesome. 

Frank: (09:19)
So hello to our international brothers and sisters. Um, thank you so much for listening to, uh, unconventional wellness with us. But, um, I, I it hits home when this new study that just pinged into my phone about a week or two ago said that, uh, two out of every three Americans are now reporting, uh, being extraordinarily lonely. Two out of three guys that is 66%, or if you have three people in the room with you or if you have three people in your family, that's, that's one out of three in your family that's reporting loneliness. And so it's an epidemic. It is probably the epidemic that is the most critically, critically like detrimental to our generations that are alive right now. Um, it is a staggering statistic and it probably will only continue to get worse unless we specifically do. There's something about that. And so the thing that conquers all is summated in one word and that one word is love. 

Frank: (10:21)
That is the thing that overcomes anything. My buddy left a legacy of love. Um, everybody who knew him, I, everybody had the pleasure of meeting him, was definitely one that would say that he loved a lot. Um, he was the type of guy, big smile, big braids where like, you know, like one of those like movie star smiles could walk into a, could walk into a room and warm it up immediately. By the way, I'm gonna let my little buggy say hi, here's my little buddy. So I'm gonna let him say hi for just a second. But, uh, but anyway, uh, he was, he had a legacy of love. Okay. And so, uh, I want to dedicate this podcast to him because of, of that love. And I really, you know, I talked about the international brothers and sisters that we have because I really love the Greek language. Um, it is so much more, will you stop Cedric, et cetera. 

Frank: (11:17)
So, uh, the, the Greek language does a much better job of capturing all the different forms of love, uh, rather than just our English word love. Now our English word love is really just one particular word, right? It's just love. But it really does have a bunch of different connotations. Like for example, I really love bacon. I'm sorry if you're a vegan and you're watching this, but I love bacon. Um, and I also love my wife, right? So I really, really love bacon. I really, really love my wife, but obviously within the context of those two sentences, my love is an entirely different thing, although I really do love bacon a lot. Sorry honey. I just, I know you love bacon too, but uh, but that connotation has only grown from context. What was beautiful about the Greek language is that there's at least four different types of love. 

Frank: (12:11)
Some say seven, some say eight, but there's four specific types of love that are really prominent and very important in each, each one of our lives. And I'd like to go over those with you if I could. So the first one that we're going to start off with is Felita lover, P, H, I, L, I a or filet O. You'll actually see that as well. Uh, it's a different, just a different ending to it, but for Layo love is a brotherly love. All right. Think of the city of Philadelphia. It's perfectly Nang. Philadelphia is the city of brotherly love. Shout out to my folks in Philly, but Philadelphia, the word means the city of brotherly love. So for Layo is that, it's that bond that we share with one another. It's the communal tribal friendships that we have with one another. The next type of love that I want to talk to you about is store gay love or stores love, but you can pronounce it I guess either way, but it's story gay and story. 

Frank: (13:10)
Gay love is a little bit different story. Gay love is something that is a little bit more of a fondness. Um, it's a familiarity type of love. It's a love that you see in families, right? It's a love between a parent and their children. It's a love between you and your parents. Um, this type of love is because of a like, like, like an actual bond that is above those types of causal relationships, if that makes sense. It's a, it's almost like a, a, some, some would describe it as like a, uh, uh, forced love in terms of like you're forced into their relationship and you have absolutely no control over who your brothers and sisters are or over who your parents are. Right. So, um, I don't mean it like a forced relationship, like you have to have it right, but it's a relationship in which we have no control. 

Frank: (14:05)
And so story gay love is totally a love of family. Okay. Um, the next type of love that I want to talk to you about is what is called Eros love. E R O. S. now eeros. Um, I love the roots of words and stuff like that, but I really want to look at Eros love more so than eeros as the, as the root because that means love as well. Um, it also has a couple of really negative connotations. Of course they were not going to talk about, but it is a type of love that has considered romantic. It is a romantic love. It is the love that two people share, you know, when they are in love or it's the feeling of being in love or the feeling of desiring another person that is Eero, Slav. So like take like the most Gushi like, you know, um, romantic movie ever, right? 

Frank: (14:56)
And multiply times a billion. This is the type of love that I pray that every person on planet earth can experience at least once and once in their lifetime because it is an amazing type of love. It is the type of love that you know, it's not gonna ever end. Um, because it is the type of love that that two people can take with each other until the moment that they both die and so it's a romantic love. Okay. Then the last type of love is actually known as a God Bay love. Now God Bay love is also known as godlike love or the love of God and the God by love is an unconditional love. It is absolutely the type of love that is described in first Corinthians chapter 13, which is traditionally known as the love chapter. The reason why a Gopal love is one of the is, is the greatest type of love is because it doesn't matter the object who is receiving the love. 

Frank: (15:54)
It matters from the subject of which the love is coming from. And so if I am showing you a GAAP, a love, I don't care where you come from, I don't care how you act, I don't care what your opinions are. I don't care at all about any of those things. To me, those are superficial. I love you because you're another human being. I love you because it is something that comes from me. It is a choice that I make to love unconditionally. This is the law. Excuse me. This is the type of love that conquers all. This is the type of love that just all the other emotions, every single one of them can be trumped by love, right by this type of love, which is a copy of love. This is the love that supersedes all. This is the love that, uh, that we should have for one another. 

Frank: (16:49)
This is the love that the humankind should have for humankind. And this is the type of love that is necessary in tribes. Um, when it comes to bringing new people in, regardless of where they're coming from, regardless of what they stand for. It's the type of love that brings him in and says, I love you because of the fact that I want to love you and because of the fact that you deserve to be loved. So this is what is critical in our society and what's critical in our communities is that we start showing this type of love to one another more so than what we're doing. Um, you know, I, I, I'm extraordinarily, uh, happy that I have the medium of what I'm using right now to be able to reach you. I mean, of course, but the fact that the matter is, is that we need to create these physical relationships. 

Frank: (17:35)
And so I charge you and give you a, a, an action step, uh, to take from this, which is call at least one person this week or touch base with one person this week and ask them how they are truly feeling like it beyond get beyond the, Oh, I'm okay. Um, you know, things are fine. I've just been really busy. Don't believe any of that because her wife's a really fantastic message, uh, between Steven Furtick. And I do believe that the, the middle or the, the, the, the end of the name of the Bishop that wrote this book, I think his name is digs and he wrote a book called crushing. And that's the thing is that with these relationships that we had these very impractical and in shallow relationships that we see across our society, we're really not determining how that person is actually feeling. Um, deep down in something truly could be crushing them. 

Frank: (18:31)
And so, uh, uh, this book is one that I'm going to go get my hands on because it is something that we all need to be aware of is that on the, on the face, on the mask, the way that somebody presents themselves, we may not necessarily know what's truly going on in their life. And so I urge you as somebody get past that facade, get past that mask and ask people how they're actually doing. Don't, don't accept these, these, these typical kind of canned responses of I'm fine, things are really busy. I'm good. Right? Like, like look at him and go, no, how are you really feeling? And, and, and let them open up. Let them know that anything that they're going to tell you, if they do tell you when they do open up, um, there's a lot of healing in that. But let them know of course, that it's not going to go anywhere. 

Frank: (19:20)
There's just going to stay between the two of you guys because we're all about personas these days. Unfortunately, like we all put up these facades. And so I just really want to urge you to do that because you never know when, when something drastic may happen to a person's life just because they needed a friend just cause they needed somebody to ask them how they're doing. And so I offer you the same. If you need somebody to reach out to reach out to me. Um, just send me a message. If you're watching this on, um, on, on Facebook live, or if you're catching this on a podcast, email meFrank@ritzycentrals.com and let me know what's up. You know what I mean? If you just need somebody to just start talking to, uh, to get connected with somebody, um, I'd love to talk to you. So, um, I, I wanted to leave you with a hope and a promise, which is found in, uh, one of my favorite passages in scripture. 

Frank: (20:12)
It's out of the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah was this prophet amongst a bunch of other profits that you can see in the old Testament. I'm so sorry that my dog is ridiculous right now. Um, but, uh, amongst other profits that you can read in the old Testament, but Jeremiah is a, somebody who, uh, wrote this beautiful passage, Jeremiah chapter 29, verse 11. And it says, for, uh, no, the plans that I have for you says the Lord of declares the Lord plans to, uh, to give you a prosper, to prosper you, to not harm you. But the biggest part of this is the fact that he wants to give you a hope and a future. And so I want you to be that hope and that future for somebody else today. Um, you know, ask them, give me just one second. He, he needs some special love for themselves. 

Frank: (21:06)
Sounds like you need some love. Okay. All right. We'll give you some love really quick. Okay. You Christmas. Wow. Oh, you jumped on big too fast. All right. It all of a sudden became a comedy show. I literally did not play that. But anyway, I want you to love on somebody today, love on somebody this week and absolutely make sure, please that we share that hope and that future with somebody. Okay. Um, for those of you that watched that, I promise this isn't a comedy routine. Um, I am glad though that we can share and laughs. I hope I made you laugh because usually the most spontaneous things are always the best. But be the hope, be the future for summer to this week. Reach out as people are doing and contact me if you need somebody. Okay. You really, really need to contact me. If you need somebody, I'm here for yourself. Until then, I will be coming to you every Monday. Please make sure that you enter my giveaway and a, an absolutely, uh, love on somebody this week. Share this video because that was absolutely awesome. You can't plan that. Okay? That is truly life happening, which is really, really funny. So until then, I'm Frank. This is unconventional wellness. Thank you so much for all your support and, uh, and I've got something special coming for you next week. Um, so make sure that you stay tuned. All right, y'all take care. Now. Have a wonderful day.

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