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Episode #36: Unconventional Wellness is Coming Soon!

Unconventional Wellness Radio
Episode #36: Unconventional Wellness is Coming Soon!

Hey everyone! I just couldn't contain myself any longer. Unconventional Wellness is coming soon!

Next week - matter of fact! I am thrilled to be able to deliver this life-changing program to the world...and most of all, you.

It has been a 10-year personal journey to discover what I was supposed to do. Through my experience and training, I am here to help you break free from conventional (and broken) healthcare. It is time for you to get healthy, for good.

Please enjoy this episode - Unconventional Wellness drops NEXT WEEK!

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Shownotes for today's podcast:

Frank: (00:00)
I know I am not alone with saying that our modern healthcare system here in America is broken. Uh, can I get a witness? Can I get an amen? Raise your hand if you agree with me because we need a lifestyle modification now more than ever. And that's what unconventional wellness sets out to do through it's five pillars of unconventional wellness. Stay tuned. I've got a special announcement for all of my listeners out there, episode 36 coming at you very momentarily unconventional on this radio. I'm frank. We'll catch you very soon. Hey everyone, and welcome to unconventional wellness radio. It's a powerful and inspiring podcast, such a revolutionize and disrupt healthcare. It's trying to put you in the driver's seat. That'd be the force of change necessary for the lifestyle you've always wanted. Hey everyone. Good morning and welcome to a new week and welcome to our simulcast. 

Frank: (00:55)
I just loved that word between Facebook and my podcast. Unconventional one is radio. I am super thrilled and the reason why I'm getting started so early on this Monday morning is because unconventional wellness is almost here. Matter of fact, I'm going to just drop it right now. I am lodging unconventional wellness next week. Yes, it is being launched next week. There is going to be an introductory price and this introductory price will not be seen seven days after I launch it, so it'll drop Monday and then the following Monday the price is going to go up. Let me tell you about what unconventional wellness is. Okay. Is My enterprise flagship program. It is the thing that I have worked for for the last 10 years. I have worked as a physician assistant working with active duty service members, figuring out how I can actually bring in natural wellness and integrated practice to light. 

Frank: (02:04)
I am sick and tired of conventional means. They just don't always work. We have lots of side effects. We have lots of problems that come along with it. With that being said, I love the fact that we have modern lifesaving practices and procedures that are done every single day. I mean, people are living through heart attacks, which is incredible. They're living through cancer, which is incredible, but the fact of the matter is is that 80% of chronic illness is preventable. Let me say that again. 80% of chronic illness is avoidable and preventable with good nutrition, being active, getting great sleep, reducing your stress and making sure that you remove toxins out of your life and that is exactly what unconventional wellness is set to help to you. It is going to revolutionize your thoughts, your thinking, your education, and being able to apply these things in your life in order to get the results that you've always wanted. 

Frank: (03:13)
This is something that is going to change your life for good. There will be no more worries about opioid addictions and having to be on these longterm medications that cause side effects that we're finding out more about. Matter of fact, there was one, it's a a medication that is used for individuals who suffer from reflux issues and they're now finding out that not necessarily the medication but the process in which it is being created as causing people to get sick. So I am absolutely over doing things that are just not necessary. So like let's get back down to basics. Let's get a lifestyle that we need and let's stop working toward justice funk that we got ourselves in. Okay. And so anyway, unconventional wellness seeks to teach all of those things. So by the time that you leave the program, you will be transformed. You will understand how to sift through all of this information that is out there and be able to actually make those choices to change your life in a very dramatic and personalized way. 

Frank: (04:31)
When you go through this program, we are going to make this about you. You are going to be able to choose your path, if you will. I think of it like the oldest books I'm going to date myself, but I remember these books that I used to read that I could like flip to page 63 if you want to do this or flip the page 37 if you wanted to do that. So I'm going to liken it to like a choose your own adventure book. But the good news is is that you can make good choices. There are no bad outcomes and so I am going to empower you with everything that I have learned over the course of the last 10 years, honestly, 10 years plus, but being able to make sure that I come to you through whatever media that you want to be able to watch me and so whether it be a tablet or a smartphone or a computer, I will be able to literally be right there in your living room and your bedroom wherever you need me to be on the screen in order to be able to provide that information that you need when you need it. 

Frank: (05:28)
We're going to go through five modules. We've got modules, separate attrition. We've got module set for a how to move better. We've got modules how to sleep better. We've got modules on how to reduce those toxins and how to reduce stress and anxiety. Listen folks, if you are 18 to 25 or we can even expand that to even 30 or 35 you are reporting now that one out of every four, sometimes even two out of every four individuals within that age demographic are the most lonely that they have ever been. Does that make any sense that we are more connected through this type of technology now but yet we are more distant one one another than we have ever been and so I seek to help individuals understand that you are not alone, that there is a community of people around you who love you and who want the best for you. 

Frank: (06:25)
And so we seek to solve all of these problems as we go through this program. There is not just one problem. Ultimately that is going to be solved. There are many micro problems and many baby steps that we will be going through in order to understand this big picture of wellness and being able to actually have this wellness for good. You will be able to have accountability partners. And we've built in a, you know, the tribe. We're going to be all known as wellness warriors. We're going to be helping one another out and talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly of what has been going on with our lives. And so I am unbelievably thrilled because this has been a journey that has felt like it's lasted a lifetime. I'll tell you the story just really fast one more time about how this sort of came to be is that, uh, you know, we, we're now in a, in a lifestyle of knowing that we want to get better with our lifestyle, but we just don't quite know how to do it. 

Frank: (07:33)
We have what is called analysis paralysis. So like, we don't understand all of the information that is out there. There is some wonderful information, but we just don't know where to start. And so what did it, what it makes us do is we just get stuck and we say like, this is just not for me. This is not gonna work. This is not going to happen. There is no way that I'm going to be able to start anything cause I don't even know what to start. And so what we're going to do is help you get empowered to be able to move forward. Whether it be leaps and bounds, if you want to do that or whether it be a baby step, right? If you have been unhealthy now for the last decade, don't expect it in a week, you're going to feel better, right? But what I will do is I will help lay out the path in front of you. 

Frank: (08:18)
Hey Robin, how are you this morning I am going to lay out the path for you and I am going to help you understand how to navigate walk that path. I will be right there with you. Okay? And so it is going to be a journey, but I'm telling you right now the destination is going to be life changing. Okay? And so I wanted to say all that because I want to tell you the story of sort of how this came to bait. I, let's just rewind the clock a Oh gosh, let's rewind the clock. About 20 years ago. Okay. Um, on the eve of after nine 11 in 2001, I my father to a heart attack, uh, I lost him at 56 years of age who was 56 year ago years old when he had a heart attack and this was like a massive heart attack. 

Frank: (09:03)
There was no way that he was going to survive this thing. Okay. Perform CPR on him for like 20 minutes or whatever. And so once he passed away, I went into a significant amount of depression. Okay. That's significant amount of depression led to comfort eating. Right. So like drank a lot, ate a lot, gained a bunch of weight, felt terrible for myself. I needed to do something. Okay. It just so happens that I also was the only member of the family who had not served in the military. So by the time that I actually graduated, because I graduated just shortly after that, in December of that same year, I decided I needed to do something. Okay. Surprisingly enough, I graduated with the degree that allowed me to get a job at a gym. But I was at this gym, I was like 50 pounds overweight. And somehow some way somebody took a shot on me and decided that I should be a personal trainer. 

Frank: (09:54)
Well, not only did I want to be a product of the product, but I wanted to be able to coach people in such a way that I knew under, I understood what was going on as well. Now, I worked on a lot in college, right? I worked out a lot in college and um, and I was able to understand the concepts of working out okay. And so anyway, I started to apply that stuff. I became an instructor of different things like spinning and different types of like exercise routines that we would do in the gym, whether it'd be like hit training or stuff like that. I became certified in these things. And so I started dropping the weight, but at the same time I still had this knock in the back of my mind that said, you still need to go join the military. And so I decided to drop everything I was making. 

Frank: (10:35)
Like guys, I was making good money, um, money that you, anybody would've been satisfied with as a 22 or 23 year old. I was making like almost 10 grand a month back in the ninth, uh, back in the early two thousands. So like I would have been relatively satisfied, but I wanted something more. And so I went and I joined the military, uh, particularly because of nine 11. And so I needed to drop even more weight of course, so I could, I could join the military because I was overweight at the time. So anyway, I really about it myself to great eating and dropping the weight and getting, um, the, the fitness that I needed to be able to join the military basic training because of all of that was a breeze. And so like I was just, I was very, very fit because I listened to a lot of my mentors at that time in order to how to get myself really, really fit. 

Frank: (11:23)
And so anyway, I joined the military, went through basic training, became an officer actually, uh, about a year later. And, uh, and then I found myself in, in uh, Korea for a year. I found myself in Iraq for a year, um, because I wanted to deploy because of nine 11. And so anyway, I shadowed a PM, always wanted to be in medicine if you guys have known me since maybe middle school or even high school, I've always wanted to work in medicine in some form or fashion. And so I shadowed a PA and I said, this is for, and so I applied to physician assistant school through the military, graduated from physician assistant school. I've been now I've been a PA for about 10 years. And uh, and so I started working with active duty service members. But here was where I went from my personal triumphs and my personal tribulations to having triumphs with individuals and integrative health. 

Frank: (12:14)
I had to figure out how can I have these active duty service members still be able to perform their jobs without the side effects of medication. Like I had guys and gals who had chronic pain, I had guys and Gals who had chronic illness and a lot of the medications that are still being written even today cause side effects. They may make you drowsy, they may make you not as like acute in awareness as you need to be. They may actually cause side effects of like wanting to eat more. Right and so all of these were negative outcomes that I could not have in my active duty population. And so I had to get creative. I started mentoring with a chiropractor. He and I were able to significantly reduce chronic neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, knee pain without the use of heavy pharmacologic medications. 

Frank: (13:10)
I was able to give them a little tiny bit of like some anti-inflammatories. He would do his business and we were taking folks on it on the daily from like a nine out of 10 pain. We were dropping them to like a two by the time they left our clinic, not even an hour and a half, two hours later. And so that really created a fire in me to say, if I can do this with a chiropractor, what other means do we have out there to be able to really help our active duty population? And so I started working closely with, um, physical therapists and occupational therapists. People were getting trained in acupuncture. I had an anesthesiologist who also believed in natural medicine. Uh, she was an MD. She was trained in, uh, anesthesia and she wanted to learn how to do, uh, uh, natural medicine as well. 

Frank: (13:59)
And so she learned a practice called battlefield acupuncture is what it's known as today. And so I started building these mentors and started building this rapport with eastern philosophies and eastern medicine that I was able to bring to my active duty service population. And surprisingly are, I should say, not that surprisingly, once they started understanding my lifestyle routines, people started gaining healthier. My clinic became like, where I was just seeing people who were acutely sick. Like the way that it works in the military is like you do sick call, right? And so from like one to sometimes three to four hours you're seeing sick people like you're seeing gastroenteritis and you're seeing, um, I tripped and sprained and hurt my ankle and you're seeing like I have a cult, right? So you see that stuff that's sick call. So I stopped seeing all of this chronic illness and sick call. 

Frank: (14:55)
I was able to focus on them in my clinic during the day and my clinic or my sick call was starting to become less because people were getting healthier and not sick as often. And then my chronic workload started becoming less as well for those individuals who are actually following this lifestyle. And once again, it became a lifestyle of eating right. Getting exercise because you had to work out anyway, but getting the right type exercise while you were serving a, being able to get better sleep because I don't know about you, but active duty service members sleep like trash. Okay? They love to stay up real late. And then they got to get up really early to go to [inaudible], excuse me, physical training the next morning, but they were sleeping like garbage. And then the counteract that, what did they do? And they smoked and they drank a lot of energy drinks. 

Frank: (15:44)
And so, um, I started being able to really dive into this and I started getting actually healthy soldiers out of this. And so my, my um, just my situations, my experience and everything like that really lended itself towards understanding this now from a provider aspect. Okay. And so now I do it on the daily, again, I am helping people every single day with understanding these same philosophies that I have used time and time again over the course of the last decade. And so I now want to bring that to you. Okay. The only way that I can bring that to you is being able to actually dive into your computer and meeting you where you're at. Okay. I can charge thousands of dollars for seminars that you would have to pay to fly out to a place and me be able to give you this information. But now I want to do it for a fraction of that. 

Frank: (16:38)
Being able to bring it directly into your home. And so I have built this really robust program that is super interactive. It has downloadables embedded into it so you can follow along. It has these videos that are 20 minutes or less inside of it and other action steps that I call out in order for you to be able to start putting this stuff in place quickly. Okay. It's dripped out because I think that if I was to like give you the whole elephant and say, alright, in 90 days eat this thing, I don't think you would be able to do that. Right. Cause it's taken me a while to be able to actually do the same thing. And so I drip it out to you over the course of about, I think it's like 12 weeks or something like that in order to graduate you from your understanding of what you know now to an understanding of being able to discover all of the different new like articles and, and all these topics that you hear about on the, uh, on the Internet and on the news and all that kind of stuff. 

Frank: (17:42)
Of course my wife is in here giving me lots of luck. Thanks bag with all of the likes and the loves. I appreciate that by the way, if you're not my wife, if you wouldn't mind giving me likes and loves as well, that would be really awesome. I'd appreciate that. Um, but anyway, um, being able to uh, to change and transform people is exactly what this program is all about. And so anyway, um, I start our, excuse me, I finish where I started and I'm letting you know that this program is dropping for its launch or I should say pretty much whatever that fancy term is. It is dropping next week. I will be giving it to you as a unbelievably, oh, it was my daughter that's watching me high bay. Um, anyway, uh, I will be dropping it for a significantly huge discount for you, so you will be able to actually have it for a fraction of the price. 

Frank: (18:37)
Um, and so, um, I bring that to you because after that week is up, the price is going to go up because the value of this program is worth, gosh, I mean, I'm not just throwing a number out there. I have seen similar programs like that and they start at probably like a thousand, right? Or they started like probably like 1500 to 2000. There's coaching programs, there's people, there's health coaches out there right now who are charging like $2,000 for stuff like this. You're not going to pay that. Okay? I want to bring fitness and wellness and health to you right where you're at for a fraction of the cost. Because I don't want this to be something that is like insane. Okay? Health, good health is for everyone. We all need to be healthy because not only does your life depend upon it that people depend upon you and they want you to be around for many, many, many years. 

Frank: (19:28)
Okay? And so that's exactly what I want you to do is I want you to understand how to focus on natural health to be able to really help you so you can continue to do the great work that is for you, that, that, that you know, you have been blessed to be able to do while you're alive because there is a purpose for you. Okay. And I just want to make sure that the health and the wellness of your life is not something that distraction from being able to fulfill that. Okay. And so anyway, like I said, it's coming next week. Um, stay tuned. If you're not on our, uh, distribution list for say emails, please make sure that, uh, I will put a link in the comments below so you can actually get that. It also has a copy of my free five days sleep challenge that you can download posted to a window or your refrigerator or whatever and be able to actually start trying to get good sleep starting tonight. 

Frank: (20:23)
Um, so, uh, please check that out as well. And so I will drop that link there. If you're not a part of my podcast. I have some really, uh, great information on there about like, Gosh, everything. I mean, like we talk all the five pillars. We talk about nutrition and movement. I bring, I have an acupuncturist that I brought on the show. I have the Paleo cardiologist, Dr Jack Wolfson, who I brought on show, Dr Edwin McDonald, who is a gastroenterologist who, uh, who was out at the University of Chicago, um, who does a lot of great things with his patients and teaching them how to eat better. Um, so I bring all of these individuals onto the program. I have a bunch of things that I have just dumped onto the podcast as well, so I'll make sure that I put that down below as well. So, but get ahold of the newsletter because we're going to make sure that the individuals who know about that first are going to be through the newsletter. 

Frank: (21:14)
So please join onto the newsletter, um, because I'll be giving tidbits that will only be the individuals around the newsletter as well. So I think that's it. Um, I hope you have a very blessed and wonderful week. And uh, I am just counting down the days, uh, literally it's on less than two hands down. So, um, this is something that is just progress and it's been such a journey and I'm so excited and I think you guys are gonna just be blown away because I have put my heart and soul into this thing and it's a really beautiful, uh, very easy flowing program that is just so user friendly and I'm just so excited to be able to finally bring it to you. So anyway, um, until then I am frank, if you're listening to us on the podcast, awesome. Have a wonderful week. Uh, make sure that you, oh, one more quick thing, I apologize, but I am doing a giveaway the very first day of my launch, which will be next week. 

Frank: (22:11)
It will be incredible. And so if you want to be a part of that giveaway, either do or excuse me, do one of three things, or actually I should say do all three things in order to get yourself into the drawing for that giveaway. Then I'm going to do on the very first day that I launched this, okay? What you do is this. If you're listening to our podcast, uh, leave me a rating, leave me a review. Unfortunately, it's gotta be a five star and the reason why he says, because I don't want you to just simply five-star rape me, but I want the podcast to be able to be delivered to more people. And that's just how the algorithm in iTunes works, is that you gotta have really good ratings and reviews. That way they'll actually market you some more people can actually find it. 

Frank: (22:51)
So please leave me a five star rating and review. Leave me a comment that says, I would like you to talk about this on your program because I'm always looking for new ways to be able to benefit you, my listeners, I want to make sure that I'm bringing you that material and that content that you want. Okay? So that's number one. Number two is share the podcast, okay? Or share this video. Um, please do that as well. If you could share this video on your wall, on your story, whatever, please share it. The last thing is, is um, if you are on the, on the Facebook side, please leave me a rating and review on there as well, because that will also get the word out about unconventional wellness. Because I feel that this is a gift that we could give to people that is just life changing and it's going to be really awesome for folks. So, um, please just do that as well. So those three things, knock those out. You will be put into the drawing on Monday. I will announce it probably on a Facebook live or a podcast, probably both. Again, and I will let you know that you have won the free giveaway. So anyway, until then, have a wonderful week. Get the word out. Please share this and let others know that unconventional wellness is almost here. So anyway, take care. Have a wonderful day, have a wonderful week, and we will talk to you very soon. Bye guys.

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