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S3:E1 - New Year, (Re)New You! Season 3 Launch!

Unconventional Wellness Radio
S3:E1 - New Year, (Re)New You! Season 3 Launch!

Hey Wellness Warriors!

WELCOME to Season 3! Happy New Year!

In today's episode we will kick off this season with a review of YOU! What are your resolutions? Health goals?

We discuss the most popular trends in health and wellness and also the Five Pillars of Uncoventional Wellness:

  • Nutrition;
  • Movement (don't like the word "exercise");
  • Getting Better Sleep;
  • Combatting Stress/Anxiety;
  • Removing Toxins from your Life

I look forward to what this season brings!

Here are the shownotes:

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what's up y'all? Welcome to season three of unconventional wellness radio. I am Frank. I am a physician assistant and your host on this journey of unconventional wellness, right? I talk to you about my five pillars that have brought me the type of holistic health care that I've always wanted. I talked to you about diet plans. I talked to you about nutrition. I talked to you about how to get better sleep, how to remove those toxins in your life, including the social ones, and I talked to you about how to combat stress and anxiety and so much more over my 10 years of experience as a physician assistant and as a person who really enjoys preventative health. I have spoke with so many different bodywork experts and different individuals who have been able to provide holistic and actual alternative medicine for others and it's been such an incredible journey and so I just cannot wait until what season three brings for us. Stay tuned. The first episode is coming very soon. 

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what's up? Wellness warriors. You have found yourself on unconventional wellness radio and I am your host. Frank Ritz. I'm a physician assistant with 10 years of experience in both medicine as well as alternative therapies to help you get the holistic healthcare that you've always wanted. You know, over the past 10 years I've had the opportunity to learn what I now deem as the five pillars of unconventional wellness and they are nutrition movement, getting better sleep, reducing your stress and anxiety and being able to remove toxins from your living environment. And through these five pillars, I myself have been able to be a product of the product and I want to share with you both my personal testimony and the research that is starting to come out regarding a lot of these things that we look at in preventative medicine. So hear from experts and all the individuals that I've had the pleasure of working with throughout the years in unconventional wellness. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. 

Frank: (02:18)
Hey, welcome and happy new year is 2020 I mean, are you kidding me? What happened in 2019 by the way? Is that not crazy? Well, just like I said, we're onto a new season of our podcast as well as bringing you this Facebook live for another simulcast because it is all about being able to refresh. Uh, I don't like the word reboot. I think that rebooting is, is not the right terminology because it's like this whole concept of what I titled, this is new year, new year, so I don't really, I don't really want it to be a new you per se, because that means that you're losing the identity of your old you, right? Like if you're new, then I really don't see the fact of calling it that because then you're losing, like I said, you're losing your identity. And so I wanted to talk about more of like a renewing of you rather than it being a new you, if that makes sense. 

Frank: (03:24)
It's just that it's more so I love to, to, to look at people's, uh, methods of these fancy cliches and stuff like that that they come up with. And quite honestly, I'm just, I'm, I'm over it. And, uh, and I just wanted to be real with you and let you know that you are absolutely, exactly the way that you're supposed to be. And that it's all about progress. It's not about perfection and it's not about, um, all of these feel good things and that honestly, it's about making the right choices and doing the right things in order to help you. So that's why I want to talk about, I want to talk about some different topics during this conversation today. And, uh, and, and yeah, let's just, let's just jump right in. Okay. So first and foremost is that, um, I like to, at the end of the year, I love to get on here and talk about the trends that we see throughout the health industry and stuff like that. 

Frank: (04:22)
And, uh, and if you were like, probably under a rock, you didn't realize that there is some movement happening in diet plans in a very good way and a more clean way of eating, if that makes sense. So, uh, you know, there's different diet plans that we'd like to follow. Um, some of them even have their own little realm of how they break these diet plans down and they can even be like two or three different subtypes. Right? But the fact of the matter is, is that the end of the day, our genetics have really been the same for thousands of years. And so when it comes to eating, what we want to do is we want to make sure that we get as close to natural as we possibly can. We want to eat organic food, we want to eat food that is not grown in a greenhouse using a bunch of different chemicals in order to get it to look the prettiest, right? 

Frank: (05:16)
We want to make sure that we're eating lots and lots of plants. You know, when it comes to eating the rainbow, that really is important. And so when whatever diet plan you decide that you want to follow, the fact is, is that there are still foundational things that will dictate if it's a good healthy diet plan or not. You know, even just in particular, if I think about the number one one, excuse me, like top three diets that were looked at. Um, actually even the top, like it just expanded out to the top 10 diets that were looked at. They're all based on clean eating, right? So there's a plant based diet, there is the Dubrow diet, there is the key to genic diet. There is intermittent fasting, the Mediterranean diet. These are all still diets that still show that they are the top trending diets even in 2019 where do they rank is irrelevant in terms of what their foundational principles are. 

Frank: (06:17)
And so what we are failing to do with our diets is we're not looking at the particular types of quality food that we're getting, right? So like people, by and far the number one reason why people want to start a diet plan is because they want to lose weight. And so these diets that are out there, they can tell decent weight loss. I mean intermittent fasting. For example, if you look at intermittent fasting, you're going to lose weight because you are looking at being able to decrease your diet, caloric intake. Okay. And by doing so it really will help you lose weight. But there a lot more science involved, uh, to that. Okay. There is being able to look at the overall aspects of what that diet brings in the new renewing change that brings in you. So like I said, if we're eating processed foods or for eating foods that are quick, if we're eating foods that can stay preserved for a long time sitting on a shelf, then you know, we're really not doing the best for ourselves that we possibly can. 

Frank: (07:20)
Okay. And so we want to renew our sense of how we eat and then more so about how we eat. I am starting to become a big proponent and also when we eat is just as important. Okay. So just for example, most diets in America, most people who eat in America eat actually most of the time that they're awake. And with the business of our schedules, we can be upwards of 14 and 16 hours a week per day awake. Okay. So wait 14 to 16 hours per day. So when we look at that with this concept of grazing or eating, that is a lot of calories that we're consuming throughout the day. I mean, we're looking at eating for a 1416 hour window. That's a lot of calories. That's a lot of food energy that we're putting into our bodies that our body has to be able to say, okay, what do you want me to do with all of this? 

Frank: (08:15)
Okay. In addition to if we're putting a bunch of chemicals and preservatives and nonorganic styles of food into our body, our body only knows one thing. I'm going to turn that into fat because I don't recognize how to process that food in order to be able to actually do anything with it. Okay. So that by and far is the foundation of good health is we want to eat as many kinds of foods as we can. We want to have as many plants as we possibly can and we want to be able to eat in a particular window of when we are supposed to eat. Okay. So that by and far will relate to why the top diets of 2019 are the top diets of 2019, uh, top on the list, intermittent fasting, lots of, lots of people. Google, intermittent fasting. I absolutely am a proponent of intermittent fasting and I would love to help you out with your intermittent fasting journey as well. 

Frank: (09:06)
So give me a comment if you're actually interested in intermittent fasting just in terms of information. Matter of fact, let me know by either giving me a thumbs up or saying yes in the comments as well. If you would like me to do a webinar on intermittent fasting and I will dive deep into intermittent fasting in and really talk about it, uh, at great length because it has been revolutionary for, uh, my diet or my, my needs in particular because, um, of course, you know, losing weight is a massive benefit. But the real big thing is, is like all of the other symptoms that I have are a lot of the other chronic things I've got going on in my life had been touched by intermittent fasting in a very positive way. So, um, I would love to let me know by putting in the comments yes. 

Frank: (09:49)
That you would be totally hip for a webinar. I would love to lead a webinar and intermittent fasting alone. There's a couple of different ways that people intermittent fast. Then we could talk about there's a 16 eight method and a five two method and the way that you're going to be able to get, uh, the, the understanding about that is also make sure that you let me know if you want to do a webinar. So very, very good diet plan that has actually been backed by research. Really love it. So ketogenic paleo is still up there. Ketogenic more so than paleo reason why is because the ketogenic diet is sort of like paleo plus. Um, so with paleo there are certain types of uh, grains that you can actually eat, um, that are considered Oh K. um, but with, uh, and when I say grains, I'm talking about like what paleo diet grains. 

Frank: (10:33)
We're talking like super, you know, non lagoon type grains. Um, you know, most of the time you want to stay away from those fans. But there are certain sugars also allowed in the paleo diet that are absolutely, um, not, not really, you know, the nuances of it are very close, but quite honestly, Quito is a step in the direction of eating more fats. It's a high fat diet where you're literally cutting as many carbs as you possibly can to put your body into a state of ketosis in order to burn the existing fat. So you go from a sugar burner to a fat burner and that's exactly what you want to portray. When it comes to that sort of a diet. So Quito still remains very good and then people are getting kind of lazy or a non strict with their KIDO and so they don't track their macros or anything like that and they believe that eating processed non starchy food, it's actually going to provide good health benefit. 

Frank: (11:28)
And quite honestly that is a slippery slope because when we're still eating processed food, we're staying away from those tenants that I talked about earlier with the proper nutrition and proper clean eating and things like that. And so unfortunately, um, we might be traveling up the slippers, slippery slope. Then there's other diets that are out there, you know, plant based diets, moving vegetarian, things like that, um, that are all well and good if weight loss is your and things like that, they are held heart-healthy and things like that. But really a well rounded die to beating as many organic foods as we possibly can is, is what we really want to be able to, um, to, to focus on. Okay. So those are the top, top, uh, you know, trending diet plan is 2019, sort of like the top two or three. But then I also wanted to like wrap up this slide by talking about some mental health and things like that. 

Frank: (12:16)
Um, a lot of people when it comes to renewing themselves, they think of like a new year's resolution as to something physical. Okay. But we often negate the, the mental health aspect of trying to refresh ourselves as well in a new year. And I would offer to you that it's very important to consider, uh, you know, some sort of a mental health resolution as well, whether that be, um, you know, trying to remove some of the natural stress and anxiety and do stirs in your life trying to simplify your life. Uh, you know, these are things that we should be thinking about as well. And quite honestly, it's, it's very, uh, pertinent that we focus on mental health because, uh, I can tell you about how, you know, mental health, you know, anxiety and stress still relate to a high propensity of causing issues with people with cardiovascular disease. 

Frank: (13:12)
I mean, uh, it, you know, we all understand that that's tobacco cessation is extremely important. We all understand that eating the right way is extremely important. Um, but the fact is is that we sort of negate the stress and anxiety and, and we don't think about how detrimental to our health over the course of time that can really be, especially with like cardiovascular health. It remains one of the top, uh, predictors of people who have strokes and heart attacks is, excuse me, your stress and anxiety levels, um, those, uh, improve or excuse me, those increase inflammation in the body. And when the, when the, when the inflammation in the body rises, your body will respond to that and it'll respond to that usually in a positive way in the, in the beginning because, you know, fight or flight is extraordinarily important, but over a longterm, uh, that will absolutely wreak, uh, massive, uh, down. 

Frank: (14:07)
You know, it will, it will really wreak havoc in your system. And so a lot of people don't really think about stress and anxiety in the new year. And so I wanted to talk about how you need to refresh and renew yourself. Uh, mental health wise as well. Like consider starting some form of yoga meditation, get into the word. Uh, you know, like surround yourself with really good friends. Don't be isolated in 20, 20, because I used to elation leads to massive problems with stress and anxiety. And so we really wanna talk about mental health as well. Another thing that we want to do is maybe update, um, our living environment, right. And update the toxins that might be in our environment that would be extraordinarily nice as a resolution to have as well as to refresh our home, renew our home. Okay. Um, look at the things that we use that are toxic that we clean our homes with. 

Frank: (15:00)
We want to eradicate those things from a home and bring in fresh things. Maybe move toward, you know, utilizing essential oils for cleaning or utilizing, uh, just simply other natural substances like a citrus, uh, or, or lemon to freshen up the home. Um, get investments into purifying our air in our home. Um, so like, make sure that we get like the correct type of filters for our air conditioners and things like that. Um, make sure that we look toward the humidifying our home to eradicate the opportunity for mold to grow, which can wreak massive havoc on our bodies. Uh, not only in the, in the lungs, but throughout the body. Our body will react to the various molds and things like that as well. So think about like, refreshing and renewing your home. Okay. Think about getting restorative sleep. How great would it be to be able to get eight delicious hours of sleep per evening? 

Frank: (15:54)
Right? So we want to like talk about all of these aspects of the unconventional wellness. We all, um, in order to be able to like really renew ourselves in 2020. Okay. 2020 is, uh, if you, if you have ever had your eyes examined, 2020 means perfect vision. Well, I say that we help set the path for perfect vision this year in 2020 by looking at our diet plans, uh, getting out, moving more, getting more sunshine, um, getting better sleep, removing toxins, and even also combating stress and anxiety and really grabbing from hold of our mental health in 2019 so it doesn't require just 

Frank: (16:39)
particular puzzle piece. We want to come into the unconventional wellness world and, uh, and be a warrior in these five pillars every single day. So, um, we want to revolutionize all of those aspects so we make sure that we don't necessarily leave out something that could be extraordinarily important, um, to our, to our overall health. And by all means that'll help us eradicate a lot of these issues that we have, uh, whether it comes to health concerns or health goals, things like that. So let me know what your visions are. Uh, email me@frankandritzessentials.com or, uh, you know, leave me a comment, uh, here in our Facebook live or, um, leave me a comment even on wherever you're listening to with our podcast. If you're listening to us through iTunes or Stitcher or even Spotify, um, let me know as well what's your new year's resolutions are in these five pillars. 

Frank: (17:33)
Let's talk, you know, your diet plan stuff, your uh, your mental health things, your getting better sleep, you're removing toxins and your movement. I want to hear what your resolutions are and all of those and break them down just like that. Leave me those comments. Let me, if you want me to do this webinar as well on intermittent fasting, I'll even pop in there. Ketogenic if you want to. And yeah, let's, let's really spring forth in 2020 with an amazing, great vision that we have. Uh, that way we can set the standard and really kick some major button in 2020. So anyway, I wanted to make this kind of short, just re-introduction. Welcome to season three. We're going to be bringing you some amazing content both through my unconventional wellness platform as well as unconventional on us radio. So I'm Frank, I am looking forward to spending 2020 with you. I hope you guys have a great day. And we will talk to you again very soon. Bye bye now.

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