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Episode #46: Break Free of What Holds You Back (and Season 2 Wrap-up)

Unconventional Wellness Radio
Episode #46: Break Free of What Holds You Back (and Season 2 Wrap-up)

Hey everyone! Welcome to the final episode of Season 2 of the Podcast!

We are going to discuss how YOU MEAN SOMETHING! Break free of the chains that bind you up and hold you back! I give practical information about addiction and how to learn to "put off/put on" old and new habits!

Here are the shownotes for today's Podcast (there is too much information to break down in here!)

Frank: (00:00)
Welcome to unconventional wellness radio. I am Frank, your host, and we are doing a season to wrap up on episode 46. Today we're going to talk about how you are going to be able to create the best you in 2020 and break free some from some chains that are actually binding you up and be able to break free from those in 2020. We are also going to do a podcast episode wrap up. So stay tuned and we will talk to you on this podcast very soon. Hey, what's going on everybody? I'm a little bit late today, but better late than never. I usually try to go live on a, on a Facebook post here in the morning on Monday, but uh, but a lot of things happening today, a lot of moving and shaking, um, selling motor homes and had to go get a bunch of stuff for the animals on the farm. 

Frank: (00:57)
So, uh, having a little bit of a late start, but Hey, you're here and in the world of podcast land, if you're joining us through podcasts, then of course that is, uh, something that you can be listening to them and recording anyway. So what day of the week you listen to it doesn't really matter. Right? So, um, I wanted to do a wrap up and also talk about a couple of things that were heavy on my heart, uh, in my readings and that sort of stuff from this week. And if you are joining us on the Facebook live, uh, please let me know that you're here. Let me know where you're from. Tell me what you got going on. And today in reference to what we're going to talk about, I want you to make known. I want you to make a proclamation as to something in your life that you feel that you need to be set free from. 

Frank: (01:47)
Whether that be a problems with addiction, whether that'd be problems with financial, uh, snares that you might be in, like debt, uh, whether you be, uh, you know, wanting to restore a relationship that means a lot to you. I want you to put in those comments. Sky's the limit and I want you to write about those things that you want to break free from this year. Okay. Uh, in addition to if you're on the podcast cause we're doing a song O cast right now, I want you to also comment and let me know what those are as well. So make sure you give me the love on Facebook. Give us some love on the podcast world, whether you're tuning in through iTunes or Stitcher or Google play or you know, even Spotify. Let me know you're here. So I'd love to, I'd love to know that you're listening. 

Frank: (02:34)
So, uh, anyway, I want to kind of dive right in. And the title of this podcast, uh, is, or the title is podcast and Facebook live is a couple of things, uh, first of which it's a season wrap up. So I will be not broadcasting a podcast for roughly a month. Okay. And that is so I can fully appreciate the wonderful rest of this Christmas season and then be able to enjoy the beginning of the new year with my family. I'm also actually doing a, a a challenge for my individuals that are on unconventional wellness right now. Shout out to you guys, uh, in, in we are doing a whole 30 challenge. So also if you want to join us on this whole 30 challenge, um, big shout out to Melissa Hartwig. Thank you so much for bringing us the whole 30. And I want to do a whole 30 at the beginning of the year so we can get the year started out. 

Frank: (03:24)
Right. Okay. By the way, I represent Florida Gator, sorry if you're not a Florida Gator fan, that's okay. Um, but anyway, if you want to join us in that whole 30, let me know and we'll get you set up with how that's going to look as well. So, uh, anyway, getting into this and then the season wrap up. Uh, I wanted to just kind of dive right in. I, I named this podcast Facebook live. I've named it freedom from what binds you or freedom of what makes you captive or freedom from your, your issue that you have been dragging along with you for maybe days, months or even years. Okay. I myself, uh, I am very, very transparent now in reference to an addiction that I had, which was, uh, my pornography addiction. I'm just gonna filet myself wide open for you and uh, you know, if you are wanting to hear this, maybe this is for you, but if you're not wanting to hear this and this doesn't affect you whatsoever, I get it. 

Frank: (04:26)
Okay. Move on. Click away and you're welcome to do that. But I'm going to go ahead and fly myself wide open because I just want to make sure that I let you know of the power that's available to you to be able to like be able to break it, to have those chains broken. Okay. Because the good news is that we don't have to break up. Okay. Like the keys are literally setting in front of us. And so if we have an opportunity to just reach out and kind of grab those keys, we can be freed from these things that bind us up, right? Where it could be a, it can be an addiction to food, it can be an issue with a relationship that you want to have mended here. Uh, maybe late 2019, you know, it's Christmas time and lots and lots of things kind of bubble up and [inaudible] and sometimes bubble over with families and there's very strain relationships and things like that during this time as well. 

Frank: (05:18)
So I just want to come out here and kind of just speak into that. I'm letting you know that, you know, I don't know your situation and sense of what is exactly going on with you, but I know that it absolutely is a burden because I'm at a burden as well. Uh, it could be an issue with that, right? So like a, if you haven't caught it, go to the paleo mama.com and my wife did a wonderful thing about how we were able to pay off like over $50,000 in debt in like 10 months using the uh, the financial peace university plan, which is, which is made by Dave Ramsey. Um, so anyway, just wanted to kind of come on here and speak over this stuff and uh, and have an opportunity to let you know that these things don't define you and that you have a purpose and you can break free from these this year. 

Frank: (06:06)
Okay. It's all about mindset and it's all about looking forward to 20, 20. How cool is it that I have an opportunity right now on this podcast, on this Facebook live to be able to actually like cast vision for 2020. Do you catch my pond right there? 2020. You know what 2020 stands for? If you're thinking about something called visual acuity, that 2020 means that you have perfect vision is that I'm going to just let that settle in for a second, that you have the opportunity. Then in the year of 2020, you have an ability to see a perfect vision for the year of 2020 and beyond. Okay? And so that's what we're aiming to do today and I've got a couple of things that I wanted to go over as a framework. Um, I want to tell you my story a little bit. I'm not going to get bogged down humongously in the details, but I'm going to kind of put it out there for you to let you know that there is an ability to overcome these things and these things don't have to defy you anymore. 

Frank: (07:03)
So I just want to give you some statistics. Okay? And these are some statistics that I heard recently, uh, in my church. I heard about these and it astounded me. Okay? Uh, we have a very rampant society that is, uh, very bogged down with sexual addiction. Okay? There is actually two out of three people in and out. Let me say that again. There's two out of three people that are engaging in sexual addiction, both in the church and out of the church. And I found out to be unbelievable. So it's like if it was a group of myself and two other guys, we're talking like two of those guys out of those three actually are dealing with this, this issue. Okay. And that's a significant issue. It stifles all right, ruins, relationships, all that kind of stuff. Um, in addition to nine out of 10, now this, I don't have any teenage kids yet, but they're coming up very quickly and I've got one that's like within a couple of years she'll be a teenager and it's actually nine out of 10 teenage boys and six out of 10 teenage girls have been exposed to bad pictures, bad movies, all that kind of stuff, right? 

Frank: (08:16)
So, um, it's pretty unbelievable. It's pretty rampant. And the reason why I say this because that really hits home with me, uh, for easily an excess of 25 years. Sometimes I think even 30 years, I struggle with this a lot. Okay. And it ruined me. I almost got divorced from my, from my wife Jackie, who is a amazing person. I got almost divorced from her, not once, not twice, but three separate times. I almost been divorced from her and every single time she forgave me and we were able to move on. And I actually don't understand why. All right. I still will not understand why somebody who had the absolute rights to end everything with me decided to continue and uh, and we actually resolved our relationship and now we have one of the most, um, just we have been through the fire, if that makes sense. 

Frank: (09:17)
And we absolutely have broken through some really amazingly bad. Sorry, am I, I'm sorry for the choppiness just now I just realized this because my computer auto checks email and yeah. Anyway. Um, so it should be better now, but regardless is that like our breakthroughs or whatever and we have been through the fire and we are like, I am super grateful for the relationship I have with her. It's, it's incredible. But I say that because I might be speaking directly to you. You might be having some issues with what this, and I want to let you know that you can break free of this. Okay. Debt, let's move on to debt. Debt is another thing that is like stifling people, right? Like vast majority of people are in some form of debt. A lot of us are in credit card debt. A lot of us may be in a, you know, a school debt. 

Frank: (10:10)
I mean, like I carried a school debt. Uh, I actually, well here's the ironic thing. I went to school and I had a, I had a full ride scholarship. It was offered down in Florida and it's still offered down there. It's uh, it's called the Florida bright future scholarship, which is like 100% tuition. And, uh, I think it pays for books and it's, it's a very fancy, wonderful scholarship and I'm super grateful that I ever received it. Problem is though, is that like, I didn't know about money when I was younger and so I took on debt anyway. And so like I, I just, it was unbelievable. Like I, I, I walked out with a $25,000 amount that as a 22 year old, I was like, how am I ever going to pay this thing off? And there's people that are like in six figure college tuition are college, uh, alone issues and stuff like that. 

Frank: (11:07)
And so I want to let you know that there are resources out there, check out financial peace university and you can actually get help to get out of that debt and with a really strategic plan starting with exactly the resources that you currently have because financial issues are, are just stifling and they really keep us from being the person that we want to really be or the person that really should be. Okay. Um, the next thing is that I want to talk about is food addiction. So food addiction, you never realize this, but food these days is actually more addictive then really a lot of the medications or a lot of the drugs that are out there and hear me out when I say this I, it sounds like it might be a crazy claim, but the reason why is because there is a study in particular shows that sugar is up to eight times more addictive than cocaine. 

Frank: (12:01)
I mean that is an incredible figure to me is that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. And the thing is is that sugar in our foods is extraordinarily, readily accessible and so we can end up doing really bad damage to ourselves with like chronic obesity and type two diabetes and, and, and heart disease and gastrointestinal issues and stuff like that just because of the amount of sugar that we're consuming. If you couple that with the fact that most Americans eat up to 14 to 16 hours per day with all of the, the, the snacks and all the meals and stuff like that that are made with refined sugars, um, that's not even like saying like fast food bad. I mean like that's just saying, even the foods that we have in our stores that we can prepare and all that kind of stuff that are chocolate or preservatives and whatever, all are full of like hidden sugars. 

Frank: (12:57)
And they are addictive too. Because the way that it works is that you feel good when you eat. All right. All of those hormones that help you feel good while you eat are released. It actually releases neurotransmitters as well in your brain that correspond to pleasure. And then you couple that with, um, the fact that you get hungry quick because this food is very quickly digested. Like it doesn't even have to get through most of the small intestine before it's actually absorbed into your bloodstream as food, energy, and then meth. And then also add that to the fact that we snack a lot. And so when we do all of those things together, we set ourselves up for really having some drama, uh, in terms of our, our, our issues that, you know, sugar can really, really create. Okay. So, um, I say all that because there's also help for that as well. 

Frank: (13:55)
Now I talk about that extensively, not only through my podcast, but I also talk about that on my program unconventional wellness. And the reason why I make mention of that is because if you go back and check out this podcast, we want to do a season wrap up. Okay. And then we're going to finish up with some different thoughts and stuff like that. And I'm going to wish you guys a Merry Christmas so you can get on with what you're doing. Okay. My podcast is chock full of forties, up to 45 episodes now over the course of this year. Uh, I actually, I think even dating back to last year where I have hopefully some really great content for you. Okay. Um, most recently I had the opportunity of talking with the creator of the Prairie homestead. Uh, you may know her as Joe winger and she is a phenomenal, uh, homesteader and mom and uh, she's got all of her life on Instagram, more power to you, stuff on Facebook. 

Frank: (14:54)
She has created a book of handcrafted recipes that you can make. That's a part of her traditional cooking idea that she has come out with. She's just a phenomenal person. And so I had a two part interview with her, uh, in my podcast. It was episodes 44 and 40. I'm sorry, 43 and 44. All right. I talk about the keto diet. I talk about bone broth. I talk about intermittent fasting. Talk about the burden of health care. I mean, I, I talk about, uh, you know, whole 30 anxiety, attend anxiety busting natural remedies, uh, three tricks, three tricks to remember before you go to the grocery store so you don't get trapped and all of that kind of stuff. Seven, back to school. Healthy trade secrets. I talk about, uh, hemp oil, getting better sleep. I talk about acupuncture guys. I mean, I lay it all out on this, uh, on this podcast and I've got like tons and tons of content RA wrapped up in the 45 episodes. 

Frank: (15:58)
And so I just want you and I urge you to please go and check out my podcast on iTunes. It's on Stitcher, it's on Google play. It's also on Spotify. If you just go to Spotify, open the app and type in, um, you type in, uh, unconventional wellness radio is what it's called. I'll put a link here in the comments, but if you type that in there, you will be immediately linked to my podcast and you'll be able to check out all of that content. Okay guys, it is a, I mean it is like heart and soul stuff poured out on there because I just want you to have all of this information that I can in order for you to be able to understand how to live that, that lifestyle that you've always wanted and live an unconventional lifestyle. Okay. Um, so I will, I'm grabbing the link right now to put the link on this Facebook live, so please check out the podcast. 

Frank: (16:56)
Okay. It is just I, I put out all of my knowledge that I possibly can into it in order to like help you navigate this crazy world of refined processed foods, not getting good sleep, way to stray, too much stress, way too much anxiety, way too many toxins. I talk about that all throughout the podcast. So please go check out the podcast and let me just bless you with all of that information. That way you understand everything that there is to know that I can get out as fast as I possibly can to be able to actually help you. Okay. Um, so we were talking about, you know, some of the things that bog us down and, and how to break free this year. OK. I, I said I started off with, with addiction and I want to kind of go back to that is that I want you to know that there is hope. 

Frank: (17:48)
Okay? Like you aren't defined by these things that you find yourself addicted to. We by nature are creatures of habit. Okay. We as human beings are going to choose those things that actually we enjoy. They bring us pleasure. And when we do that, that is a typical response that we have to things like we are pleasure seeking creatures and, and there's nothing wrong with that. Like who doesn't enjoy a great comforting meal who doesn't enjoy a time spent with good friends, right? Who doesn't enjoy a great workout or good sleep? Um, these are things that are totally fine. It's when we take those things that bring us pleasure and we go beyond what we are, what we are needing in terms of those pleasures, and we're seeking those things that really stretch us and make us uncomfortable. And then we start becoming emotionally addicted to those things psychologically addicted. 

Frank: (18:49)
We know a physical addiction to certain things. And I just want you to know that there is a way to break free of addiction addiction simply as put, I don't know who said it, but it is voluntary slavery. All right? That's what addiction is all about. I feel that addictions do not allow us to be the best versions of ourselves that we possibly can be. And so I want you to break free of those addictions this year. And like I said, they don't have to be things that are like, you know, uh, over the top illegal stuff. Okay. I mean like things that we do in our lives that we may not necessarily believe are really an addictive type of thing. We want to be able to break free of that so we can be the best version of ourself that we possibly can. Like I was addicted to a symptoms related to post traumatic stress. 

Frank: (19:39)
Like I use those all the time and saying like, well, I'm just going to be anxious for the rest of my life or I'm going to be stressed out all the time and so therefore I'm not going to get good sleep. Now if you are somebody who has suffered from trauma or, or suffer from more symptoms from posttraumatic stress, I mean I get it. Okay. And, and by all means, I am not trying to downplay a symptomatology that you might be having. But what I am saying though is that I had to figure out in my heart of hearts the fact that it didn't feel like it was the right Frank. Like, I didn't feel like I was being the best version of myself in this world and I didn't want to feel stifled anymore because of that. And so I want you to understand that there is an opportunity for you to break free from that and to be able to actually move forward in this life, uh, where you feel like you have purpose. 

Frank: (20:33)
Y'all, it's taken me 40 over 40 years to realize what my purpose on this planet is. And what I have realized is that my purpose is to help my purposes educate folks about natural health care in order to help them break free of the things that I have had to go through also myself and also with the addition of my patients in order to break free of what we believe to actually have, uh, you know, these, these, these lifestyles that we can be fully satisfied in. Okay. So that's exactly what I do. I mean, it has taken me time as a trained PA and you know, I worked as a, as a DJ for crying out loud and you know, worked as a personal trainer and you know, all these things, excuse me, it took me 40 years to assemble the puzzle pieces together to see the big picture of the support and the, and the purpose that I want to help you find out about yourself. 

Frank: (21:36)
And so that is what drives me. That's what wakes me up every single day and gets me excited about talking about to you is because I want you to find your purpose as well. And so mental, uh, you know, mental concerns are stifling in themselves. I mean, we can become very focused on our mental concerns and not be the best version of ourselves. So remember that addiction, uh, get out and get some help. The best and first step that you can take is just to simply say, it is totally fine that I have had a history with this. Okay. Because the road to recovery is recognizing the fact that there is something that you're addicted to. Uh, and so therefore the concept is, is that, uh, that I look about when I read, uh, when I do my readings and stuff like that in scripture is that, you know, you look at it as we're addictive creatures. 

Frank: (22:34)
And so therefore, if we just want to break an addiction that really never works, there is no power in that whatsoever. Okay. What we do need to do though, is we need to replace those addictive tendencies that we find to be bad and we want to put those off. And what we want to do is we want to turn around and put on the addictive things that are good, that are wholesome, that are pure, that are true, okay. And so that's what I had to do is over the course of a, gosh, I mean, the past couple of years I have continued to work on taking those things that I don't want to do, right. And putting those things off. All right? And then would it be willing to accept the things that I do want to put on? And so let's just say generosity. Okay. I didn't realize this, but I'm kind of a hoarder of money. 

Frank: (23:19)
Like I didn't realize that like I guess, you know, there's lots of folks who are different preppers, if you will. Uh, my prepper, my, my concern was, uh, I'm going to hurry up and run out of money. Like I'm going to go broke tomorrow. Like I like know, it may seem silly but no joke. I truly have always had that fear. And it comes from a very long childhood and everything. But the long story short about what I did was I said, okay, I don't want to, I don't wanna feel like this anymore. And then I didn't start realizing like, I've been alive for 41 years and stuff has always been provided and like, I'm, I'm fine. You know what I mean? Like, I've got clothes and you know, I've got, I've got my health and all that kind of stuff. Like I just need to stop believing this lie of the fear of running out of money and instead put on the fear, or excuse me, put on the reality and the truth of saying like, it's all good. 

Frank: (24:10)
I've been sustained for this long. I mean we're, we're fine. OK. like, like, like we're good. We'll always be able to find a way if, uh, if we need to in a way we'll always be provided, right? So I just had to start changing my mindset about that and putting off the negative tendencies and then put on the good ones. And so there has been a large mind shift for me, um, in reference to this whole putting off and then putting on concept of how to replace habits rather than eliminating habits. Like we, I mean, when I first came up and back in the nineties, eighties, nineties, and maybe even earlier than that, it was like a matter of, well, if you want to break a habit, just make it to the three week Mark. You know, like, like if you could make it to three weeks, you're good. 

Frank: (24:59)
Like, if you want to stop spitting, stop spinning for three weeks, you know, maybe chew on some gum or drink some water or whatever and you'll be fine. And that is true and an extent. But the thing is, is that the addictive personality could come back and it could come back even stronger than when it did when you first were able to beat it. That was sort of like how it was for me and my sexual addiction is like, I was like, I got this beat. I'm like, yeah, I made it like, you know, a month now admitted two months now I made a two and a half months. And then unfortunately, man, it hit me hard and the temptation was real bad and um, you know, ended up absorbing the, the habit again and uh, and it was really stifling again. Okay. So like I say that to you is that like, you know, if you want to start eating better, right, I'm gonna just kinda, you know, dynamically talk about a bunch of different little hemispheres. 

Frank: (25:49)
Here are a bunch of different little spheres here is that maybe you want to create a different habit of eating per se in, in 2020. What you need to do is you need to take those baby steps moving toward those things that you don't like about how you eat, put off the bad habits and start small, start practical, make them realistic goals, and then start replacing those with what you want to put on. Does that make sense? Right. I can't just drop everything and expect that everything's going to be all good. All right? Like if I've been eating in a way that, you know, it's caused a lot of complications with my health, I can't just simply just cut all that off and say that's it. I'm gonna do all of these hundred things starting tomorrow. It doesn't work like that. Like we all know that that's what causes fad diets, crash diets, all that kind of stuff. 

Frank: (26:40)
Right? Instead, we have to work toward that. Okay. So like if my goal is to like maybe do the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting, um, there was only a few select people that might be able to have the willpower, which is another concept that I don't necessarily want to dive into this whole willpower concept, but I want to tell you that it takes baby steps to get to that point. So you know, if you've been eating as conventional lifestyle for a while, you know, you might have to start off simple with saying like, I'm not going to eat as much often as I used to or I'm not going to eat as much during my meal as I used to start off like that. Just portion control, I want to drink more water, you know, those sorts of things. Okay. And then we can start getting into the concepts of, okay, now how can I start maybe working out different types of sugars, whether they be simple sugars or complex sugars and all that sort of thing. 

Frank: (27:34)
And start working down toward, okay now I want to get myself to 50 grams of carbohydrates a day and then 20 grams of carbohydrates a day and all that kind of stuff. Okay. That's how we have to transition. And then by all means with me with intermittent fasting, if I want to do it with a ketogenic diet, you know it's like I should start small and like short my window of eating, you know, and don't like go to like a thing where I'm doing like a three day fast, you know, from like eating the way that I was to doing it three day fast. Cause that is just probably too much chaos for really anybody to actually be able to do so. So I'm just saying that you know, you want to take these baby steps, you want to start putting off the old habits and be able to put on the new ones, the ones that you find acceptable and you'll find a lot of power in that ability alone. 

Frank: (28:23)
So we don't like to remove a habit. We want to replace bad habits with good ones. Okay. Big, big point that I wanted to make today. And lastly is this, these, or excuse me, not lastly, like, uh, when I was sort of last, we'll start wrapping up here and we'll kind of go over some different topics that I have on my podcast because this is supposed to be like a, like a season ender until I start back up in 2020. But I want you to understand please this, this thing that people like to refer to as a generational curse. And that is like something that really hits home with me. Okay. Like I came from a family that it was like a patriarchal family. Okay. Like, um, if you don't know what I mean, it was like very, very, uh, father centric and you know, everything was just sort of surrounding that entire situation. 

Frank: (29:18)
Um, excuse me. So I say that because, um, that's just not how I believe we need to be interacting with one another. Okay. Like, I feel like we need to be interacting out of support and leadership and you know, having these ways of like allowing individual family members to also be the best versions of themselves. And so I, I grew up in a, I grew up in a situation where it was this top down approach, right? In terms of the leadership. It was like the top makes rules, the bottom has to follow. Okay. Um, whereas now it's like there's guidelines and love and understanding and, and, and, and I, I might be the leader of the home, but the way that I see my leadership role now is that my leadership role is to support the members of my family so I can help lift them to be the best that they possibly can. 

Frank: (30:11)
So it might be more of a bottom up approach, right? Because as they get better, I get better. Okay. And so, um, it works I think much better that way. Um, just not only in the family set, but like maybe our society as well. Like we need to start being more servant leaders and we need to start looking to be able to serve one another a lot more than what we do. Man, I never found as much joy and as much satisfaction in things as the, when I started saying like, I'm not perfect but I'm going to give you the best that I possibly can. And I started looking at people kinda kind of like, how can I support you rather than doing this. So I started doing a lot more of this. Then I started doing this and what's crazy about it? And I promise you if you need to challenge yourself with something, you'll start realizing the more that you do this, it is wild how much more of that really happens and you receive so much more in terms of joy and satisfaction and love. 

Frank: (31:15)
Uh, when you start giving more and start being more generous with you, like you can help someone, okay, you have the influence to help someone. And that's, that's sort of like one of our things that we got going on with, you know, this, this T these statistics of 20 plus veterans a day are committing suicide and you know, there's a lot of other people also committing ish or excuse me, committing suicide outside of the military and it's just, we need to start doing this more, right? Just showing up, being present, not having a word of advice, but just letting people know you you're loved and I'm going to give you the best that I possibly can no matter what. Okay. Um, it is evident, uh, especially at the end of the year that we start being more generous during the holiday season. While I challenge you after Christmas, after the, the, the presence are unwrapped and put away after the tree is taken down. 

Frank: (32:16)
If the lights are put away for a year, I challenge you to be more generous starting in January. And I'll tell you right now the fulfillment that comes on the other side of that, it's insane. Okay. Um, I have been doing that now for, I can't even, I don't even know. But once I finally started applying that in my life, it was incredible to watch these people grow. And then the cool thing was as I was watching the joy come up in my life, right? So like I can actually be joyful when people are making millions of dollars or I can be joyful when people lose 50 pounds or I can be joyful when people are just simply getting along with one another in their family better. I mean like I am incredibly full of joy because of that. So I offered to you, you're not perfect. No one is okay. 

Frank: (33:15)
Give the best that you possibly can. The the, the mantra is progress, not perfection, right? Like as long as we are moving toward that and having a heart of generosity, I guarantee you good things can happen. I have said it before and I'll say it again. Could you imagine we have a, we have a population of 350 million Americans. All right? In our great society. If everybody would wake up and want to do just two, two acts of service for somebody, whether they know them or not. Could you imagine the amount of generosity that can be palpated in one day? I mean, could you just imagine 350 million people doing two separate acts and they don't have to be gigantic acts? I'm not saying like, you know, give $100 million to something. Um, although if you can do that, then don't let me stop you if that's what you want to do. 

Frank: (34:11)
But buying a coffee or holding a door open or saying hello to someone right in a coffee shop or while you're walking or whatever, uh, these acts can bring tremendous, tremendous enrichment to people's lives. And so I think that if we can, if you're one of the folks who are following this page, let's pay it forward by sharing this video. Okay? Or sharing this podcast. Let someone know about the joy that you want to experience because of your generosity and your outpouring of you. You are the greatest gift. Like, I failed to say that earlier, but let me say that now is that you, we want the gift of you. We don't care about stuff. We don't need financial resources, if you will. We don't need money. We don't need any of that other stuff. You know, the bias cars, whatever, whatever. We just need you. 

Frank: (35:06)
Okay? If you show up and give us the best version of yourself that you possibly can, I tell you what, you are going to have an amazing 2021 and affirmation that I do every single morning while I'm in my, while I'm in my quiet time in the morning is I tell myself, or actually I pray and I go help me just be the best version of me that I can be today. Okay? I might be, I mean, like I even, I even said that when my back was killing me. I said that, you know, my back isn't so bad right now. Uh, my knee is whatever, whatever. Like I tell myself, even if I have the, the burdens of the world are on my shoulders today, help me be the best version of myself that I possibly can be. And I will tell you, I started doing that about a year and a half, maybe two years ago. 

Frank: (35:56)
And guys, it has like, I've just noticed that like, it's not just linearly going up, like it's like exponentially going up. It's pretty incredible that I've just been doing that affirmation every single morning about just be the best version of you that you possibly can be today. And it has just been, I mean, like, it's just been phenomenal. Okay. And so I say that to you because I want you guys to experience the exact same thing. It's all about mental health in terms of helping you have a better 20, 20. Okay. So let's go over, like, let's wrap this up and talk about the rest of the episodes that we have on this podcast. I know that I talked a lot about what we've got going on. Um, yeah, I've got some of that in there. So mystery symptoms, um, episode 24, mystery Sims symptoms could be adrenal fatigue. 

Frank: (36:45)
If you're interested about learning a little bit about adrenal fatigue, hop on there and go check that out. Okay. I'm trying to look at my really early episodes to see like what those were. Um, because I've got some ones on there that are just like insane. Uh, crazy. Let's see. One of my, Oh yeah, we talked to a gastrointestinal doctor out of the university of Chicago on my podcast forever and a day ago and same, uh, back in late 2018 of last year. Great, great things coming out of that podcast. Um, we talk about, uh, hormone disruption. Okay. There's a big thing on that and how you can utilize different types of natural resources for hormone health. Uh, what is disrupting health [inaudible]. Uh, how can you use tumeric and Magnolia and all that kind of stuff, how to naturally cope with bedwetting. I mean, these are all like individuals that I brought. And then in 2019 I plan on bringing in even more influencers onto the podcast to help give you 

Speaker 2: (37:44)
content that is just going to blow your mind and allow you to have action steps to actually place these things in your life immediately in order to be able to have the help today. Because I'll be honest with you, we need help as soon as possible, right? Like no reason to wait another 20 years for help that we can be applying today. Okay, so pay attention please to the podcast in 2020 I plan on doing really big things with it. Check out my program on conventional wellness on the podcast. By the way, it's called unconventional wireless radio. Um, check out the checkout, the, the program unconventional wellness. Um, I've got a special surprise coming up also a January class. So please stay tuned, share this video, share this podcast. Someone if you may not need it, someone might. So please share this podcast. Share this, a Facebook live with somebody because I want to see the most people help in 2020 as I possibly can. 

Speaker 2: (38:39)
Okay. There is a gift of freedom and it's up to you to just simply reach forward and be able to receive that gift. Okay? So absolutely do it. This, these generational curses and all that kind of stuff, those are for the firs, there is no such thing as a generational curse. It's all about servant leadership. It's all about being generous, being the best version of yourself and being able to be present for those individuals that desperately need you out in this world. Okay? So I urge you share this video because it can absolutely help someone. Okay? Um, that's all I got for now. I wish you all the best of Christmases, whatever holiday spirit you, uh, have in terms of your festivities, uh, whether you are, uh, whatever holiday that you celebrate, right? Like I hope that it is the best holiday that you've ever asked for. I wish you a wonderful new year and I just cannot wait to be able to get, 

Frank: (39:40)
send you to help all of you in the year 2020, and then beyond. Okay. So y'all take care. Um, I hope this podcast and this Facebook live has been a value to you. Let me know. I can help and we will catch you again on the flip side, in the year 2020, take care, everyone.

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