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Episode #37: The Online Unconventional Wellness Program is HERE!

Unconventional Wellness Radio
Episode #37: The Online Unconventional Wellness Program is HERE!

This is exactly what the "experts" do not know.

Go through all that training just to not understand how to educate people in a healthy lifestyle. It is one of the biggest epidemics plaguing our healthcare system today. Well that changes...now.

My online program, Unconventional Wellness finally will teach you how to implement natural, real, holistic strategies to achieve optimal health. By using the 5 Pillars of Unconventional Wellness:

  • Nutrition (Diet)
  • Movement (Exercise)
  • Getting Better Sleep
  • Combatting Stress and Anxiety
  • Removing Harmful Toxins

You can get out from the drugery of conventional, expensive medications and procedures - and use modern medicine for the real problems in life. Your body is an amazing instrument, capable of powerful healing. You just have to take care of it - Unconventional Wellness will teach you how to do that.

With that being said: here it is! The link that will start you on your Wellness Journey, for good!


I am releasing the Official Program for purchase on THIS Friday, Spetember 27th! I cannot wait for you to join our Wellness Warrior Tribe!


Shownotes for today's Podcast:

Frank: (00:00)
Hey and welcome to unconventional wellness radio. I am your host, frank and I am a silly excited about today's podcast. Why? Because I can give actionable illness. The program itself is coming. It is our prelaunch week, meaning that on Friday I am going to release all the juicy details so you can get your hands on to unconventional wellness for yourself at just a ridiculous, ridiculously huge value. So stay tuned. I've got all the details on the podcast, episode 37 unconventional on US radio talk soon. Hey everyone and welcome to unconventional wellness. Radio is a powerful and inspiring podcast, such a revolutionize and disrupt healthcare. It's trying to put you in the driver's seat and be the force of change necessary for the lifestyle you've always wanted. Oh Man, I am so stupid. Excited right now. I'm my sounded like a nineties kid, I think. I guess I am. 

Frank: (00:56)
Uh, anyway, welcome to the simulcast between Facebook live and my podcast on conventional wellness radio. If you are tuning in, this is my prelaunch week, meaning that launch of unconventional wellness officially is happening on next Monday, the 30th of September. But here is the deal. I am going to give a ridiculously good deal on my program and I'm going to give it to you, make sure that you listen up until the end of this podcast because you'll know and you'll get all the details in order to be able to actually see exactly what is going on. So all this week, all I am doing is just trying to pump as much information to you as I possibly can. I want to give you the entire farm for free because that's just how I am. I am so privileged to be able to understand how people work in a very natural way and how I can help promote your fitness and your wellness to levels that you have never even imagine. 

Frank: (02:06)
Okay. I am so thrilled to be able to bring this to you, uh, over the last 10 years, uh, both on the patient side of the House as well as the provider side of the house. I have worked on myself and with other patient friends of mine, if you will, to figure out exactly how to do this wellness lifestyle in such a way that it actually makes sense and it helps free us from the just issues that are come around with conventional means. Okay. Once again, I am super thrilled that we live in a society where we absolutely have great modern medicine at our fingertips. I mean, people are getting cured from significant conditions and significant illnesses even as I am speaking on this podcast or on this Facebook live. So I am thrilled that we have that kind of a lifestyle. Um, excuse me, that we have that kind of a medicine to be able to do that. 

Frank: (03:05)
But here's the problem. The problem is, is that we have far too many conditions that are chronic. You probably have heard me say this before, but 80% of illnesses in America that cost us trillions of dollars per year are chronic. Meaning that one, our, excuse me, that eight out of every 10 people have some form of a chronic illness, whether it be chronic musculoskeletal pain or a heart condition or diabetes, uh, just regular high blood pressure, whatever. They have a chronic preventable illness. That is the problem is that these are preventable. So we are spending trillions of dollars per year on surgeries that probably don't need to happen. Medications that don't need to be prescribed because we are choosing inappropriate lifestyles. And so now what I am going to do is bring you away to get out from all of that. If you are spending hundreds of dollars in copays and, and what seems like thousands of dollars and needless procedures and surgeries, I want to let you know that this can be for you. 

Frank: (04:14)
This is a way that you can help your condition to be able to get it through the appropriate nutrition movement, getting better sleep, reducing that stress, and reducing those toxins out of your life. Folks, this stuff does in fact work. I have a lot of my own personal testimonies. I'm gonna just start with those. So my own personal testimonies are this, I have chronic back pain, chronic knee pain, chronic shoulder pain now, and also high cholesterol. And the reason why I've been able to combat those and control them in a much more therapeutic and holistic sense is because I have been attacking this for years now using the means that I have come up with, with unconventional wellness. I eat better now. I mean like I eat clean whole food. Uh, I don't feel like I'm actually like starving myself whatsoever. I mean like I'm actually eating things that are truly incredible and I feel satiated, right? 

Frank: (05:17)
And I feel like I'm not missing out at all. Okay. So the Diet was like, just crucial for me. Okay. With the Diet alone that I chose, which so happened at that time, I was choosing to use the Paleolithic Diet. Um, by all means, I am not recommending any one particular diet on my program. I recommend lots of different diets depending upon what you need personally. Okay. But the Paleo Diet Lithic diet is what I felt like I needed it. And so I did a lot of research. I started to decrease the amount of grains that I ate and surprisingly enough, my cholesterol, that was like 245 okay. Total cholesterol. My LDL I think was in the two hundreds both of them definitely high through 30 days of eating Paleo, exercising the right way. I was able to drop those numbers to like in the one 60 days for total cholesterol. 

Frank: (06:10)
My bad cholesterol dropped into like the 90s my good cholesterol went up, which is good because that actually protects your heart and your cardiovascular system and my ratios improved. So diet alone helped me and the funny thing is is I was eating vegetables, a little bit of fruit and meat and oils and fats, but the thing was is I was getting all of these healthy fats instead of putting my body into an inflammatory state where the cholesterol was just running rampant in my body. And so that I am just one example. Once I started omitting certain types of dairy out of my diet, I noticed that my knees were feeling better, my back was feeling better, I was able to move better and of course I was able to sleep better. And so that's just my personal testimony. I started to bring this to my very sick, active duty service members because I am a certified physician assistant that has been trained through the military working with active duty service members for a large portion of my 10 years of experience, excuse me, as a Pa and I started implementing these strategies into my 18 to 35 year olds that are serving on active duty in the U s army and I cannot begin to tell you how sick these men and women were. 

Frank: (07:31)
It was incredible. Like I would think that I would just be going to deal with like, you know, acute lower back pain, right? Because like somebody strained themselves during physical training. No, these soldiers were like having massive blockages of the coronary arteries in their hearts. They were coming to me with like chronic knee pain that had been dealing with for 10 years. They were coming with like blood pressures that were out of control. I was having folks that had strokes at like the age of 30 they had diabetes at the age of 25. I mean I was really overwhelmed when I first started practicing as an active duty pa because I was like, why am I seeing this light? Like I should be seeing this in like 45 55 65 year old folks and I'm seeing it as early as 2125 30 and uh, it was just incredible to see how truly sick some of my soldiers actually were. 

Frank: (08:24)
And so what I did was I started to implement while I was learning all of these different ways of what was working for my body, I started to talk to my patients and say, you know what? Let's start working for this. It's why I have case studies. Numerous case studies of like folks that were bought in, right? They bought in, they started eating better, they started moving better. Then I started getting them better sleep. I took them through all my action steps on how to get better sleep. I took them through all the different ways to be able to combat the stress and anxiety because you know in the military that just runs rampant, not just post traumatic stress but just stress and anxiety in general, right? Like just by the nature of the job in which we are expected to do. And then lastly, all the toxins, so like we're talking like cigarettes, smoking and energy drinks and being exposed to different toxins in the barracks and things like that. 

Frank: (09:15)
And I was able to work through these things through time to see all of my chronic patients and I started noticing that my caseload started becoming less and less and less because how it works in the military is that you do active duty, sick call, excuse me, you do sick call for folks that are acutely sick. That's the word I actually meant to say instead of active, but acutely sick in the morning, we call that sick call and then throughout the rest of the day after say nine or 10 in the morning, we start seeing all of our follow ups and then we started seeing our chronic stuff in the afternoon. While it was really surprising that like by one or two in the afternoon or it wasn't surprising by one or two in the afternoon, once folks started actually buying in to the ability of healing their own body, that I started noticing that my chronic illness folks were starting to just drop off because they were not being chronically sick anymore. 

Frank: (10:06)
Okay. Because we were working through these issues and working through the baby steps and then I just noticed a massive change in them. Okay. And so I just want to let you know this stuff works. Okay. And a lot of these chronic illnesses were just going away. I mean, yeah, they would have flares from time to time, but by and far they were just going away. Okay. Through all the different means that we were doing. And that's what I now need to bring to you. And so this week is the beginning of the launch of unconventional wellness. I've just, I've sat on it for too long. I'm tired of waiting and I got to bring it to you. Okay. It is a 90 day course of empowering you to real and holistic change, the natural change that you have always been looking for. I bring it to you in 90 days. 

Frank: (10:52)
It is set up to be a transformational program starting you on day one. It gives you all the information on layout, sort of the 30,000 foot view of everything that you're going to be looking at, all of the material that you're going to be working through, which is not unbelievably overwhelming, but it progresses you through these baby steps to be able to take you from day one today 90 and there to actually be transformation in your mindset, to know what you need to do to get yourself on being healthy. Okay? And so that's what I want to bring to you is it is essentially here. I am going to, I'll release it to the world this Friday so you will be able to get your hands on my program unconventional wellness. It's five modules that correspond with my five pillars of unconventional wellness, one being nutrition. 

Frank: (11:41)
Then we talk about movement because I really don't like the word exercise. You'll see, I'll talk more about that. And in the program number three is how to get better sleep. All of my methods to be able to help you get quality sleep. Uh, number four is how to reduce the stress and anxiety because stress and anxiety can absolutely be the linchpin that you do all these things and then like you're still stressed out and you're anxious about everything. You will not notice any actual change in your wellness because mental health and mental wellness really plays a huge factor on your physical health as well. So we talk about that in depth. And then lastly is how to remove toxins. We talk about mental toxins, emotional toxins, physical toxins, and even social toxins. We talk about all the different ways to be able to combat and reduce those things. 

Frank: (12:29)
We talk about problems with our food and our water. Um, excuse me, how to be a smart shopper, you know, all of those sorts of things. Okay. And then so it's five modules delivered over the course of 90 days in order to take you and B make you become a wellness warrior. And so I am so unbelievably excited. Um, I am just going to let you know that I will drop this on Friday. It is coming in five days, starting today on Friday, let fall. Let's fall into wellness. Okay, let's get ourselves right and not be slaves to conventional means anymore. I want to help you. This is my passion. This is my goal in life is to get you healthy and gets you well. Let your body do what your body has been designed to do, which is heal itself through the proper nutritional all the way up through toxin load issues. 

Frank: (13:22)
Let's get rid of all of those so we can get your body to actually be in a state of healing. That way you can achieve this understanding of unconventional wellness. And so I am so thrilled. I'm so excited. Please share this podcast. Please share this Facebook live and on the 30th. Okay. At 30th at midnight. So October 1st I start of October verse, everything will change with unconventional wellness. All of my prices will go up. The value will still be the same, but the prices are going to go up. So you will have an opportunity on Friday through the weekend to get yourself started with my program, I have three different tiers for you to be able to work with. A, we have a self paced, we've got a couple of coaching programs involved in there, but I promise more details to come. I will put the link for you to opt in to get unconventional wellness this Friday in the comments. So please make sure you share that. Share this, there's 

Speaker 2: (14:17)
Facebook live, share this podcast. I will put it in the show notes of the podcast as well. In order for you to be able to get unconventional wellness for I, I, I just, it's stupid what I'm asking for it. But anyway, um, I think it's pretty incredible in the value. I mean this is talking about like thousands of dollars worth of, uh, just it's worth thousands of dollars and I just want to bring it to you for like next to nothing. But anyway, I don't want to get ahead of the, I don't wanna put the cart ahead of the horse because I really want you guys to understand that I am just so excited to help you with your personal wellness journeys and really create wellness warriors out of all of you. And so please check out all the details on the link that I would drop below. If you're on the podcast, check out the show notes because that's where the link will be. 

Speaker 2: (15:06)
And I promise you will be excited as I am and you will be impressed with everything that I've done. I've put my blood, my sweat, my tears, my experience, my training, my setbacks, my overcoming things. I am put that all on this program for you. It's beautiful. The videos are great, they're easy to follow. One cool thing about the videos is that I did decide to go ahead and put close captions on all of them. So if you just don't want to hear me, but you want to see what I have to say and the closed captions are there or they're there for those that are hearing impaired as well, so you'll be able to follow along. And so that impairment of, of not being able to hear me, um, it will be gone away. Okay. So that is there for you as well. But anyway, I am super excited. Please go check out the link, check out the videos and let it just bring massive value to your life. And I am so thrilled to finally be able to bring this to me on some crazy people actually say that. And so, uh, I am super thrilled. Have a wonderful week. I love you guys and I cannot wait until you can check out my program. Like I bet you on the floor. Anyway, take care. Have your somebody wonderful, Wonderful Week and we will talk to you 

Speaker 3: (16:16)
very, very soon. Bye now.

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