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Episode #41: 10 Benefits of Eating Bone Broth

Unconventional Wellness Radio
Episode #41: 10 Benefits of Eating Bone Broth

Are you looking for deep nourishment and health?

Then bone broth may be missing from your diet plan! On today's episode, I discuss:

  • 10 Reasons to Incorporate Bone Broth into Your Diet
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Here are the show notes for today:

Frank: (00:00)
It's getting cooler out and the air is getting crisp, which means that the soups are starting to come out because of fall. Well, we're going to talk a little bit more so than just your basic soup. We're going to talk about the bone broth nourishment that can come and we're going to talk about the top 10 reasons why I know that you should have bone broth into your diet. So stay tuned. This is episode 41 of unconventional wellness radio. I am your host, Frank and we will get back to you shortly for 10 ways that bone broth can be benefiting. Yeah, we'll talk to you soon. 

Frank: (00:37)
Hey everyone, and welcome to unconventional wellness, radio, powerful and inspiring podcast, such a revolutionize and disruptive healthcare. It's trying to put you in the driver's seat and be the force of change necessary for the lifestyle you've always wanted. Oh man. What's going on y'all? It's Frank and uh, I'm back. I, uh, I apologize. I was a little and out there for a while, but now I'm actually sipping on some tea and then having my bone broth. And it inspired me to actually come on here and talk to you about the benefits of bone broth because I tell you what, when you, um, when you come down with something, you know, you do feel like as if you need to, uh, eat a lot more soup. Plus it's the holidays and I know that a lot of people are probably thinking about just eating soup. You know, you've got your butter nuts, soups and uh, your really amazing chicken noodle soups and people are making chicken and dumplings and all those really good feel good, uh, comfort foods and stuff like that. 

Frank: (01:37)
And so it's just really awesome that it is about that time. It's getting colder outside and now it's time to actually warm up with a nice hearty cup of soup. And so I wanted to come on here and talk to you about the 10 benefits of bone broth that I've experienced and to try to help you make the choice on putting, uh, putting a bone broth in your, in your diet, creating it as a staple of your weekly rations, if you will. And so we're going to talk about some bone broth on this podcast. Is Facebook live. Just want to say hello to everybody. I know it's been a little while since I've been able to talk to you. Um, quick bad plug here is that, uh, my program on conventional, this is available but it will only be available until I close it out tomorrow night for, uh, when we do my Facebook live. 

Frank: (02:27)
So as soon as my Facebook live is over, I am taking down all the capability of being able to purchase the program for now because I want to focus my attention on those individuals who took the plunge with me and are joining me in their journey. And so I wanna focus on them now. Um, it's like I said, it's closing tomorrow. My Facebook live is at 8:00 PM Eastern standard time and as soon as I am done with that Facebook live, I will be actually closing out the ability to get in this round of unconventional wellness. And so if you're curious about what unconventional wellness is, um, I'm going to send down an email. I'll also post a quick a Facebook link here, but a video I did yesterday that explains where it came from and why it's here and how I believe that it can absolutely benefit you and create some really, really good health for you in 2019 and beyond. 

Frank: (03:23)
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Frank: (04:20)
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Frank: (05:16)
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Frank: (06:04)
And then the personalized coaching sessions, that stuff all adds up to about another thousand dollars. And so, um, I want to give that to you guys for free. So it's a $3,000 package that I want to give to somebody for absolutely free. All you gotta do is like and share this video and, um, that's it. That's all I want you to do and I'll be happy to give that out for free. Uh, so anyway, get to get to that. So let's jump in though, and let's talk about these benefits of bone broth. Um, I wanted to, uh, really hammer these down and help you understand this might be a piece of a, something that you've been needing to look out for. [inaudible], excuse me, and I'll be able to actually really invest in your health with the, with the benefits of bone broth. And so let's go ahead and get started. 

Frank: (06:51)
So the first thing is, is what is bone broth? We should probably start there. Well, it's just that it's, it's perfectly named. Now this is a little bit more so than just a stock or a, you know, some people will flavor, I mean I used to make um, beef dishes with putting beef bullion in my, uh, recipes and stuff like that along with my garlic and my onions and all that kind of stuff. They make a really rich sauce for like, you know, different beef dishes. I would do the same thing with chicken dishes and stuff like that, but abroad does actually a lot more robust than that. It's actually taking the bones of the animal and it's usually the bony is bone parts of the animal. So think like the carcass of it. Uh, the on a beef or excuse me on a cow, it would be like the oxtails or the shoulder pieces, um, you know, or the, the hips, you know, like really, uh, leg bones of course are, are very good. 

Frank: (07:47)
The pony, it's up. It's all those bones that are going to have those like yummy bits of collagen and um, and even uh, you know, pieces of marrow and stuff like that. And so what you do is you put it inside of a big pot and you'll actually simmer it for at least 20 hours, preferably more than 20 hours, about 24 hours on super low heat. You put a bunch of different things in there. Um, you know, there's a bunch of bone broth recipes that you could follow and we'll talk about some of our tried and true better bone broth recipes that my wife and I love to do here at the house because it is just a staple here at our home and we make it in mass and we just have it for whenever we want to do a soup or whatever. We just want to warm it up. 

Frank: (08:26)
Or if somebody is feeling under the weather, we just want to be able to kinda like pull it out, pop it into a sauce pan, warm it up, and then be able to drink it for its benefit. And then, you know, just to have it throughout the week as well. But anyway, you take all of your aromatics spices and herbs. Um, you know, a lot of folks love putting onion. They put like the mere PLA in it, which that's a fancy term for carrots and celery and onions. Uh, you'll put that in there. Uh, it gives it a really nice kind of like a, a almost like a soup stock of flavoring to it. We put lots of garlic in it, a whole clause. We just throw the whole thing in there. Um, we love putting Apple cider vinegar in it because that helps extract, uh, the collagen more so than just simply adding water to it. 

Frank: (09:09)
But of course, you top it all off with water. Um, we put a bunch of different types of herbs in there. Jackie has gotten really fancy with the herbs that she puts in there for different healing components that these herbs can provide. And any way you just let it go. Um, that was the old way that we used to do it and now we actually do it to where we do in an instant pot. Um, and these instant pots guys are game changers. I mean, I dunno if you have heard of an instant pop, it's like a pressure cooker on crack. Um, we are able to make bone broth with it in like 90 minutes. And so it's pretty amazing what we are able to actually do with the bone broth in a very short period of time. And this is the pot extracts all the collagen and glutamine and all that kind of good stuff, uh, out of those bounds. 

Frank: (09:56)
And when we put it inside the freezer, or I should say the refrigerator after we've made it, my goodness, it's like bone broth gelatin. It's pretty amazing. Um, that you can literally like shake it and has that like semi-solid appearance to it. Um, it's pretty incredible. And then when you warm it up, it's like boom, it all goes right back to liquid. It's pretty, pretty incredible that it does that. But anyway, that's essentially what a bone broth is all about. Okay. And so there's a lot of really great benefits that we're starting to understand about bone broth. And this is a new, y'all like this is like stuff that people used to track back in Victorian ages. They used to have bone broth, you know, hundreds of years ago. Um, it's not something that's new, it's just something that was lost along with a lot of our other nutritive, uh, benefit of understanding of food and stuff like that. 

Frank: (10:42)
And, and now it's like starting to revamp and starting to regain a lot of attention because of all of the benefits that we now know of. And so we'll go from like some of the smaller benefits, we'll go from those to the larger benefits. Okay. Um, because we want to, um, you know, really understand how amazing bone broth actually isn't. So anyway, number one is, and you probably already may know this, is that since it is high in different types of amino acids, it's actually fantastic to boost your immunity. Um, you know, that whole understanding of, you know, being sick and wanting to have a soup, there was legitimate understanding of that. It's not just an old wives' tale. I mean it really is a very dense nutrient packed bone broth can absolutely boost your immunity. And so it should be one of the first things that you not only consume throughout the week, but especially if you're not feeling so well reach for bone broth because it absolutely will in fact actually help with um, boosting of the immune system. 

Frank: (11:45)
It can even help with some of the symptoms of the common cold. All right, so it can even do that as well. The next thing is, is that it can help with the symptoms of something called leaky gut. Now there is a [inaudible]. This is number two, by the way, is that leaky gut is something that affects a lot of people with leaky gut actually is [inaudible] excuse me, this will go along with number three is that leaky gut is responsible for allowing different types of bacteria to, uh, be able to actually like have different GI issues and food intolerances. It's a lot of the things that's surrounding the research regarding like auto immune protocol, diet plans and anti-inflammatory diet plans is that a lot of our health starts in the gut. And so, you know, when we consider healing our gut in order to heal our body, that's a really great place to start. 

Frank: (12:38)
And so, you know, the, uh, the, the gelatin in those bones are really great. Like, you know, you get this stuff from the like feet and the other joints and stuff like that and it actually helps kind of patch the, uh, you know, the poorest intestinal lining. And so a lot of those kind of myriad of symptoms that we, people that we get, it absolutely can help patch those things up so we can, um, really appreciate the benefits of those. Okay. And that goes along with number three, which is also, you know, the fact that it, uh, helps fight inflammation. Um, so it's really, really great at boosting the amount of glutamine that the body has. And glutamine is a very potent anti oxidant and it's really phenomenal at being able to reduce inflammation. Um, there's a lot of different foods that we eat are actually, um, Rob the body of glutamine. 

Frank: (13:33)
And so we want to, uh, have bone broth and other things like that to boost the levels of glutamine inside the body because that will help reduce gut inflammation and therefore allow the gut to heal the way that it actually can. If we supply it with something like bone broth, um, we understand that, you know, it's going to be really good for your joints. Okay. Like obviously Glucosomine and can Triton, um, is really, really great. But instead of using the expensive, uh, supplement of Glucosomine and can shorten that, matter of fact, I used to actually recommend this to my patients. You know, just grabbing yourself cups of bone broth. It's gonna have Glucosomine and can Triton as well. Okay. And so like individuals like myself with a, with, with chronic lower back stuff and chronic knees and, and all that sort of thing, it absolutely could help lubricate those joints. 

Frank: (14:26)
Uh, because it has the same things that we have recommended in a pill form. It has this a now more natural form from bone broth. Okay. The other thing is is that it actually can, excuse me by virtue of the length of time that is used. So that was number four, right? So this is number five. So number five is the fact that, um, the collagen also instead of bone broth, really, really wonderful, uh, that are connected tissues, which is a very significant place where a lot of illness can happen. It's really, really important that collagen is being circulated because a lot of our tissues are creative and collagen, you know, collagen is in our fingernails. It's in our skin. Uh, it's definitely inside of our brains. It's inside of our joints like I just spoke about. And so it's super important to have natural forms of collagen in your diet because it will help improve, um, the appearance as well as the operation of all of these different types of soft tissues that we have inside of our body. 

Frank: (15:31)
Okay. So that was number five. Number six is, uh, there that can actually hydrate us. Okay. It actually has wonderful electrolytes. It has, um, you know, different constituents of some of the vegetables that we might add to the bone broth in order to be able to have, you know, a fibrous, um, component to it as well. And, and that helps flush out the gut again. And so therefore, uh, drinking bone broth can actually hydrate a body really, really well because there are electrolytes in it. You know, it's that old, uh, science that, you know, even the folks that make those sports and energy drinks use is that, you know, it's chockfull of, I tried, so it's going to hydrate you better. Well, problem is what, those are going to have increased salt, increased sugar, whereas bone broth, it does not have that sort of stuff in it. 

Frank: (16:20)
You know, it only has a certain amount of salt that we might add just for palatability of it, but you know, it's really, really fantastic for rehydrating as well. Okay. The other thing is, is that, excuse me, number six, seven, probably seven that we're at right now is that, uh, it will help improve gut bacteria, gut bacteria as super important. Okay. Uh, from when we were born to when we pass away. It's incredibly, it is incredibly potent to have a gut microbiome that absolutely helps with things like memory. Uh, the gut is now being completely understood to be an issue that if you have an unhealthy gut or an unhappy gut that you could be unhappy and anxious and all that sort of stuff as well. And so, you know, these inflammation happens in the gut. We'll set out these molecules and these hormones that will absolutely change your mood and change your mood for the worst. 

Frank: (17:16)
And so, um, it's super important that we have those foods, fermented foods and bone broth and stuff like that that will improve the microbiome, the gut bacteria inside of our gut in order to improve our moods and help things with, uh, you know, like depression and stuff like that. And, uh, it's really good for anti-anxiety as they have a very healthy gut. And so, you know, you really are what you eat and so improving your gut microbiome is absolutely super, super important as well. Okay. The next thing is that you could get, um, you have increased bounds. There should be like a dope delicate dub moment. If we're obviously using bones to make bone broth, well then it would make sense that we're going to have all those nutrients in the bone broth that'll help with, uh, you know, really strong bones. So phosphorus, magnesium, calcium are all gonna be inside of your bone broth. 

Frank: (18:07)
And so it's extremely important to sip on those because those would be really, really great to be able to actually boost your ability to create bone. This could be really important for ladies who are, uh, you know, tall and more subject to have accepted called osteoporosis, which is a weakening of the bones. Super important to have those, um, to have those components inside of your diet because you can absolutely help strengthen your bones with that as well. Okay. Number eight is, uh, you could sleep better, um, and actually, uh, has a couple of constituents, one of which is called glycine. Glycine can actually help with, uh, [inaudible], excuse me, improving your energy during the day as well as helping you get more restful sleep late at night. Okay. So that was number eight. Number nine, we already talked about that. Uh, and actually like, we'll help you, uh, lose weight, which is, which is sort of interesting. 

Frank: (19:01)
The reason why is because it's sort of like this, like kind of like secondary reason, if you will, for Wydell help you actually lose weight. And I'm not saying that it's like absolutely 1000%. Like you start drinking bone broth, they're gonna immediately start losing weight. Like it's better than any, you know, uh, uh, thing out there on the market. If you will. But essentially what it is is there are different types of bacteria in the gut and what will happen is that if these particular types of bacteria are present inside the gut, your body can actually take the food and be able to remove more of the caloric, uh, density out of that food. And the long story short is that by dragging mom brought, you can help reduce the amount of those types of bacteria inside of your guts. And so therefore it's really important that, you know, if you drink bone broth, there might be the secondary effect of it may actually help with low weight loss. 

Frank: (19:55)
Okay. So that is, you know, one of those like scientific, like a, it was in published article. Uh, and so the long story short is between that and then some of the secondary effects of like, you feel more full and things like that. Having a, a nourishing bone broth might actually give you that, like feel good, like I don't need to eat as much and stuff like that. And so therefore you might actually, you know, be able to reduce your overall caloric intake, which may help with losing weight. I hope that makes sense because it's like not a direct causation, if you will. It's like, you know, the poem broth might in fact change that got health like we talked about earlier, change the microbiome and then by doing that, you know, you might feel more Sacious or, uh, you have more [inaudible] and so therefore you reduce the amount of total calories that you also consume and, uh, and that may lead the weight loss. 

Frank: (20:44)
So this isn't like, you know, a breakthrough going to lose 15 pounds in a month kind of thing. But, you know, feeling more healthy and reducing your caloric intake, of course, we'll in fact lose weight. So, and then the last thing that we wanted to talk about is that, uh, it actually can help with just really opening up the floodgate, if you will, for wanting to be more healthy. Okay. And so, you know, there is this understanding that I like to look at like better nutrition or better sleep or uh, better toxins in your environment in terms of reducing those, whatever way you get into being more healthy can certainly make those more choices. You start having this like understanding of like, Oh wow, this is like a, I call it a gateway drug of health. Um, you break into that and you're like, this is awesome. 

Frank: (21:31)
I, I really want to really start being born healthy. And so what you'll do is you'll actually start researching and figuring out different ways to improve your health outside of bone broth. And so that's number 10 right there. And that rounds out our top 10 reasons, or at least my top 10 reasons for why bone broth is extraordinarily healthy. So working in your diet, um, as best way you can. Now, if you don't want to make a, well, actually let me leave you with a couple of recipes for bone broth in the walls to talk about some different ways that if you're active and, and you're out of the house a lot and you don't necessarily have the time to kind of watch a, uh, uh, pot of bone broth simmer on your stove for 20 hours plus. Um, there are some really great, uh, healthy bone bras that we recommend and uh, we'll talk about those as well. 

Frank: (22:19)
So the way that we make our bone broth, as we start off with whatever bones we want to use now when it comes to beef bones, what we've realized is we, it, whether we want to make a, you know, a, it depends on whatever animal you'd like to use. So you've got to chicken base, you've got, we have lamb broth, we have, uh, beef broth, whatever you want to make it. We've realized that with beef broth, we want to roast those bones. Not only does it improve a depth of flavor, but it will actually help extract more of the collagen and bone marrow out of it. And so what we'll do is we'll actually even roast those in the oven, uh, for extended period of time, you know, just to start getting that collagen to start breaking down and becoming a more gelatinous. And then that's when we pop it into our instant pot and what we use. 

Frank: (23:04)
We use an instant pot. So we had our bones, the instant pot, we add that mirror plot like I talked about earlier, we put a garlic in it. Um, we love putting Apple cider vinegar in it. Uh, we put all of these different types of herbs that we know that we're going to get really good benefit from salt pepper. And then we just pop it on for like high pressure for 90 minutes. And we've got ourselves a nice luxurious bone broth. Okay. He actually got on my wife's website, the uh, the paleo mama.com. She has recipes for the type of bone broth that we actually make. And you can even pick up a copy of her book, which is the home apothecary. And she talks about like that, pick two or three different bone bras inside of that book alone. The other thing guys, is that okay, uh, you know, once we get done with that then we can actually, we place it flat inside of a zip lock bag. 

Frank: (23:52)
The reason why we use as a pie, you can use, um, you know, Tupperware or stuff like that if he wants to as well. But the reason why we do this, cause we make an impulse and so we want to be able to just freeze it, put it inside the freezer and pull it out as we need it. We warm it back up, uh, on the stove and stuff like that in order to be able to, to reheat it. Right. You know, get all the college or not go back into a liquid form and stuff like that. And so if you don't have all that kind of time, I'll the instant pot in 90 minutes, it's pretty fast. And now there's a couple of different bone broths. We really like up their student versions. We love this one called bone of fide and you can actually pick that up in most, uh, grocery stores. 

Frank: (24:26)
Uh, but board bonafide is fantastic for our on the go and stuff like that. It's essentially bonafide provisions. And then our friends over at kettle and fire have done a really awesome job of creating a shelf stable type of bone broth and they have beef, bone broth and chicken bone bras and those are really fantastic as well. And so those are the ones that we really, really enjoy. Those are the ones we use for soups and things like that when maybe we need something that's a little bit more quick and we haven't had an opportunity to make a bone broth, excuse me. We would like to reach for them. So that's it. Hopefully you learned something today. Um, I am really excited. I wanted to leave this out for the end. Now if you've made it all the way to the end of this podcast, is that we are, I'm pretty excited. 

Frank: (25:10)
I have the Prairie homestead. Uh, her name is Jill winger. You might know her. She is going to be coming on and we're going to be talking about some really awesome pixels she's got going on in her life, her, her and her husband and I, we're going to talk about more so some homesteading things and just natural health with chill wingers. So please stay tuned for that. Uh, that will be coming up in the next couple of weeks and I'm pretty excited to bring you that content. So, um, anyway, join our mailing list. I will put the, uh, the, the, the way that you can go ahead and do that. Join our Facebook live, or excuse me, our Facebook page. You can get all of these updates every single time I go live and stuff like that. But most, but most of all, get yourself in involved in this getaway. And so, or excuse me, this giveaway, $3,000 of stuff that I'll be sending away. So anyway, um, I'm Frank, it's been a pleasure as always, and here's to your good health and I hope you guys have a fantastic week. Take care. Take care. Everybody.

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