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Episode #40: What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger

Unconventional Wellness Radio
Episode #40: What Doesn't Kill You, Makes You Stronger

I get real and raw on this episode. Time for you to know my "why." Just have a listen - there is nothing else that I want to talk about on these shownotes. It is my journey to bring you Unconventional Wellness.

Here are the shownotes from today's episode:

Frank: (00:00)
Hey y'all and welcome to again to Unconventional Wellness Radio. I am Frank. I apologize, my my allergies are awesome right now my nose is stuffed and so I'm going to still bring this podcast to you because you need it and I need to bring it to you so I am not going to hold off any longer. I have been telling you for the last couple of episodes who was going to get my unconventional wellness program for free. That's my giveaway. I'm giving it away for free. If you have the handle kitty blue eyes, kitty blue eyes, you are the recipient of a free copy of my unconventional Wallace program. Congratulations. Email me at Frank at ritzy Central's dot com so I could get you hooked up with your free lifetime membership to unconventional wellness. Anyway, today guys, I am super excited about what I'm bringing you. It is massive value content. The reason why is because I'm gonna peel back the layers of who I am and explain why am I even doing this? What is my purpose for working in the wellness, unconventional space? And so anyway, stay tuned. I'll give you one that's coming at ya. I believe it's like episode 40, whatever. We're just going to keep these things rolling because I want to help you see you guys soon. 

Speaker 2: (01:19)
Hey everyone, welcome to unconventional wellness. Radio is a powerful and inspiring podcast, such a revolutionize and disrupt healthcare. It's time to put you in the driver's seat and be the force of change necessary for the lifestyle you've always wanted. 

Frank: (01:34)
Something has been heavy on my heart and I wanted to share that something with you tonight. If I feel it is, is my why. All right. And the reason why I'm actually doing this, I really want to, all right. So anyway, I'm Frank. If you don't know me. Um, my program is called unconventional wellness and it is launched. It's ready. Okay. It is my program. It's my enterprise program that describes all of the different things that I, myself has done both personally as well as, uh, you know, with patients, with other people, with colleagues, with friends, all that kind of stuff. Right? And so I wanted to make it available for you. I spent the last year developing the classes. Um, I, which is completely against all of the advice that I was given because a lot of people will say like whatever, you go online and you saw the class and that's what you do, right? 

Frank: (02:29)
You saw the class before you actually get to class for, you know, get a bunch of people to figure out what the uh, what you want or what have you and then just lay it out. Right. You lot of people actually create the courses as they are selling them and I didn't want to do that. Right. Cause that's not me. That's not how I roll. And so I had asked myself, well what do people will need? Right? So I wanted to ask that and I you need the app to traveling around the country here. Most recently talking to a lot of people who were very much interested in comas and thing is, is that what I heard the most was we needed someone to be able to describe to us wellness the way that you can and we need someone to be able to describe how matter of fact you are and give us all of the nitty gritties and essentially just tell us what to do. 

Frank: (03:20)
And that's exactly what I aim to do when I created unconventional wellness. So I do that with, when I talk about nutrition, I do that. When I talk about movement, I did that one. I talk about toxins, all five of my modules in my program. I talked about them, but I've realized something. It might be a little overwhelming and it might be a lot. And so I want to know what your questions are about it. Um, that's my question to you during this question and answer is even if you're catching this on replay, let me know. All right, write it down on the thread and let me know what your question is about the program and why is it really good for you. And then more so I would love to feed back, um, about why, what is holding you back, right? So like, you're here for content, you're here for advice and I'm just wondering like what do you need? 

Frank: (04:09)
Okay. Because at the end state is, and I'm going to say this over and over again, I couldn't care less about making money on this program, right? Like if I could give it away for free. I what the problem is is that it costs me money to host the program. Um, I gotta pay a monthly fee for that. It cost me money to host zoom calls and all that kind of stuff. So I got pay for that. And so at the very minimum, I want to be able to at least support that. So I can't do it for free. But the fact of the matter is, is that like, there is massive value in this. Okay. Um, but I don't want to tell you about that. I want to talk to you about like who I am, where I come from. Okay. So this is going to be like me opening up about myself and if I see people hop on here and give me some comments and all that kind of good stuff, then I absolutely will answer those. 

Frank: (04:52)
I'll take breaks and things like that. But I really wanted to ensure that people knew where I was coming from. Okay. First and foremost, I want to let you know something is that I did not have the radiused times like through my young adult life. Okay. Um, I had a lot of different situations that arose that, you know, called the school of hard knocks, something like that, but it just wasn't easy. Okay. And so I can't uphold that now into the fact that I am a depressed 21 year old. A guy who just recently lost my dad. All right? This was right after nine 11 as well, but just also recently lost my dad and I was hurting. And I can't imagine that I'm not talking to individuals out there that don't feel the same way that I do. Right. Like you're hurting. And so I didn't know what to do, but I figured I'm not going to stop. 

Frank: (05:46)
Okay. I'm just going to keep pressing on and I'm just going to keep going ahead. And so graduated college had no clue what I wanna do with my life. I felt like I was going to want to go to medical school, something like that. But, um, there was a lot of sand kicked in my face and so I didn't know what I wanted to do, so I just said whatever. Let me try to use my degree. Right? So I did, I graduated with a degree in exercise physiology and I thought I should just go be a personal trainer. I was not physically fit whatsoever. Okay. I had probably gained 40 to 50 pounds in maybe a couple of months because of the significant depression that I felt. It was a lot of emotional eating, a lot of emotional drinking to the point where I probably was, if I wasn't an alcoholic, I was at least a drunk. 

Frank: (06:33)
And so, um, cause I use it as my medication to numb myself. Okay. And so I, uh, I still said whatever, I kind of do something with myself, right? Because I'm sitting here to now taking care of my widowed mom and myself. And so I said, I got to do something. So I went and I became a personal trainer. But like I said, I was like 40 or 50 pounds overweight. I didn't even realize that I didn't have the card stacked up against me. Okay. And so I shut up and somehow I get a job. Um, actually it took me, it's okay. I took an opportunity on me, so I was helping people. Again, that was, that's the one common thread that I known that I've always wanted to do is I've always wanted to help people. And so I started personal training and clients were getting in really great shape. 

Frank: (07:14)
And so the question of course was being asked to me from coworkers like, well, why aren't you getting in shape? And I was like, after some time I was like, gosh, you're absolutely right. Like, what am I doing with myself? I'm sitting here giving people knowledge about how they can do it, but why am I not doing myself? So I started doing it myself. I started getting in shape. Then I started realizing that I was getting some confidence, right? So like everybody who lose a little bit of weight, we get some confidence. And so I started going and saying to myself, I feel like I'm destined for something more. Okay. Like I was not making bad money. Guys in the early two thousands I think most of us would have been happy with a high four to a low five figure per month. I was a 23 year old college graduate making pretty good money. 

Frank: (07:55)
And so, Oh, [inaudible] yeah. [inaudible] in one pathway. But I didn't want it. Something more. I didn't, I feel that I was doing what I was destined to do and that was ultimately helping people. Okay. I didn't feel like I was helping people enough. I've always, I hate to say it, but it's been this expanding mushroom. I've always wanted to do more. Like what else can I do to help more people? And so I said to myself, I said, I'm going to just go ahead and join the military. So my father was in the military. Both my brothers were in the military. It made sense that I wasn't going to be the only Ritz in my family who didn't serve in some form or fashion. And so I said, whatever, I'm going to drop it all. I'm going to join the military. I went, I joined the military in a medical type of MOS. 

Frank: (08:41)
I was a combat medic. Okay. I was going to start helping people again, like big time. Right. I couldn't even imagine at that time, I couldn't even imagine a cooler way to serve or to serve people join as a combat medic did some time, um, initially in my enlistment and then had the opportunity to go become an officer. And so I was sent to officer candidate school. They found for some reason they found a reason, a tournament on officer's zone and Kevin officer. But when you become an officer in the military, often they do take a look at what you used to do, but then they really also say, well that's all well and good, but we really need you for this. And so they put me in a position where I was involved in maintenance that was over soldiers who their job was to fix trucks and weapons, all right. And weapons systems and all that other stuff. 

Frank: (09:34)
I did it because I pretty much was told to do it right? Like that's, I signed up, I signed the dotted line. That's what I was supposed to do. So during my first deployment as an officer in a Calvary unit to the middle East, all right, we were near Baghdad. I embraced it. I did the best that I possibly could. The fact of the matter was is that despite whatever personal feelings I had about like you know, my passions or whatnot, here's the deal. I was still serving because I was still serving people. Cause now I was able to invest my time in soldiers, like I was their platoon leader, I was there, uh, executive officer. I had time to be able to really spend time with my soldiers. And so like, of course that need was being filled about maybe halfway through this deployment I go, I got to get back into medicine. 

Frank: (10:22)
Like I started getting this little twin in the back of my head and I was, I said, I really want to help people heal. I really need to help people heal. And so, um, I decided whatever, let's go ahead and try it for PA school. So I put together my application, I put together my packet, I sent it away, I get accepted to PA school. Awesome. Right? Like I'm going to go be a medical provider now. Like I can't think of a better way to serve. And so I did my two years, it was about two years for my training. You know, you do the year of in the classroom and then you, you do a year of clinical rotations. I finish up, I've got my degree, I have my certification now. I'm ready to go set up certain people and that's when the real grind started. 

Frank: (11:02)
Okay. Like I was not going to allow any of those things to keep me from my ultimate goal of always helping people. This is my lifelong Michigan guys. Like I am not going anywhere. I want to help people. And here's the thing, I started believing in, I need to give a prescription for everything. I need to, um, do everything that I possibly can. I need to irradiate people with lots of x-rays cause I'm a problem solver and I, that's what people need. And I come to find out that that's really not what you needed in the active duty military. Okay? These folks were actually really sick and these folks were really sick because whether you have served a day or not, they have horrible lifestyles. Okay? Like the lifestyle of a soldier is ridiculous in terms of the vast majority of them that some of them are stuck instead out. 

Frank: (11:58)
It's okay, really, really great shape. Totally take care of themselves and all that kind of stuff. But some of these folks super sick, they smoke a lot. They drank a lot of energy drinks. They don't, uh, pay attention to what they eat and all that kind of stuff. Right. And so I needed to do something. So there's something was start to talk to a lot of different colleagues and other natural care providers because I said, despite all my best efforts, these folks aren't really getting better. Right. Um, they're, they're having multiple side effects. They're on multiple medications, they're zombies. I can't do this to him anymore. And so I started really diving into Eastern medicine and natural healing modalities. And so that's where I started developing my understanding of natural wellness. And so I started doing these things with myself. I am a product of the product. 

Frank: (12:47)
When I say that I did not know this, but apparently at the time, I mean all makes full sense now is that genetically I have really blush that's like super high scares. Most providers high. Okay. Um, for the age that I am and stuff like that. This was like when I was back in my mid twenties. Okay. So like super high skyrocketed cholesterol. Um, other labs were looking OK and stuff like that, but really, really, really a problem with the cholesterol. Thankfully I didn't smoke it. They're doing all those other things, but I didn't have the type of lifestyle. Even me, I'm have to do identical type of lifestyle. I did. So I had to tell myself, what can I do to make myself better? Well, it started with the paleo diet. That's the diet that Jackie and I both started, um, 15 years ago now. Like something like that, right? 

Frank: (13:35)
Like 15, 30, 10 to 15 years ago, somewhere around there. And we found out that here is the philosophy that we developed over all those years. We started following the paleo diet. We started getting really healthy. I dropped my cholesterol by 60 points. It went from like the mid two fifties to like, I think I was in like the one eighties and then I do the following month and I think I went down in another 15 points more. And that was without anything. Like I had status, these medications that, um, a good friend of mine just posted this and he's a cardiologist. He said that out of, if you look at these treatment wires, these wire diagrams, seven out of nine different outcomes automatically say PR prescribed a stat. That's what they actually say. Okay. Depending upon different labs and whatever. But seven out of nine guys, I mean that's crazy is that we're just simply just Penn stroking a prescription and saying, here you go. 

Frank: (14:30)
And that's, and that's the, the issue with our healthcare system is that we are so burdened with seeing folks in such a short period of time because everything is all about, you know, people, people, people, people, people move, move, move, move, move, CCC, CCC, um, that it's really hard to actually focus on the person. Right? And so that started giving me a really bad taste in my mouth as I was like, I don't want to be a person who's prescribed these medications, nor do I want to be the person that prescribes these medications because it is possible that people can get better. And so that's why I took a personal challenge on myself and I said, let me follow the paleo diet for like 30 days. Make sure that I get the right type of workout. I started doing some, a high interval, a high intensity interval training, and my cholesterol got better, right? 

Frank: (15:19)
I got out in the sun more, I drank a lot more water, I cut out sodas, I cut out snacks, I ate at particular times and I only ate these particular foods. And so the common thread has always been clean eating. That is the one thing that I can tell you if you take away one step on all of this, clean eating works, okay? 60 to 70% of like situations, finding out like health issues can be cleaned up with nutrition. All right? There's lots of people doing paleo dance. There's lots of people do on the autoimmune protocol. There's lots of people doing Quito. You probably can't even be on Facebook and not see an ad for somebody who is actually promoting those. Okay? These diets can help, but if you like your grains and if you want to have a more sensible heart-healthy type of diet, well then why are you limiting yourself to just one particular diet plan? 

Frank: (16:13)
Right? So like that's where I wanted to come in as I wanted to say what are the other diet plans that we know, whether they are backed by scientific evidence or really great empirical data and testimonies, why don't you need to know about those as well and so that's what I set out to do is I wanted you to be able to say, okay, what are my goals? What do I need to do? What am I trying to accomplish? Am I trying to get heart-healthy? Am I trying to heal my gut? Am I trying to lose some weight? Am I trying to cut my salt, lower my blood pressure? What am I trying to do? That's why I personalized my nutrition module for you. Okay. I did that with all my modules because I realize that different types of exercises at different times of work, surprisingly enough, I have done and still do yoga. 

Frank: (17:02)
All right. I am not a master Yogi. I definitely would not say that, but at least one time a week I tried to get a really fantastic stretch routine. Why? Number one, I'm getting older and flexibility is huge. Yoga centers you, which is phenomenal for somebody who has post traumatic syndrome symptoms. Okay? And it just works for me. Okay, I do acupuncture. I have done meditation. All right? I have done these things and I want to let you know what can work depending upon what your need is. I do the same exact thing in my movement module. Okay? I do this with sleep. I give you bad, a awesome A-grade steps to understand how to get better sleep and of course I want to help you detoxify and what really hits the heart of it is how can I help you in your stress and anxiety? 

Frank: (17:54)
How can I help you mitigate that, use it for the plumbing the back as I was just telling somebody earlier today that in my personal life, my, when I was early on in my marriage, I was able to hammer home nutrition and exercise. That was not a problem for me. Like I was able to stay super stringent. Okay? I was feeling better, I was losing weight and all that kind of stuff. Problem was, I wasn't dealing with what's going on up here. Okay? I was an angry man. I was an anxious man. I was a frustrated man. I was on pins and needles for the dumbest things. Okay. And I didn't like that about myself. And I realized that despite all of my exercise and despite all of my great nutrition, I still was missing something because this was making the rest of this not feel good. 

Frank: (18:47)
And so I had to focus on this. And so I started really diving into understanding stress and anxiety at their core levels and then what did they do to the body? And then what can we do to really help counterbalance those and bring real healing to your body when it comes to this stuff. Okay. We've got a society who is killing themselves at massive, massive, crazy rates. All right? Something that hits home to me is I was, as I had suicidal depression at one point in my life, I absolutely under no circumstances felt like I needed to be here. And this was after my first deployment. This was when the posttraumatic stress really set in. And so, um, I mean I had some legitimate issues. Um, I couldn't drive like, well I remember being on the interstate and while I was in Iraq, there were Jersey barriers. 

Frank: (19:42)
And on these Jersey barriers, one of the tactics of the enemy was to put a bomb on a Jersey barrier cause it's about the right height to be able to kind of blow into the windows and the door of the, uh, Humvees that we drove around and the other trucks that we drove around. And a lot of people got injured with that tactic. And so a lot of us, we refer to it as, you either do the sideways lean right and you like lean in because that's going to protect you from a blast. We all start stupidly, but literally everybody would like be pointed on whatever side of the vehicle you were on. You were pointing towards the middle. Um, but then the other thing was is that like, you know, I had buddies who got injured and so like this just really stuck with me. 

Frank: (20:16)
And when I moved to the city that we did that I did my first, um, when I came back from my deployment and I went to PA school [inaudible] there was a lot of interstate construction going on and there was these Jersey barriers, the same exact Jersey barriers that I saw, hundreds, the thousands of them in the middle East. Um, Palm sweating, heart racing. I mean, just this uncomfortable feeling all over anxiety. I'd probably had super shallow, fast breathing. And I realized on the interstate at 60 miles an hour, everybody's their horns at me. And I remember recollecting, looking down at my odometer, I'm going 22 miles an hour on the interstate. So not only was I a threat to myself, I goodness God, I was, that was a threat to other people. And so, you know, I've told Jackie this many times, I told my wife this many times. 

Frank: (21:05)
She thankfully gave me a reason to live. And from that, because of the fact that I found a reason to live, that's what I needed. I needed to find out what is my purpose. And now I have been born again. I do not. I consider it and plain as day tell you that I don't feel like I suffer from post traumatic stress and the symptoms much anymore. I guess I do have some drama with hypervigilance. I mean like my house is set up like Fort Knox and I mean, gosh, you can see right back there. You see that that's my key bed for my, um, extremely good security system. But needless to say is that I still have things that I don't know if I'll ever get rid of them. Right. But I like to look at them as now an advantage, right? Like I'm not numb to things. 

Frank: (21:55)
Instead, now I am acutely aware. Okay. Um, yes, I sometimes over plan for things and what have you and can drive some people a little bit bad and do include myself. But quite honestly, the important thing, uh, by the way, Hey Christine, I just finally popped up here and saw your message. But anyway, um, that is where I've been able to take the, the healing process really, really well. And so what I've done is I've learned is really great modalities that work, their medical modalities that work. But then how can we support the effort that we're putting in, right? Because like going into a session like EMDR is a wonderful thing if you guys have never actually looked into it and you've had a traumatic experience happen to you. Okay. It could be like, guys, I'm just going to get real. It could be sexual abuse that you suffered when you were younger. 

Frank: (22:45)
It could be, um, abused from a, from a family member. I mean, it could be you witnessed a horrific car accident. Okay. God forbid you weren't involved in a crime, something essentially that you, mm. A lot of your life was in danger or where you thought that somebody else was going to die. Okay. Like think nine, 11. Right. That was a PTs nightmare in terms of all of the things of all the people that were affected by that, I mean probably upwards of millions because you had people, of course they were right there at ground zero experiencing the fact that probably their friends and loved ones were in those towers. And then you had people who are watching folks tragically fall out of these towers. A lot of them were just deciding that there was nothing better that they could do and they were jumping. 

Frank: (23:37)
But long story short is that millions of folks who watched that were just affected by it. And so yeah, I say all that because the trauma that is in you or the trauma that is unfortunately, but fallen you does not need to be the thing that you carry with you for the rest of your life. And so there are modalities out there that are really working, but it doesn't require you to do just one thing. You gotta hammer at it. Okay, you really got to do, you're going to hammer at it over the course of time. It's taken me years to feel this way. It's taken me years to sit here and look at you and say, I don't nearly feel the symptoms that I used to. Um, I used to be that guy who when I went out to a restaurant, I couldn't sit anywhere, but in that corner I had to sit in the corner. 

Frank: (24:18)
You could put baby in the corner at that point. Okay. Um, but I had to sit in the corner. I had to see everything that was going on and I had to face the door. Right? I'm sitting backwards right now and yeah, granted I could see my door, but that don't bother me anymore. Or at least it doesn't bother me nearly as much. Okay. So I'm letting you know that because there is hope for you. There is a world of healing that can happen for you and I want to help you see that. I want to help bring that to light. And that is my mission. My mission is, it remains to be just that it remains to be helping you. All right? We now have the capability where I have the ability to get on my computer or like zoom call with a group of folks and be able to actually talk to you and help provide individualized, personalized help for all of you. 

Frank: (25:08)
I will meet you right where you're at. I mean, I don't know very many folks that are able to do that and that's what I want to be able to bring you with my program. Okay. But I'm letting you know right now the program is going to be closed. All right? There has been people that have signed up and I'm going to diligently work with those people. They deserve my attention, they deserve my help, and they've reached out to me. So I'm going to reach out to that. I would love for you to join us, but the fact of the matter is I'm closing my program off to new people very, very soon. All right? You can count on, you can count on it in less than two hands. I am going to close it because I want to focus on the people that have invested their time and their resources. 

Frank: (25:49)
So I can invest into them. So what are you waiting for? All right. If you have an issue that you would like to discuss about like, well I got a question about this or I had to you know, think about that. Or if you think that it would be a value that I go in there and show you what my content is all about, I'd be happy to do so. But you gotta let me know. You gotta let me know what you need. All right, I'm not prescribing anything. This is not something where if I have nutritional help or like saving, like my nutrition is great, I think that's wonderful. But the fact of the matter is it's like have we considered the other aspects of wellness? If you consider the other pillars, because all of them are important. And so that's what I want to do is I want to help deconstruct this thing, boil it down, disseminate it down, and give you action steps, practical action steps that you can in place right now in order to be able to start getting some actual help. 

Frank: (26:37)
Okay? And I'm here for you, but you gotta let me know that you're there. All right? You gotta let me know that you're there. I'm this thing, it's not a matter of days. All right? And I'm going to focus on my folks who have jumped on board. Okay? I'm letting you know that right now that it will be closed. So what's the value of this? Okay, well, if I had to put a value on something, and I'm being completely honest, I have seen a nutritional program, right? Go for like anywhere between $300 and a thousand dollars nutrition only. And I might be just be one diet that might just be one diet plan where somebody talks to you about like paleo and autoimmune, which is a great diet. Don't get me wrong, I mean like plenty of research, plenty of folks out there with lots of amazing testimonies that their gut is healed in their life has changed. 

Frank: (27:24)
I'm not downplaying paleo or autoimmune, I'm just using it as an example. But the fact of the matter is, is that that's just that one diet that people are charging 300 to a thousand dollars for. You know? I mean, you might get lucky, you might find it for a hundred 150 something like that, but let's face it, when you talk about 10 diets like I do, you are getting a $500 at least section module that I could charge for. I don't charge that. Okay? When you move the same thing as applicable to my movement exercise, all right? That's a $200 program. At least you're getting that for the price that I have listed, the, you know, [inaudible] you're going to get all five. Okay? Hmm. No, I'm getting better sleep. I mean, think about the amount of time that you would take to go to a sleep specialist to pay them for them to try to do a bunch of things, do a bunch of tests and stuff like that for them to do all this amazing stuff and you spend this money and time, or I could just tell you how to do it on your own and that invaluable, right? 

Frank: (28:20)
Like take, take this provider's understanding and how I can improve your health in that way. All right? How I can help you in that way, that alone has gotta be worth 500 bucks. You know, cause I used to charge people for this stuff. I mean, come on, you come and see me depending upon how much I actually saw you and the amount of time that we were exposed to one another in terms of our talks and all that kind of stuff. You call that a patient contact thing, right? I mean, that started a 150 bucks. Right? Um, the other thing is, is, uh, the, the toxins. I mean, where do you even start? Well, I'm gonna give you practical advice on that. Okay. A couple hundred dollars probably in valued for that, right? So what are we at right now? Like 1,502 grand, something like that. And then, and then the last thing is combating stress and anxiety and you know that's at least another couple of hundred dollars. 

Frank: (29:05)
So we're talking like easily around two grand for a program like this. I'm not charging that. Okay. I am charging you to get started with my basic aversion. 37 bucks is 37 bucks. Really not worth it, right? Like don't we spend more money than that on a gym membership when I can be bringing you practical, real world advice, proven real world advice that can absolutely help you. And if it doesn't, guess what? I've got money back guarantee. All right? If you needed something else, I guarantee that if you don't feel where you need to be feeling in days, we'll work something out. All right? You'll either get crazy overboard, Frank, where I'll just like want to like beef up crazy customer service. We'll give you your money back and I you can count on that. Okay. I mean, my goal is not to make millions here. 

Frank: (29:56)
My goal is to help millions. That's what I want to do. That is my heart and that is what I am here for is to help people. Okay, so do it for yourself. All right? If you've got, I'm trying not, I'm trying not to, well up here with some tears and I'm sorry that I kind of hijacked as Q and a to pour my heart out for you. Is that aye? I don't want to do anything but help you where you're at. My heart is heavy with people who are struggling. You shouldn't be having to worry about struggling with your health guys and girls. That should not be like a thing. Okay? There are far too many folks out there, myself included that are here for you. All you've gotta do is reach out, right? Like I used to tell my patients all the time and I had diabetic patients at 25 I mean this wasn't uncommon. 

Frank: (31:02)
I'm going to reach out this far, right? Like this is this. If this is 100% I'm gonna reach my 50% no problem. I have no questions or reservations to reach out 50% but you have to do this. You've got to reach back, right? I, I can't drag you kicking and screaming and telling you this is what you need. This is Virginia and take attack hammer and like beat it over your head. What am I going to do besides bruise your head? Instead I need you to understand I'm here. You get me with the program. I am the program. I want to reach out, give you my resources for whatever I can and meet you where you're at. I mean, my program is available on a tablet. It's available on a smart phone. It's available on your desktop, whatever. I am making myself super available to you because that's because I love you. 

Frank: (31:59)
I love people and this is my mission in life. My mission is to help people heal themselves. That's it. That's, it has taken me 40 years. I turned 41 this month. Guys. I don't want a birthday present. I'm just telling you, I turned 41 this year or this month. Excuse me. And that is what my purpose on planet earth is about, is nothing on earth that has happened in the previous 40 years has not kept me from flying this plane to its ultimate purpose of helping people always call me a bit of a romantic when it comes to, I love helping people with all of these things, but let's find out where you are and where do you need your help. And then of course, how can I help you? That's it. That's it. Okay. I'm old school. All right. I answered the phone. I say, how can I help you? 

Frank: (32:57)
And that's what I'm here for. I want genuine, honest, real, Oh well this you okay? Sure. Informative. I think we can do this in 90 days. No sweat. If you're willing to put in the time and the effort and show me what you would like to do, I will. I will meet you at 50% okay? But I'm letting you guys know this program is going away. I'm locking it up. Okay. I am. I am locking this up in the next couple of days. All right. And it might not be offered for this price ever again. And that's just because this was my introductory, get it out there and let the world see it and all that kind of stuff. I'll let you know something cool about my program. I've actually been asked by a government agency, and I don't want to necessarily go massive in the details, but I've been asked by a government agency to actually provide this for people and I know like at least the continental United States level, but probably would go beyond because there are folks that who this will become available to who are currently out in other countries. 

Frank: (34:04)
And so I say that because it's like, aye, this to me that's a, that's a realization that this thing is like world-class, right? Like this is like world-class. Like this is like something that, aye. I almost felt like you remember Frank the tank from like old school, right? Where he like did the debate scene. If you haven't seen it, just do me a favor and just go and look at that debate scene cause it was hilarious. But frankly, tank played by, uh, by will Ferrell was debating against, um, the raging Cajun. Unfortunately, I cannot remember his exact name, but he's a gentleman that was pretty popular in the 1990s. I can't remember what news station he was on. But anyway, bald head glasses, uh, helped me out in the comments. If you're gonna remember what his name was. I know it was known the raging Cajun, but anyway, long story short is there was a scene where he supposedly did a debate with him and it was so funny that like he did it a made, it sounded incredible. 

Frank: (34:58)
And then at the end he goes, what was that all? Oh, and that's how I felt like when I was creating this right. Like it was like literally like I was on like this different level. Like I don't, I don't even understand where I was, but apparently the information was flowing. Um, and that's what happens when, you know, personal experience and the ability to earn the knowledge meets up with passion. When those two things collide, greatness can happen. I'm not saying I'm great. What I'm saying is that greatness happened. Okay. By all means. I am, I am Uber humble when it comes this like this is something that like I am the, the end state for the understanding of many different factors playing into my life. Mentors, colleagues, uh, associates, I mean patients teaching me stuff, uh, uh, friends and family members teaching me stuff. 

Frank: (35:53)
Like I've just soaked it all in. And uh, and of course personal research. And so like greatness was able to be provided in this program. Like I really feel like it is pretty solid. And, and the thing is, is like when you become part of the unconventional wellness warrior tribe, you're in it for life. Like it's not like, Oh, you get it for the 90 days and it's like Tootles you know, like you're done. That's it. You paid your 30 bucks and have a nice one. No, you're in it for life. So like I will be updating this material, I will be putting new modules or not new modules, excuse me, but at least new courses in their new videos. Now it's pretty dynamic. Like, you know, if you do the $47 package, which I'm saying like these are the payment plan options, you know, a four payments of 47 bucks gets you into the Facebook group and the Facebook group is where you're going to get me to like just literally brain dump this information on you weekly and like get the positive support back from you, what you're telling me, what's going on, what's good, bad or different and we work it out. 

Frank: (36:59)
So you're getting that as well. So, um, that alone, I mean when you start adding stuff like that guys, I mean the program alone and I are kind of went over the value, but now you're getting me. So it's like, I don't think I'm, I don't think I'm something that's worth $5,000 an hour. That's stupid. But instead, you know, the value of that I would feel would be, I would love that. Right? Like, I would love the ability to just like say like, Hey man, this is what [inaudible] like help me, you know? And like then we can start helping each other, right? So you can like pick my brain and then you got this person over here that has a win about this particular diet plan that they've been following. You've got that person over here who's like killing it with like detoxing their body and this other person's like, I had a really cool workout plan and you know what I mean? 

Frank: (37:44)
So like it becomes a cohesive, bigger than ourselves. Everybody contributes kind of thing. All I ended up doing is just kind of sitting back, monitoring it, moderating it and providing my pieces to it. But it's all of you guys that build the puzzle. I mean, how cool is that, right? Like it takes a tribe. It takes, I can build here is that not only do I want to help you, but I empower people to help each other because that is like, that is true greatness right there. That becomes something huge, right? Like I learned that concept in the army. You don't want that stuff unless you have experience, guys. All right. And I say guys and girls, I mean both men and women of course. But you learn that through experience. You learn that as, as surrendering yourself to be bigger, a bigger part of the whole. 

Frank: (38:33)
All right? And, and that right there, there was like, there's healing in that. I mean, just knowing that you belong is cool. Huge. When you've got something like that, right? Like how many of us do not get the nice, amazing, warm and fuzzy when you feel like you're, you, you were Dustin and necessary to be there. That's awesome. Okay. So, and that's about all that. The question is, is where are you, okay. The question is, where are you, I want you to jump on this thing because I had done this. You've gotten my 50%. Okay. I will be happy to meet you halfway. There's the line. I'm ready to meet you. Okay. But it's up to you. I'm closing this thing here very shortly. I've been monitoring my chat. I actually don't see, um, I don't see what you wanna call it. I don't see, uh, any comments. 

Frank: (39:30)
I see comments about what I've been talking about, but maybe I've just been blathering on and nobody really wants to, nobody really wants to ask questions but that's fine. But I just wanted to come out here and at least tell you my heart guys. Um, this is it. This is me. Like this is me super transparent. Like I have no problem telling you about my pitfalls and my pain points and the things that have just crushed me over the years. And uh, and I'll let you know that I am a walking example of perseverance and every single day it's a new adventure and I'm learning more about myself and you know, to look back at all of those things that I have experienced in order to be able to sit here today and know that my best way of being able to heal even more now is to help people start healing guys. 

Frank: (40:16)
I couldn't be any more blessed with anything else. I mean that to me is like, that's it. That is like, once again, that is like what things I have experienced meeting that passion. I mean that's perfect right there. To me that is greatness. That is like, that's it. So that's my why guys. My why is you all right. My why is you, how can I help you? All right. Hi, I am grateful beyond measure for all the people that took time in me and were able to help me get this understanding of myself and now I'm offering myself, I want to help you and I can't do that if I don't know who you are. And if you're just kind of passively going through the motions and you know, to be honest with ya, not that your content in your ways, but you just are stuck and you need some traction. 

Frank: (41:13)
Well like I said, there's that hand, right? There's that hand. Let me help you up because people had to do it to me and it's my turn to pay it forward now. And that's what I want to do. So anyway, that's my program guys. Unconventional wellness, real and holistic change in 90 days following the five pillars of unconventional on this, which are nutrition movement, getting better sleep, reducing those toxins and combating that stress. And anxiety. It's my enterprise program. Guys, this is me. I mean, this is everything that I have learned over the years to be able to help dozens of people. And now I want to help you. I just have never offered myself like this before. I've always done it one on one, but I need to help the masses. I want to help people where they are. And so anyway, I'm closing it soon. 

Frank: (41:59)
I think I've said this now three times. When I used to say that in the military, I would start stomping on the floor and knocking on something and let you know it's important. So this is important. I'm closing it soon. Okay? I'm going to focus on those folks who have taken the step that I've asked them to take, and they've started to meet me half halfway. Um, I'm asking you to do the same. So please let me know what your questions are. You're quitting your concerns. Um, how can I help you? How can I show you? I'd be happy to get on here and do a mock module, whatever, whatever it takes to help give you that warm and fuzzy to know that this program is probably for you, okay? We all could use better health and wellness. I mean the numbers don't lie guys. 

Frank: (42:36)
Three point $5 trillion spent in healthcare every single year. If you didn't catch my podcast, there's a link to it on this page. Um, there's a link to it on the post that I did earlier, but three point $5 trillion spent on healthcare, 18% of our gross domestic product, that's a huge number, okay? Of which at least 50% of that chronic preventable illness, right? B [inaudible] pressure, obesity, like metabolic syndrome stuff, heart disease. These are all lifestyle mitigated things. All right? And if we were to change our lifestyle, we can change our destiny. It is possible. All right? I'm a walking example and I've got folks that have done it too. So, and you hear about the, you hear about the stories all over, okay? But how do you fit into the picture? You got to figure it out. All right. And that's what I'm here for. So anyway, wanted to go on, much love to you guys. 

Frank: (43:38)
Um, I'm just like this song, if you don't know who I am, I'm just a real person. I was perfectly named, my name is Frank and that's how I act and that's how I talk. I'm very matter of fact. And the reason why is because I think that now more than ever, this is what we need. Okay? Like I, we need legitimate, practical understanding of these things. We can make legitimate change. So anyway, I hope you have a wonderful night. If you don't need this program, do me a favor, share this program with a friend because they might need your help and this would be a wonderful way for you to pay it forward to somebody else. Okay? If you're looking for that one good act to do every single day to help benefit somebody else, tango, tag them in this video or better yet, send them my way, give them the information and let them know that I'm here for them. 

Frank: (44:26)
So hope you guys have a blessed week. Um, and I appreciate it. I didn't see any questions, but that's not a bad thing. Um, I will, you know, wait a second. Can I see one last question? I promise. And then I promise I'll wrap this thing up. So, um, Deanna, I would offer to you as that answers that question. Um, possibly yes. And I would absolutely love to help you uncover what you think might be is going on underneath. And I rest assured, you know, we have to attack this thing from multiple ways. So I think that we absolutely can see some really great change in you. Um, and I would love to help you experience that change. So, um, anyway, um, I don't see any other questions except for Shane. Shane said, how do I start? Perfect. I will put the link on here. 

Frank: (45:18)
No worries. And, uh, and I hope to see you guys. All right. Come join us on our unconventional whiners. Fine. Let's try it. Okay. Um, come be part of the Facebook group. Uh, you know, it's an unconventional wellness with Frank widths. Um, you can, like I said, check out my podcast. It's just unconventional on this radio. I'm pretty redundant. So I'm checking out, check us out there. Okay. Um, email me right there. You'd have the capability of emailing me on these lengths. So email me, let me know what your concerns or questions or whatever it is. I'm here to help guys. This is my mission. This is my focus. This is my purpose. So anyway, I'll sign off from there. Um, y'all have a very good week and we will definitely see you guys very, very soon. Take care. Everybody.

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