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Episode #35: Mid-season wrap-up and other goodies!

Unconventional Wellness Radio
Episode #35: Mid-season wrap-up and other goodies!

Hey y'all!

It has been a GREAT last 10-12 weeks on the Podcast! Time flies! So with that, let's do a mid-season wrap-up!

On the podcast we discuss:

  • The Unconventional Wellness Facebook page, find it HERE
  • The top episodes of the show!
  • Things to come with the show!
  • The launch of the enterprise program: Unconventional Wellness!

So excited everyone! Please stay tuned for the launch!

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That's it - and you are in! Thank you - have a wonderful week!

Here are the show notes from today's podcast:

Frank: (00:00)
Hey everyone, and welcome to unconventional wellness. Radio is a powerful and inspiring podcast, such a revolutionize and disrupt healthcare. It's trying to put you in the driver's seat. That'd be the force of change necessary for the lifestyle you've always wanted. Hey, what's up on conventional walk on this and what is up to you that are listening in on my podcast, I'm doing another simulcast between my Facebook page and then also on our podcast. So let me explain what this episode slash live is going to be all about. So I'm going to do a quick wrap up on all things that have been content. The reason why is because, um, honestly I've felt a bit like a content machine and I know that it might be a lot to consume. And so I just wanted to let you know about all of the great resources and all of the things that I've created and what's available to you for really being a fan and really being a part of this page and being a part of this podcast. 

Frank: (01:00)
So let's just dive right in and let's talk about all of the things that I actually have on the podcast. So first of all, if you're not on my podcast, make sure you get on it because I have 34 episodes of just stuff that I've tried to chock full and make it very, very convenient for you to get, you know, anywhere between say a 20 minute and sometimes a 40 or 45 minute episode that you can listen to on the car while you're on the go or maybe exercising or what have you. And I wanted to, uh, just highlight some of the podcasts that we've done in the past that had been really great. So I kind of took a bit of a break and ended up, I guess looking at it as a season break. I did 22 episodes and then I've taken a break since and now I've done another like 12 and I probably will end up taking a break from season two, sometime around Christmas because I just, you know, I dunno, maybe I will. 

Frank: (01:58)
Maybe I won't. I don't know. But, um, I'm kind of on my second season right now with my podcast and it's, ah, it's doing really great. It's helping a lot of folks. I know that and uh, and I just wanna to make sure that you are aware of the things that were on it. So some of the episodes that I truly enjoy are, uh, one of my best episodes is talking about heart healthiness with the a the dash diet and the Mediterranean diet. Now this is a, a far cry from, you know, what you may know myself and my wife went with the Paleo Diet, but I wanted to talk about all these other diets as well. The ones that are very well researched and actually are pretty effective. So, um, that is definitely one of my better episodes that I truly had enjoyed. Um, we've also talked to the Paleo cardiologist, a gentleman by the name of Dr Jack Wolfson. 

Frank: (02:47)
He wrote a book called the Paleo cardiologist. He is a board certified, uh, physician MD that practices I believe now out in Arizona. And he, uh, came onto the podcast and we talked about how to naturally help with clean eating and, uh, being able to, uh, do things like talk about the, the healthier versions of cholesterol, the laboratories that he recommends as a, as a cardiologist and how he has changed his ways into more natural house. So that was a really fun episode to do. Uh, we also had talked about some water perils and things like that. Talked about some food perils, you know, some foods to avoid this summer. We also had an acupuncturist on the podcast by the name of Jim Rohr and uh, that was a really great conversation because acupuncture I think has been the thing that has been a very, very good breakthrough for me. 

Frank: (03:46)
Um, I had used acupuncture in the past, had some decent results and now I've really sprung myself back in to acupuncture and it has been just absolutely fantastic. Uh, one other guests that we've had on the, on the series so far has also been a gastroenterologist, uh, who is a buddy of mine now up in Chicago. And he's fantastic. The reason why is because he did a phenomenal job of creating a kitchen, if you will. So like what he does is he works up at the University of Chicago. He is a professor and a teacher up there and uh, [inaudible], excuse me, he has created his own blog that talks about different types of healthy meal options and things like that. So that was a lot, a lot of fun. Um, he is extremely easy to listen to. A got a face. Uh, he's got a, he's got a, a, a voice for radio, excuse me. 

Frank: (04:43)
Um, I am the one that has the face for radio, but he has a voice for Radio and uh, Dr Edmund Ha is just fantastic. Listen to, um, so please check out that episode as well. One of the other ones that I did early on was also talking about intermittent fasting and, and uh, Gosh, just super foods and all that kind of stuff. So if you haven't checked out the podcast, please go look at the podcast. There's a really great episode even I'm looking at my episode list on, uh, supporting the recovery journey from PTSD. So, um, maybe you are one of the lucky ones and you haven't had to experience a traumatic event, but maybe you've got somebody in your life that actually has. And so that might be a really great episode for you to also check out. And then I of course tell my story, it's another episode where I tell my story about how I've overcome PTSD through what I now call unconventional wellness. 

Frank: (05:40)
And so it is a really a cool little podcast. I enjoy it. I try to make sure that we give you guys the best information possible at your fingertips and, uh, and I will be happy to also, um, listen to any of the comments that you have or any of the ratings that you have or the, the questions that you may have or really honestly even just podcast ideas. And so, um, I got one that I'll be doing here in a little bit, uh, probably in a week or so. Excuse me, about, uh, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD and being able to naturally support ADHD. So I promise I will get to that episode. Uh, probably by the end of the month. So I also have a really great thing going on. I've got a, uh, uh, current giveaway. Um, this giveaway is going to be pretty awesome. 

Frank: (06:33)
The reason why is because, uh, it is, uh, pretty much going to be a really great way for you to get my program for a vast, crazy reduced price. So, um, definitely wanna check that out. It's completely free, uh, for you to enter. How do you enter? Well, you go on and you [inaudible] excuse me. You will leave me a rating and review. You will come on to my, uh, Facebook page and you can leave me a recommendation, uh, and then also make sure that you share my podcast with a friend. So please do that as well. All right, so everything that is going on in the podcast world, that's that. Let's go ahead and shift on over to the Facebook sidewall. The Facebook page is growing. I love the fact that we are reaching people with our lives. There's a ton of content on there as well. 

Frank: (07:19)
Um, I have discussed, uh, anxiety busting things I've discussed. Oh Gosh, I mean, just so many different things related to nutrition, getting better sleep, removing toxins out of your life, uh, getting better movement, all that kind of stuff. So we talked about all of that. Okay. Um, the reason why I want you to check out the Facebook pages because it gets a lot of, uh, personal testimony of mine and sort of like the [inaudible], excuse me, the brainchild of as to where unconventional wellness came from, which brings me into my largest, most awesome announcement that I have, uh, for this podcast. And W that that announcement is the fact that my flagship enterprise program is nearing completion. I know that I've been talking about it, what seems to be for ever. The reason why is because I wanted to make sure that it was going to be revolutionary. 

Frank: (08:14)
And so, um, it's still changing, it seems like by the week. But here's the good news is that a huge amount of content is available in what I like to call the five pillars of unconventional wellness. And these are the lifestyle choices that I want to educate you on in order to be able to, for you to implement them into your life as soon as possible so you can start seeing legitimate and real change. My program is a 90 day program. Uh, it is transformational in nature. It is going to take you through some modules and things like that, uh, to help improve your nutrition, to help improve your, uh, your movement routines, your uh, getting better sleep tricks and tips and um, toxins and even how to combat stress and anxiety. Cause I know how terrible that is in today's age. So it's all there and it's all there for you and it is coming extremely soon. 

Frank: (09:09)
I am launching it very, very soon. We are like, I just, I mean seriously like if I was like with nat, if I work in NASA, we are within the window if you will. Um, we are definitely launching in here very soon, so I just wanted you to be aware of that. There will be links and all that kinda good stuff that you can check it out here shortly. Um, I just, I'm thrilled with it. I, I it's helped others. I'm getting testimonials back now that, uh, it has just been a life and game changer for people and I am, I don't know, humbled and, and excited and ready to go onto this journey with you because, uh, you know, it's just a shame that there are so many preventable chronic illnesses that we are dealing with. And the reason why is because of a lack of a healthy lifestyle. 

Frank: (10:00)
You know, I, uh, I often said to my patients, uh, you know, if somebody's tore their rotator cuff back and say the 13 hundreds, you know, what did they do about it? Right. So let's just think about that for a second. Was there surgeons back then? I mean, there may, there may have been people who had actually performed things for people, but not anything like the orthopedic surgeons of today. You know, like you can't go in there and essentially repair a rotator cuff and make it where it's almost as good as new. I mean, you just can't do that in the 13 hundreds. And so, you know, people just kind of dealt with it, right? And so they changed their lifestyles. Um, another thing is, is that, you know, you didn't see very many folks who had, uh, probably lots and lots of heart conditions that had to be taken care of by all of these lengthy procedures. 

Frank: (10:47)
Right? Um, instead the lifestyle I would offer to you, it was probably different, you know, there were a lot more active. Um, the, the nutrition was a lot different. They didn't have nearly as many processed foods as they do today if they had any processed foods at all because I'm thinking about the Middle Ages, right? And so, um, the, the lifestyle that we now know of is very well studied. Uh, the American diet is one that is not one to be proud of. It is lacking in nutrient value. The, a lot of the foods that we eat are not nutrient dense. And so we are filling ourselves with empty calories and not getting the benefit of real clean food. And so, uh, you know, all these food bloggers and different folks that have come up with different diet plans. And stuff like that are doing exceptionally well in just rehashing out a very old concept of clean eating. 

Frank: (11:40)
And so, um, a lot of these diets, that's actually what we talk about. We talk about the consumption of a lot more vegetables. I'm not necessarily making you a Vegan or vegetarian. Um, if you do eat meat protein or animal protein, excuse me. But what I do discuss in my program is a lot more of a plant forward diet and a bunch of ways that we can incorporate, uh, you know, more plant material in our diets because, uh, one uh, gentleman or one doctor that I saw from the Johns Hopkins University says that we probably get about 40 to 50% of the normal dietary fiber that we're supposed to get in a day, which is not that great whatsoever. And that's a reason why, you know, we get all excited when we see the dietary fiber as a way to mitigate the high levels of cholesterol that we might have. 

Frank: (12:27)
But the thing is is because you know, we're eating this super processed diet and then on top of that we're not needing a lot of fiber and you can see that that sets us up for failure. So, um, diet and nutrition, I don't like the word Diet. Diet is just kind of whatever weed in the name, but the nutrition on the aspect is a completely different story. And so anyway, that is crucially important. It's critically important that we actually look at nutrition because that will play a huge role in better health. And so all of these foundational lifestyle pillars, if you will build ourselves this building of optimal fitness and optimal wellness. And so I am just super excited to be able to bring this to you. Um, I've been working really, really hard on it to try and make it really, really easy for you to digest and to be able to start using. 

Frank: (13:14)
Um, it's taking at least 10 years of experience and, and practice, uh, to the forefront and being able to tell you that this stuff actually works. And when you change your lifestyle, you could change your life. And so I am super excited it is coming. So make sure that you stay tuned to that. I will put a link for a free five day sleep challenge here in the comments. And so if you're checking out in this live, please make sure that you grab yourself a copy of that free five day sleep challenge because it is important for overall health. And so I really want to make sure you grab a copy of that. So check that out in the comments for any of you other guys. Make sure that you go and do those things to get yourself entered into my contest for my giveaway, it's absolutely free. 

Frank: (14:04)
It just requires a moment of your time and I would very much appreciate itself until we see you again next week. If you're traveling around the United States for uh, you know, the convention, if you will, I hope to have a great time. There's a big one coming up. And so, uh, I hope you guys have a great time for those listeners that are listening, uh, if not, then have yourself an absolutely fantastic week and we will catch you again very, very soon on the podcast, on the Facebook live, whatever way that you want to tune in. So take care everybody and have an absolutely wonderful week. Bye now.

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